Fallen in love with someone else's doll

Sep 24, 2018

    1. I'm glad I found this thread because I'm going through a very similar situation right now!

      It's been hard for me to find a male sculpt that I love, but I ended up finding this one specific sculpt that melted my heart! I fell in love with this male sculpt and the way this one girl on social media presented him and I loved the character she created for him! I bought the same head directly from the company and later sent him to a face up artist. His face up was inspired by her doll, I even bought a similar wig and similar colored eyes! Sometimes I feel guilty like I'm copying. He ended up looking completely different than her doll, which was my intention from the beginning because I already had his own specific character in mind.

      Even though I loved the way I presented my dolls head and the character I created for him, I worried that maybe I wouldn't love my doll the way I loved her doll, but then I remembered that I've seen other people with the same sculpt, but each one had it's own unique style and I still loved it so I know that I truly love him and not only because the way that other girl has presented her doll!

      Before falling in love with that sculpt I got inspired on Instagram by another BJD owner to create this specific character and make a BJD family! I had a different male sculpt in mind during that time and had his story all planned out, but wasn't quite in love with that sculpt until I found the one I love now!

      I'm still working on getting a body for my floating head! When his body arrives I feel like it will be easier for me to create more of his own character and backstory and should be complete by the end of this year!

      It's perfectly normal to be inspired by other people's dolls. I've seen others on I social media do it all the time! Getting inspiration from someone else's doll is perfectly fine, but there is a big difference between copying and inspiration.
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    2. I've admired a few dolls, loved their faceups and wardrobes as well as the characters created by their owners, it's beyond just the mold. Barring buying those specific dolls in question, I know I wouldn't be able to recreate that magic. All I can do is take inspiration from them since trying to flat out copy the doll is in bad taste and wouldn't be the same.
    3. Yes, ofc, it's pretty common I think, because myself in this hobby was because of someone's else doll XD.
    4. :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea

      Thank you all so much for reading and responding to my post! I felt so relieved in hearing your thoughts. And I'm so sorry I took so long to respond. (I had an exam the next morning and then I had to do homework/study for the next exam a couple days later.) I really wanted to respond to so much of what had been said, I even took notes! lol So as I have a bit of time till my next exam (Monday!:shudder) I'll respond as best as I can now :)

      I enjoyed and appreciated so much of what echoed through many of the responses. As @Wiske said, "get a doll that triggers your creativity, who inspires you to bring out the best of their sculpt." or as @Christina_Xx put it, to get something similar such that "he kind of leans more towards your inner reflection... something that sort of calls to you personally." The idea that the doll would pull out something within me I feel is something that really woke up something inside me. It really made me think, can I create something with this sculpt? Who does he wan to be when he's with me? Crispin is ADORABLE. I have no intention of copying him only because like I mentioned before, he isn't my aesthetic. He's got a scar on his face, he looks so sad and with such a deep longing in his eyes I think I'd just end up worrying to much about him LOL I mean, I know he's a doll but still his expression is so realistic! :XD:
      Yet what I don't like is what I love about him, it's like a paradox or something LOL it's hard to explain. @shadow_takatori I'm glad I'm not the only one to like something that I generally wouldn't LOL but I guess the heart just wants what it wants eh?:lol:

      I think, seeing his story and how Loo.Luisa relates to him and has affection for him is what inspires me the most. It's like @flornosertao said, trying to make a copy of it " it wont have the same feeling because the one you feel for has another mind and heart behind it." There is some real honest love put behind that doll. What I have is adoration and it's not quite the same. What would be the most unfortunate thing is if I tried and what came of it is a "lifeless clone" as @Sadomina said. And like @Solsikke I would just constantly think "Copy" whenever I looked at him.:atremblin I think that would make me feel so sad. and Omg, @Terry Duennenberg I think If I had him (and a copy at that, yikes!), especially with the face of his I think I would forever think he's thinking "where am I? Why am I here? Where's Luisa? I wanna go home. Can you take me home?" :frownyblush::...( OMG just thinking about that freaks me out a bit! :aeyepop: (I have 2 little kids, the subject freaks me out regardless LOL)

