Falling in love with a ratty wig

Apr 11, 2016

    1. Hey guys,

      So I bought a body for my floating head, Olive, not really expecting to...

      One symptom of that was my first (crappy) attempt at a fur wig. The fur is too short and fine, and doesn't part nicely. It's even too big for her head.

      But...when I think about buying her a new wig, I have issues picturing her in anything else.

      So...I might have fallen love with an awful, ratty wig!

      Has anyone ever experienced that? Did you end up buying your doll a new wig, or did you stick with the one you fell in love with?
    2. I'm sure my dolls have had their share of terrible wigs in my time in the hobby. Usually, it's due to being unable to find exactly what I want or being in a period of being unable to afford something nicer temporarily, and the bad wig does bother me, I just haven't been able to find something better yet.

      However, in Jayden's case, I have a long dreadlock wig. I got it in a trade and I have no idea who made it, but it's not very professional at all. If I try to move or style the dreads, there are bald spots. There are big messy stitches holding it together. A lot of the dreads are sewn together on the top so they can't move, and they sort of form a helmet of sorts, which if lifted shows a huge bald spot. The wig cap is a light peach color, and Jayden has very dark brown resin.

      But! In the right pose and right lighting, he rocks that wig! He has a shaved head at the moment but I can't bring myself to part with that wig.
    3. One of my boys wears this messy short wig that I fell in love with. Now anything else just doesn't work on him, he's the boy with the messy hair. :) Go with that wig, I say!
    4. That sounds like the type of wig I have! Maybe there's something about the bad quality that makes it endearing? I don't know...but it sounds precious.

      Exactly! Oh my goodness...I'm having such a dilemma because her clothes are so elegant, and her hair is a mess. Lol! But I think I might order her another short hair wig and see what I think...just not loving the long, flowing locks on her. It just doesn't suit her personality.
    5. I think too, my characters are regular human characters. Not everybody is a celebrity with their own personal stylist. Some people just have bad hair, so I don't always mind if doll wigs aren't perfect. Maybe they're just like me and have bad hair days 75% of the time. XD
    6. That's an awesome way to look at it! :)
    7. My oldest BJD is bald. His seven newer companions all have perfectly lovely wigs. I have bought him quite a few. I have made him three or four. The only thing that SORT OF WORKS is a white very short straight wig I made from a bunny fur I bought at Hobby Lobby. The humorous thing, is that he is supposed to be an Egyptian prince....but he wears a spiky short white wig....think Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Not very princely...so mostly, he is bald.
    8. Bald seems to fit the Egyptian theme!
    9. Oh, this is a fun topic! I love reading everyone's stories.

      My Angell Studio Kana, Marjorie, wears a ratty curly wig I got in a grab bag. It probably came off a porcelain doll, because it has glue inside it. She looks beautiful in lots of wigs because of her heart shaped face, but she is so stinkin' cute in this one!! And I love that I can see her pretty eyebrows.


      Linda S.