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Falling for Tiny Elfdoll Dodo all over again...

Oct 28, 2007

    1. Recently, I saw th1 and tinybear's Dodo. I pray that Rainman will re-release Dodo! I truly hope that this happens. Back in late 2004, I just like tinybear tried to order Dodo via Dolly Paradise back then. But some of us were scammed. I am sure you all heard about this one. Well, to make a long story short, I was able to get my monies back via paypal. Thank God for that!! But to my dismay. I felt so hurt and just sick thinking about gettin a Dodo a few weeks after the incident. Even though shop4bearsanddolls.com started to sell her again. I just couldn't bring myself to gettin' her. I felt like I would get jipped again.

      But recently, while searching for more pics of Lyn, Adel, Olivia and others I found Dodo once again amongst other owners photos...and now, I guess with a lot of time... I've healed and wish I could be as lucky as some of you who still have her or were fortunate enough to get her. Poor thing she's been thru so much. I do hope that Rainman releases her again but thru his website. I just can't trust any others. Thanks for listening:) hugs, gg
    2. Oh sweetie , I totally agree
      I remember Noriko sold her Dodo ..she couldnt even look at her after all of those troubles
      it was terrible

      and a lot of people were very wary after this happened ...and who can blame them ...

      it would be wonderful if RainMan released her again ...especially as so many of us just couldnt get her
    3. I was a lucky one to be able to order my DoDo from Shop4BearsandDolls.com, and I love her so much! :aheartbea I had no idea of all the trouble that others went through until much later, and I feel bad that people were hurt and disappointed. I hope that Rainman will re-release her again, just as he has re-released the other tiny elves recently.

      You may have seen my photo of DoDo with Lyn, but here it is again:


    4. Tiny bear totally agree:) Gosh! I thought you did get a Dodo after all back then, and I remember Noriko saying she couldn't bear it, but didn't know she sold her off:( Thanks for the update, many hugs, gg

      Sabrina, yes I did. She is so cute thanks for the link! When she was being sold by shop4bearand dolls, I still couldn't bring myself to trusting any site in the US in fact, I had a friend in Korea, buy me Jin Del Rae via elfdoll back then. Only for fear the transaction would go bad again:( I did try to see if Davona, I think was her name was legitimate and bought only a wig at the time. But it took forever to get to me. So, I told myself forget it. We can only hope Rainman will release her again...many hugs, gg
    5. Oh sweetie it was Davonna who was the legit rep ...(we still dolly chat now and again :) )

      she contacted Elf to see were all the dolls were ..as there had been one excuse after another ,
      she actually found out the dolls were never orderd

      the con artist was Lisa from DollyParadise ..who turned out not to be Lisa ...who ever she was, vanished ..and we never heard from her again
      I had sent her a parcel around that time ...which was refused and sent back to me ;(
      Not known
      I had Sylph ..I was supposed to be swapping for a Dodo ..she wanted me to make her one of my dragons ..and trees ..for a display ...
      I didnt get my girl ...but at least I didnt loose any money
      but I was very hurt ..Lisa used my photos ..she used to e.mail me and was so friendly
      I was gutted when I found out what she did ,,,and she used me ;(
      a lot of people like you either wouldnt trust the dealers ...or simply hadnt got the money as they never had it back

      so many of use were "smarting"
      it feels so long ago now ...yeah ...time to bring back Dodo !
    6. Well... I'm on the bandwagon too... if they bring her back, I wonder if she will still be the same sculpt???

      They did change the new tiny Adel's eyes to be larger (and looks like Sylf's eyes are a bit smaller than the original doll).

      Somehow, I cannot see Dodo's eyes being any larger! LOL! She definitely has that unique impish look to her! I just love her long brown wig and overalls too!
    7. Tiny Bear, thanks for the info. on D. Its nice to know that we do have someone we can trust:) I do hope Rainman read this and does bring her back! I wonder how many people do have her?? hugs, gg

      th1, totally agree. I love her hairstyle, and the overalls. In fact from the original pic the overalls she did come with were a lot cuter than the original proto type!! I like how her hair is to one side, no bangs. Its all original, that I am hoping he will release her with?? But you know how it is...most come out with a new look or style?! We can dream right!!? hugs again for your thoughts, gg
    8. If you click on the photo of Dodo here (left side second row), it brings up what I believe is the original sales photo for Dodo (but a bit smaller):

      Here is my Dodo with her original pigtails wig (the kind that was created by Elfdoll gluing individual liitle clumps of cut mohair to a black headcap). Her overalls are not distressed as much as in the picture. And her shirt has no blue stripes. I have red Kelly maryjanes on her instead of sneaker feet.


