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fallen out of love with your doll, but still want the character

Mar 27, 2007

    1. i kinda feel bad about it. iv had faye for a year but her face just seems to ...not fit her anymore. especialy profile view she looks chubby and childish, which while still adorable, is not how faye looks. she used tobut latly...... i want to get a new head for her and paint it the same but every one i talk to about it says not to, "it will never be faye you know. like loseing a kitten then buying a new one just like it and giving it the same name. it still wont be the same"
      but i dont think that is true with dolls. i easily changed eitan from a brat to a neo go guy with out losing his personality.
      has anyone else experienced this???
    2. I'll be doing this soon also. Psyche is no longer the girl I need her to be in body, so I'm giving her one last chance (changing her face-up AGAIN!) but if it doesn't work I'll sell her head and buy her a new one...Shiwoo girl.
    3. oh a shiwoo is what i was thinking of changing her to ^_^ lol
      though im not sure what...
    4. It's great to hear about other people, because I'm in the same situation with my El. I still love El for many reasons, but he isn't exactly the right sculpt to convey the character that I had in mind for him as well as another sculpt can. =1 While I'd really love to keep him, I won't be able to complete the story I have in mind without going over the doll population limit.

      So I'm going to give this much more thought before deciding on anything. :)
    5. Thats funny. I don't like Shiwoo as a boy but as a girl :D. Even if I keep Psyche in her old head I'm getting a Shiwoo girl, but Psyche is loosing our bond simply because of her head mold... love the Nara mold but it's not her any more.:doh :sweat
    6. I think it's time for you to update your doll then. =]

      Dolls are not like kittens. A living being can't be replaced, but a doll can. Don't mind what others say to you. Always follow your heart, and now your heart's saying that Faye needs an update.

      When my doll got into an accident I thought about buying another head for her. I'd have done just that if I didn't try and fix her. It's just resin, you know, her character is in my heart not in her resin shape.

      And I've seen a lot of improvements with doll updates. Sometimes you buy a mold that fit in your character for a while, and then you realize it wasn't exactly what you wanted. It happens.

      Update Faye and be happy. ^^
    7. 'Been there... 'Felt that... :(

      The MiniFee Shiwoo versions of my kitsune twins, Kita & Tsuki ("The Pups"), were terribly cute, and I adored the characters... but I had a lot of trouble relating to the half-sized dolls. I found myself basically ignoring them for days on end because they didn't seem quite "right" for some reason.

      So I sold the MNFs to LadyFeather and updated the twins to a pair of Elf Chiwoos. ^_^

      I do find myself missing the smaller versions once in awhile... mostly because of some kind of collector's instinct for completeness, I suspect (I don't have "all of the Shiwoos" any more. :| )... But I still think it was the right choice to make. If the doll you're using as an avatar doesn't seem right to you, your just not going to be happy with it. Given that these dolls exist more or less entirely to please their owners, there's no reason to keep one that isn't living up to that standard.

    8. OW! dolly burn, sad but true. My hubbie doesn't get it, I tell him "If you bought a car that turned out to be a lemon you might try to fix it but if it still is not what you expect or need, you'll sell it and get one that is." (my hubbie is a car collector, not every day/daily driver cars.) but he still doesn't get it.
    9. thats how i feelt about up dating. but now the hard part is convincing my parents and then selling her current body in order to buy a new one. sigh. i still feel kinda bad though. when the doll isnt painted as faye (yes my avatar) then she always seems to come out pitifully sad looking T_T (a deturrent)
    10. I've just upgraded one of my dolls, and the new head is working out pretty well for the character. At first I had some misgivings, because I have also failed completely at this (as in, the new body didn't fit the character, etc). I think the one thing that's good to keep in mind is that a new body will of course be different from the old, and it will end up representing a different side of your character. The reason why I failed the other time was because I was looking for something exactly the same (I was making an MSD to SD transition) and nothing met my too-rigid expectations. With this most recent upgrade, I was careful to keep an open mind and let my character do his own thing. So if you are flexible and your character "grows" into a new body, making it his/her own, the process can be very satisfying. ^^
    11. I've been having some of the same issues as well. First, there are my MSDs which I believe I love dearly, but I'm just not sure. With them it would be more... selling them completely. (Or maybe, *maybe* changing them to a bigger size.)

      Then the issue is very prominent with my first boy, a CP Yder. I'd love to change him over to a Volks boy (as I love the look of almost all-Volks families) but just don't know if I could bring myself to do it. The Yder sculpt works for him and is what helped build his character, but at the same time I'm wondering if another sculpt could make me fall even MORE in love with him.

      I think in your case it may be a time to switch, then. If you feel the mold just is NOT right anymore, then maybe another will be better. I know several people here have done it with amazing and wonderful results.
    12. I had that happen with my very first doll. She was a Glory Angel Ami, and I adored the sculpt and faceup, but... I slowly came to realize that the doll simply didn't fit the character, and it made me more and more discontent to see her sitting there, because she was a lovely doll, but just not *right* for me.

      I felt almost a bit guilty for selling my first doll, but from the money, I bought a doll that fit much better into my doll family, and I'm glad that I did it now.

      I still love the character, and I think I'll try to bring her home as a different sculpt at some point -- I'm thinking that a ND Peru might fit her nicely.
    13. That happened with me as well. I don't have a story for my dolls, but I wanted a mature girl with a very Asian face, so I bought a CH St. Mina. Later on, when Soah was released, I felt she was much closer to what I wanted, so I sold Mina. I don't feel bad, though, because my St.Mina went to someone who really wanted her, and I am very happy with Soah.
    14. People tend to put alot of thought into this I suppose....

      I just bought two dolls and when they got here I started picking out personality for them.... that way I can't be disappointed with how they turn out. They had no pre-existing personality, just shape. Now they have both.
    15. its up to you, don't worry about what other people say,... it's your doll!

      me personally... I really wanted a doll of a particular favorite anime character... I've tried two dolls for it... neither quite worked (so I no longer have them)....

      for my MSD girl, Violet... I started out with a MSD Myu... not quite right... then a regular skin MSD Mika, cute but not innocent enough.... and then finally an FCS snow mika, which was perfect. I'm glad I didn't stick with my original Myu out of guilt or something. :)
    16. I think a dolls 'soul' and it's mold are two different things, If you want to change the body there is nothing stopping you. It will still be the same 'person' no matter what doll it's in.
    17. People grow and change. The characters they create grow and change. Why not the dolls that represent those characters? In fact, I think that is a lovely idea, to migrate a character from a kid, to a preteen, to a teen, to an adult sculpt. The hard part would be finding the "matching set."
    18. Don't feel guilty, no matter how much we anthromorphize them, they are dolls afterall. It's not like you're replacing your actual child.

      If a mold doesn't work for you any longer then by all means upgrade. This happened with one of the very first dolls I bought. He just didn't fit the character so he left. It took a while to replace him but I'm much happier with the doll I have now.
    19. Sure, I'm going through the same thing, but I figure a doll is just a doll, I'm selling mine and getting a new one. I'm even thinking of changing the name of my other doll.
    20. I had the same thing with my Charlotte, although I loved minifee Lishe she was beautiful, I felt that Charlotte was more mature and needed to be delf size :)
      I felt guilty for selling her, but I'm more excited for Charlotte to come home ^_^