Fairyline fantasy parts interchangeable with bodies?

Mar 14, 2021

    1. I've been thinking of buying a Minifee Jiyu but was wondering if it's possible to put the Erda dragon legs on the female fairyline body? It seems like Erda is completely discontinued or will be..
    2. Erda is completely discontinued. As for fantasy parts they are interchangeable ONLY on Fairyline bodies.
    3. You also have to factor in that the female Fairyline and male Fairyline bodies are every so slightly different in the waist areas so putting the Erda dragon legs on a female body might cause the waist to be uneven, same goes for if you try to put the male Fairyline upper torso on the Momo rabbit legs
    4. Erda and his dragon legs are no longer available from Fairyland, correct.
      I have the dragon legs and a female Fairyline body. Yes, you can put the female Fairyline upper body on the dragon legs. It works super well, in some ways it actually fits a bit better than the male upper body.

      From what i've seen in owner photos and experienced myself, the female Fairyline upper bodies can fit on all the male Fairyline lower body fantasy parts, though usually with some gapping. However, the reverse is not true. The male Fairyline upper bodies DO NOT fit on the girl Fairyline lower fantasy bodies at all. (You can't put a male Fairyline upper body on the Momo bunny legs, for example)
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    5. Has anyone tried hybridizing them with parts from other doll companies?