      Re Lyn - I consider Lyn to be the closest to Dodo's face. I think maybe if Lyn's eyes were opened up a bit on the bottom edge it might be closer. The upper contour of Lyn's eyes look very similar to Dodo's, as does her mouth.

    9. Carolyn,

      I so totally agree. I've looked at Lyn and see many similaries in them. Gosh, but your little one looks so cute!! I just remember back then, seeing others photos of their dodo and waiting and waiting for mine to arrive. It was heartbreaking not to get her. But now, I am so ready. I just hope Rainman hears our pleas for her!! I've tried pming him from an earlier post of Dodo back in 2005 under the searches for dodo. So, I can only hope-_-
      Thanks for sharing your girls pic. You are very lucky to have her:) hugs, gg
    10. I am sooo excited! Listen Up!! New Update from elfdoll!! I had to post a message via elfdoll on our love for Dodo and here's the reply!!!

      Dear ggsdolls,

      Thank you so much for your love and support on Elf Doll.
      One of our customer asked about Dodo doll a few months ago,
      and our director DK said she will be planning for special release Dodo
      in the future!

      Thank you very much for your interest.

      Best regards,


      wrote :
      >I fell in love with Dodo back in 2004! Please ask rainman to re-release her. I didn't get a chance to get Dodo back then. I do hope she'll make a comeback! Missing Dodo, gg from Guam USA
    11. I heard something similar today too

      Next year ! WHaooooo ...so fingers crossed for Olivia too ...it would be great to see some of the other sculpts to Wendy ..Winky ....

      2008 ...year of the tiny LOL

    12. Does anyone else think that Dodo looks like Amy Winehouse? I will be falling over myself to get a Dodo if they do release her again next year! Fingers crossed.
    13. This is good to know... YIPPEE!!!!
      Now I hope that they keep her face sculpt EXACTLY as is... but I do wonder what wig they will put on her??? What outfit????
      Ooooooo, ooooo, oooooo, this is GREAT!!! :D :) :fangirl: :lol: :) :D :fangirl: :lol:

      I think that it would be nice if everyone who wants DoDo goes to the Elfdoll site and in the "Q & A" section, under GGs post about Dodo, tell them how happy we are that they are re-releasing little DoDo.

      This is what I said:
      YES!!! This is good news!!!
      Thank you, Oka, Rainman and DK for re-releasing DoDo.

      I would like you to keep her same face sculpt.

      The reason I say this is because it looks like the new Adel doll has bigger eyes compared to the older Adel dolls.

      Teryl ;)

    14. That's amazing!

    15. Yes, "the squeaky wheel gets the oil".
      Months ago, I wrote to Elfdoll and Rainman about wanting little Dodo, as well as talking to Ms. Cholong also!

    16. :fangirl: Wow, I am SO very happy for all of you who will be able to get DoDo now!!!!! :sumomo: YAY!!!!!

    17. Tinybear, Oh didn't hear when but that it was happening. How did you hear next year?? Love to know:) hugs, gg

      Yes, Teryl thanks for the post! I agree with th1 we should all go over and post a message on elfdoll about this news:) thanks for your input!! hugs, gg

      Carolyn S.- It is great news, I am still shaking over getting the response:) thanks for your thoughts dear, gg

      Sabrina, thank you also:) many hugs, gg
    18. Gosh! I do hope the re-release of Dodo is soon!! Like next month?? I can wish can't I!! hugs, gg
    19. I was kinda hopeing they may do a Christmas special too :)
    20. tinybear,

      Totally agree with ya gal:) Let's pray on that!! hugs for your thoughts dearest, gg