Falling in love

Feb 18, 2020

    1. ... but not with a human being.

      Yes I mean it that way.

      Did it every happen to you?
      I'm curious. A lot of documentaries deal with people falling in love with life sized dolls.
      I'm sure it happenes with BJD too.
    2. I don't believe that as romantic love since, by definition, that's a two-way street.
      Moreover there's a ton of moral problems with 'love', marriage, and anything when it comes to something that can't say no.

      I can, however, appreciate-love a sculpt, the finished look of the doll, and everything about it. I can cry at movies, art museums, and over photos of dolls that are just too pretty. And I will continue to do so.
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    3. yes. In a strange way, yes.

      not romantic, pure adoration.
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    4. I would agree with that. It's love, but not romantic love. Because dolls and stuffed animals have names and faces, I think we tend to humanize them more.
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    5. idk. mine feel so alive to me. I think many doll owners feel the same way. It’s a mutual love. But it’s more than just humanizing, at least I strongly feel convicted of this belief.
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    6. This is an interesting question. I've heard of examples of people having full-on 'relationships' with plush toys, or life-size dolls as you mentioned, but haven't heard of any with BJD so far.
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    7. I'm not a romantic person, and never felt any sexual/romantic attraction towards any living human (nor a fictional ones for that matter). I do tend to say the first "BJD I ever fell in love with," when I talk about my first full resin BJD, but it's 100% not sexual nor romantic in anyway. It's more like the way anyone would fall for a piece of art, a house, or a car -- not a nurturing sort of love you would have for a non-human animal either. Not in the way I would imagine a normal person would want to be with another, physically. I'm not into that sort of thing, but I know I am a huge weirdo, so maybe it's normal for people to feel sexual or romantic feelings for inanimate objects? However, I feel that as long as people are not hurting other living beings with their actions, then why should it be anyone else's business. Live and let live, I always say -- again, as long as there's no physical or mental abuse/hurting of any living beings, other than consenting adults, then who really has business judging/meddling. (:
    8. yes I find it interesting as well.
      Is it objectophile to love a BJD?
      The doll resembles a human being or is even loved for human traits, so I guess somehow it's not.

      I guess people are shy to talk about it, if it's really the case...
    9. Uh.... personally, no. I say “I love it!” But I mean it in the same way I love cheeseburgers or something. Not akin to the love I have for certain human beings. The dolls are toys to me, and they’re fun, but I can’t ‘love’ them.
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    10. What a fascinating topic!
      I would say for me, no. But I do feel a deeper...adoration for them than I do any of the other types of dolls I collect. Particularly my Souseiseki. Every time I look at her I feel my heart literally swell up with love. But it's more in an "oh my goodness, she is just so cute, I cannot believe I finally have her" sort of way. Not an "I want to give her a kiss" sort of way! :hug:
    11. Not in a romantic way. I think my feelings might be more of a fleeting connection to the character more than the doll. I tend to be crazy about a doll for a few months, maybe years for my favorites, then I move on to a new one.

      Except my first. I might be able to say I love him since it’s been 12 years and I still don’t think I could ever part with him. <3

      EDIT: though if I were a teen and Harriet and Marley were real people, I’d totally have a crush on them both. ;)
    12. The issue with the English language is that the word “love” means so many things. I don’t love d&d, my lizard, my gf, the colour red, and mangos the same way. But i definitely say I love all of those things. To try to concretize it, I am enamoured with BJDs. They are a satisfying creative outlet, some of mine are a really perfect depiction of my characters, and lend me inspiration. Twigling ingenue is a favourite, whose sculpting I admire. A beautiful piece of art that I want to be able to display, play woth, and enjoy. My love is unilateral (I don’t expect love back) and contingent (I love them as long as they’re helping me write, and beautiful, and I’m having fun with my art). That isn’t the same as my love for my girlfriend, for obvious reasons. The significance and depth of these various “loves” are not really comparable, but we use the same word. It’s interesting.
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    13. We can call it love. Nothing romantic, just a nice deep feeling in my heart. Just as you can adore a nice piece of art, what you own.
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    14. No, at least not "like that". I can say that I feel some degree of love as others have described it, for an object and as an object. Though for me it may be more the character than the doll, which while joined can be separated. Certainly not romantic, but maybe approaching somewhere near a child but not quite as I can't distance myself from knowing that the character is fiction and the doll is plastic. However it's not terribly hard for me to understand someone falling in love with an object. I imagine it to be like someone falling in love with a fictional character and that doesn't take a whole lot of mental gymnastics for me to wrap my head around.
    15. Nope, I don't love my dolls romantically. But I feel a very strong sense of adoration when I look at them and they are able to make me smile.
    16. A handful of years back I decided to not have children. I wrote stores of what my future children might be like in my youth, though, and decided to shell those four characters as dolls. Do I have an overwhelming fondness and doting adoration for those four that I don't quite have for my other dolls? Absolutely. But at the end of the day I have never had children and would never dare compare it to the love a mother has for her real, flesh children.