      @staghaus and @Jany ya'll make a good point, and as practicing artist it's one I understand. When it comes to drawings and paintings, many budding artist are encouraged to copy other artist. However, that is not to say, to copy so that you can sell your work off as your own but in order to learn the craft. They do 'studies' all the time. Try to recreate another artists work so that you can build an understanding and learn the techniques to create something to that effect. Manga artist copy another's work repeatedly to learn their craft. And they don't frown upon it but think it's the norm in order to learn. The artist behind Batman, Jim Lee, as a child would copy page after page of comics till he finally found a style his own. But most importantly these artist whenever possible do say by whom they've been influenced by and it's awesome to learn about these other artist. I glad that the originator/influencer, as @NekoNyanMew experienced, felt flattered. ^_^ In the end, what results is a style all their own. One analogy about copying used running along a sandy beach. Even if you tried to run in the other's footsteps, it won't be perfect because you simply unique to what has already run before you.

      Staghaus, I loved that you used the word "influence" and I think that's what Crispin and Loo.Luisa do to me. They influence me and my ideas and I'm okay with that (to some degree). I think when I see Crispin I see the potential to do more with the sculpt that isn't like the company face up for example. I appreciate that although Ringdoll creates dolls that are more anime-esque, Lucifer, unexpectedly, could potentially pass as lifelike. Same goes for Dracula. When I see Dracula I just see his beauty, I don't see the darkness that's usually painted onto his character. When Jany said, "If you really feel like you need that sculpt in your life, chances are you do - not because you'd get a second Crispin, but because there's something you saw through him that you can express through that sculpt in particular" it makes me ask another question, Can I honestly buy Lucifer and make him my own? Although I adore Crispin, and would love to have his sculpt I very much worry that I would be so heavily influenced by his character that it would be hard to see past it. Or do I just go with Dracula because there's a potential I'd like to try to bring out? I could get Lucifer and like @CloakedSchemer mentioned maybe doing similar things but with my own twist. The fact that Crispin has that endearing look on his face is because of those well made eyebrows. It really has me thinking about what kind of emotion I want the doll to express and now I"m constantly looking at people's eyebrows! :wiggle:lol: @raphaelite and Solsikke mentioned the need to see how other's created their dolls to see the potential and I do this all the time as well. I just need to see what is possible. I'm such a realistic artist that I generally can only draw what I see in front of me. Drawing/creating from imagination is interesting struggle to have with this hobby and one I worry of!*_*

      I hope that if I do 'copy' aka be influenced by an artist that what I create the original artist would be proud of what came from her original work. And if they don't particularly respond that's okay too. I would hate to make them mad lol don't want that :XD: last thing I'd ever want is to be is the Vanilla Ice of the BJD community :XD::XD:

      And @VampireAngel13 Giiiiiirrrrllll, Congrats, You are Soooo Lucky!:D I'm amazed that was even possible. After you made that comment, a couple days ago I was perusing IG for pics of Grant Phillippe and saw an old posting by the artist behind the images Dollshe uses as their advertising images and she had even considered putting him up for sale. I mean, the pictures are iconic. I don't know what came of it but wow. I mean he's gorgeous, his smirk and hair has me sold on a character I'd like to create and the bonus is that he has the body I want for drawing. But that is still a whole other subject.But that would be a dream come true lol @TwilightBabyDoll Congrats on finally seeing your vision manifest. It must be a wonderful feeling:chibi And what a precarious path to take! That fine line between copying and being influenced is a hard one to walk on. I can only imagine the relief you felt when you saw his lovely face and it was 'his own.' ^_^ it gives me Hope! :D

      @moomelon I too doubt that I could recreate that magic. But I think at this point I would love to aspire to to have the level of love and creativity behind the doll I do finally customize. It's so hard to even think of buying another because I fell in love with the one I did recently purchase. But I guess when I see Crispin I think "BJD Goals!" LOL

