New Company Fairytale Grand opening

Jul 5, 2018

    1. Dear All,

      We are more than happy to let you know that we have launched our new site, providing high quality shoes, glass eyes, urethane eyes and furniture for BJD and other dolls, please visit our site to have a look!

      As to celebrate the grand new opening, all the shoes will have 20% discount for the first 20 days till 25 Jul2018



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    2. Is it likely that any of the shoes will be produced in other sizes in the future?
    3. Hello
      Please let us know which item and size would you like to have
      You may email or pm us, coz I don't know if we can discuss it in this thread ~
    4. Hi, is there an estimate for the price of the eyes? Doesn't need to be exact but just to know around how much to try and save.. :) they're lovely!
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    5. Hello~
      The price of the eyes start from $15 :) Thank you~
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    6. Hello! Will you make custom color eyes?
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    7. The sale details of the eyes will be announced later, please follow our social media :)
    8. I'm a bit confused, your site says you've been around since 2006. Did you go by a different name before?
    9. We have been selling in China, it is our first international site :)
      Thank you
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    10. Oh, okay! Congrats on your international debut! :)
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    11. Do you know when the eyes will become available?
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    12. They will be available in August :)
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    13. Beautiful Eyes! It great to see that you will have 12mm size eyes. By the way, what's your Chinese site name?
    14. We are selling under the same name as well in China :)
    15. Your eyes are gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what other stock you add! Do you think you’ll be getting more SD13 and MSD sizes in stock soon?
    16. Will you take personal commissions for any of your products in the future? (furniture, clothing, eyes, etc.?)

      Just curious as it’s all so beautiful!! :love
    17. Yes the eyes will come in various eyes. And many shoes are available in SD 13 girls and msd size, they are currently for Pre-order only ,which will take no more than 21 business days to process.
      Many of them will also come in - stock later :)
    18. We don't offer personal commission at this moment, sorry for that!