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Families knowing the cost of dolls

Jun 25, 2006

  1. I tell them the price

  2. I don't tell them the price

  3. The respect my privacy and don't ask

  4. Other [COMMENT]

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    1. So I'm 18 and have always paid for everything doll-related all by myself. But my parents often wonder how much I'm actually spending and have an issue with it. They assume a doll is about $50...

      Anyone else have this?
    2. Eeee....I tell them the price, but they don't like it! My mom and I have been in to dolls forever, so it's not that, it's just that "it is SUCH an expensive hobby" ! They're pretty supportive, though. I'm getting some birthday money to pay for a huge chunk of my first doll.
      They flipped out when I let slip I had plans for a second doll, tho (I haven't even got my first).
    3. I discuss my doll with my mother a lot. She actually convinced me to buy him inspite of the price which was holding me back.

      My father, before he passed on, was never told his price. I just told him he was expensive, but at least I wasn't drinking that money away.
    4. The price was the major angst in my house, but it was always assumed I'd get one eventualy. I don'tthik however, my mother really realizes I plan to get another-
    5. It depends on the family member! Some are more understanding then others. My mom and step dad are the only ones who know, but I rather not let the rest know.
    6. My parents have supported our (me + brothers) expensive hobbies before ^_^; Other than my brothers wanting the new gaming systems out there and a steady flow of the $30 - $50 games, mine is the most expensive. My dad flipped out over Alex, but that died down quickly. I guess...my family just sort of knows I'm in my own world, so they don't question my spending major money on dolls. But only every holiday ^^; The dolls are mostly holiday money + saved allowance, and everything else (clothes, wigs, eyes, etc) are paid for by me (first my allowance, now my cruddy pay). And it's not like any of us can drop $1000 on anything lol My new 60cm boy is a pretty big stretch for us, which is why I normally stick to minis.

      When I can get to a printer, my mom'll read their story (Spera Bay) as it gets done. She reads my yaoi fan fiction, so she's really awesomely cool ^_^V
    7. My direct family knows the real price, most of my extended(but still close) family knows too. If they ask I tell them honestly. My mother almost killed me but oh well... She got over it XD

      All of us hide it from one of my aunt because... you can say she is very thrifty and do not believe in "luxury items" and she would definately not be too nice to my boys. Knowing her she would end up really rough etc, so for afew months now I managed to hide my boys from her sight XD

      Quite scary when she didn't call before hand and popped up at my place @.@"

      At least my cousins and other aunts and uncle knows well enough to keep it from her too =p
    8. I didn't have the intention of telling my family... I just said he was "expensive" and they assumed around $100... Then I made the bitter bitter mistake of telling my sister that he was quite a bit more than that, and forgot to mention that I didn't really want anyone else to know just how much, so one day her, my dad, and I were going out to dinner and she mentioned the "$400 doll!" and that was it. He ranted for a good long time about wasting my money on "stupid sh*t," and I had to repeatedly rant back that it's my money that I worked for and that "stupid sh*t" isn't a waste to me at all.

      ....and that's the story. :sweat
    9. My very close family know how much ive spent and are unhappy yet they rarely verbally express it.
      My other family no their expensive and thats all, if they knew the real price it would probably cause a few arguements. oh well :)
    10. Actually they don't even know I have any dolls. And if they did, there's no way I would tell my parents how much they actually costs. They just wouldn't understand it. But then again, I haven't lived on my own many years already, so there's really no reason to tell them.
    11. My family knows, but they also respect that it's my money, and if I save that money that I earn, they shouldn't tell me how to spend such. Also, as a result of seeing what I can make for them, my boyfriend and his father believe it was the best investment I could make for myself. My dad is happy that it's got me taking pictures(his hobby) and allows him time to bond with me by discussing photos and techniques. My mom...well...the way she sees it, if I'm happy, then she's happy. :)
    12. My parents know and they don't mind at all, all hobbies are expensive, my sister goes to the movies and clubs every weekend and spends as much as I do on dolls, my mom's fabric addicted XD and my dad loves fishing-equipment for that isn't cheap either. No matter what hobby you choose, it's always going to cost money. They see how much I love my dolls, and how much fun I have making clothes and doing face-ups, and then it's okay..

      by the way, it's not their money to spend XD
    13. ^^;; My family has to know- they're the ones with credit cards and a PayPal account!
      They deffinately thought that my doll was a "waste of money" because she comes with no clothes! xD My parents and brother just can't understand why I like expensive dolls so much.
    14. i'm FORTY and i really don't want my parents to know how much these dolls cost - I just don't want to hear it, because yes, I will get a lecture.

      so for those of you who think you'll be "free" as soon as you turn 18.. well... lol, your parents will always be your parents, you know?
    15. well I'm almost 30, and my parents know what these cost. They think I'm nuts, but they also say it's your money. My mom does like them, just not the price. She also has a lot of dolls, but most of hers add up to one of mine.
    16. My parents know that they are expensive, and I did tell them how much I spent on Liam (my Soom UFK) and how much money I saved getting him as a kit. I didn't give specific prices about the rest, but they never asked. I told my cousin and aunt, since they had asked specifically. My mom probably figured it out anyway since she's looked at bjd stuff on ebay.

      I've never gotten any flack for their cost. I'm out on my own and buy them with my own money. Plus my parents, especially my mom, collect things and like antiques, so they aren't so thrown by the price.
    17. I kind of have to tell my parents. It'd be pretty hard to hide a two foot, $700 purchase from them <_< They didn't take it too badly though. My mom's even giving me money to buy a third doll as a graduation gift. If they think I'm wasting my money, they certainly don't show it.
    18. Err.. ok... Watever I did I always tell my mum. So... yeah. mum knows the price and I paid half the other half she helps me cover up... Hahaha... So my first girl, my mum paid included the clothing all other materials... Ok.. I think i need to learn to save my own and buy my own... Hahaha...

      Edit: I forgot to mention... I'm gonna be 21 this year... *swts*
    19. Well I just orderd my first and I wanted to keep it from them but my father had to pay for the doll so he instantly knew. He almost killed me too! >_< He says it's a waste of money and I should be spending that money on getting into college or something. When my little brother found out how much it was he flipped out too. Even though he got a John Deer tractor mower last week for 1700$!!! He said he would use my doll as target pactrice!!! :...(
    20. We told our parents that our dolls cost half of what they did and the new one,a Dollti Wooyan, we told them a friend got 2 years ago as a gift and she wants my sister to give him a new faceup and if she still doesnt want him my sister would buy him...all lies!!!BWAHAHAHA!!What they dont wont hurt them....They dont know a thing about bjds so we can get away with all the lies we can muster up when it comes to them.Our mother likes them but she's weirdly obsessed with wanting to put my sister's Camine in girl clothing and my Lishe in nothing but lingerie!She's not really supportive of the hobby but she seems too like them especially Siorei,my sister's Wooyan(we thought she'd hate him...hmmm wierd)