      Thanks to the members that responded but I didn't mention as well, your messages were appreciated. I'm glad that we we've all been here before lol. <3
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    5. I've been very inspired by other people's dolls, but haven't completely fallen in love with many... There was a doll SDink customized and sold, and I LOVED him so much! But I actually already had the sculpt! Looked entirely different, of course... even different resin color... so I should have tried to buy that doll. *sigh*

      But I do feel that trying to re-create a doll I like is pretty much a lost cause. No matter what you do, it's never going to be like another person's doll... I've even seen full-sets that still don't seem to look the same! That's the thing about bjds... just having a slightly different pose or lighting or style of wig can make a huge difference. Plus there are so many sculpts around, even when I have a fullset... I really don't see a lot of others like it, no matter how popular.

      My Sard, for instance... there has to be a gazillion Sards and Dias out there... but they all look so different. Mine was painted by Soom and there should be a ton of similar ones out there, but I still don't see any look that much like him...!

      Plus... try to make bjd twins. It isn't easy! If they are painted even a bit differently and do not have exactly identical wigs/eyes/outfits... It's not easy to make them look the same.

      So... Falling for someone else's doll will happen. And sometimes I'll even try and get that sculpt... but I'm pretty much sure from the get-go that I won't be able to re-create someone else's doll, so I really don't worry about it.
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    6. I'm not sure if I was totally clear and I'll take a little detour halfway through this response to explain another thing. I think we agree with each other, there's just some more points I want to make while we're on the subject.

      Yeah, I'm not saying "copy people to the point of copyright infringement and sell it, total end result copies of people's characters are chill" because that's more like fan fiction - I'm saying people on the internet are prone to attacking others and getting defensive over what they think is copying. Fanfics with OCs tend to have better OCs than their interpretations of other people's characters, in my experience, so conglomerates of inspiration that make an effort to move away from source material and become the artist's own babies tend to have more life in them.

      This isn't always about doing studies of work by that artist directly, either, though that is okay as a touchstone, blah blah blah, what I said earlier. I've seen things implying someone "owns" concepts like skull face tattoos... even though plenty of people were inspired by the awesome facepaint in American Horror Story. And plenty of horror based makeup artists on YouTube. And like, Halloween, and art from the Middle Ages depicting death.

      Basically the metaphor here is that nobody owns skeletons.

      I have characters I've had since I was 13 that are remarkably similar to some people I found later, and I had no idea who these artists were. This happens frequently when people have similar inspirations and life experiences.

      I actually met someone somewhat famous on the internet who is practically my doppelgänger and they sicked their entire fan base on me over... uh... things I came up with long before I started posting art online. We're pretty good friends now, but ten years ago, they were crazy possessive over like, everything that makes us relate to each other so well today. We still frequently come up with ideas independently that we didn't talk about at all.
    7. Sorry about the double post, DoA glitched on me super weirdly??

      In the end - if you make an effort to move from source material and add in your life experiences and other interests and whatnot, you'll breathe life into your work and come up with something new.
    8. I rarely purchase a doll until I’ve seen others. I like to see what people do with their dolls that make them special. My holy grail doll is on Pinterest all the time and I keep saving her pics over and over. One in particular belongs to dollfanz. Her Wendy Weird by Nikki Britt is my grail doll. I may never get the chance to own her but I covet her a lot.
    9. Absolutely! Sometimes you find a doll you know you'll really love because you saw someone else with the same type. That's actually why I love Doom Bomi so much and really want one. Because I've seen other people with her and seeing them play with her and pose her makes me really want her as well.
    10. Yes, absolutely!
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    11. I have fell inlove with other's dolls. Even purchased them. But when they got here I did not bond. So now I am more picky. Just because I love seeing them doesn't mean they are meant to be with me.
    12. I have (and still do) really admired other peoples doll but I've never actually wanted one of them as of yet. I really want my dolls to be mine if that makes any sense, I've even shied away from dolls or heads with faceups because then they feel like they are someone elses character. I had this just recently with a new doll who had a gorgeous faceup but he just didn't feel like he was mine, so rather than let him go I wiped his face and redid it and now he truly feels like he belongs here.
    13. i think falling i love with other peoples dolls... can be such a positive thing! without falling in love with someone elses bjds, i wouldnt have become part of this community in the first place. also, i often see the dolls i admire as inspiration...they give me new impulses on how to style, modify dolls.
    14. I've definitely been down this path before! I used to study mortuary science, and as a result I have an interest in all things macabre and bizarre. But I had no idea there was ever a ball-jointed doll that fit that bill until I ran into Bonbon von Hellsong. I don't remember who owned Bonbon other than it being a DoA user, and indeed I can't even find Bonbon's profile here anymore. But Bonbon had an Angel of Dream event head in the shape of a skull, and her owner had her decked out in this unusual combination of fairy kei and Dia de los Muertos styles, complete with pink and blue teeth and a wig that looked a little like cotton candy. Oh, how I loved Miss Bonbon, to the point that I began seeking out a skull sculpt of my own. I've had no luck so far, but that's beside the point. I do believe that brings me to the questions presented.

      So If you love a doll but it's because of how someone else created him is it worth purchasing the doll? Or do you simply just adore them from afar? Mmmm...both in my case??? I'd have offered to buy Bonbon if she'd been up for sale, but she wasn't up for sale so I just admired her and the artistry it had taken to paint those little teeth.

      Have you ever worried whether or not you can create/ own a doll you'll love as much as somebody else's creation? Nope! As unique as that Angel of Dream skull head was/is, just owning one would please me. I mean, it's not just a head painted to look like a skull, but an honest-to-God resin skull!

      How do you see past someone else's creations and see them for their sculptural potential and who they/ you want them to be to you? It's not hard, really. I see if I can't find pictures of the sculpt without any paint. If I can find pictures, I envision the sculpt with different paint schemes until I find something that I like. In the case of Angel of Dream's skull the mere fact that such an unusual sculpt existed was what attracted me. Bonbon's fancy paint just cemented my love for that doll in particular.
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    15. I do end up falling in love with other people's dolls but it's more of a quick crush than completely in love. I get obsessed for short periods of time but then realize I probably won't be able to raise the same doll the same way. The last doll I really liked was this custom-make Lut's MDF Avalanche here. I was actually googling pictures for E-Line Ys but ended up liking this doll owner's MDF XD
    16. Yes, my friend's Sapphira from B&G. I actually don't care for male dolls as much but I like him a lot. So gorgeous.
    17. Falling in love with a friend's doll was what finally convinced me to buy my own. Even though she wasn't the first, I did eventually get a CP tan Lishe with factory face-up. I didn't style her like my friend's doll though they both wear a lot of medieval inspired clothing. My friend didn't mind & if I hadn't seen her doll I never would have gotten into this hobby as all the photos I'd seen of BJDs were very anime styled & those completely turned me off. Me friend was my first evil enabler!
    18. There are a lot of dolls that I'm fond of who belong to other people... and there have definitely been times when seeing what other people have done with a sculpt opened my own eyes to its potential, resulting in my eventually adding a doll of that type to my crew... But in only one case have I liked a specific, individual doll enough to buy him when his first owner put him up for sale, with the explicit intention of keeping him pretty much exactly as he was.

      That would be Kessari, who retained both his original name and general style when he came to me. And yes, I had his first owner's permission to do that.
    19. I remember I had this with one Volks Yugiri owner. I loved her make up, loved her in every stylisation and wanted to have Yugiri with really similar make up. Of course I didn't do it and now I'm seeing it the other way, but back then, oh boy! I was waiting for her soo much. Magical time.
    20. That is precious and very relatable. Loo.Luisa have wonderful dolls and they are very inspirational.

      It is very dangerous though as I have experienced the same thing. I ended up selling the same sculpt of the doll I had a crush on because I realized I like the doll's personality and his face as is. It will be very disrespectful of me to just copy from another collector when I have other ideas in mind. He still exist and I adore him from afar.

      It helped that he got a doll boyfie (gosh, I feel like I had a deep crush on that doll which is weird), and it made it easier for me to "move on". :XD: