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Family member finding doll clothes in the mail...

Aug 21, 2008

    1. Does anyone live with a family member who thinks you are too old for dolls? Also, have they ever went to get the mail and found a package that lists it has a doll or doll items in it and totally went crazy mad because of it?

      T_T Today I received some clothes for my doll in the mail and my grandpa threw the package at me and cussed me out. When my dolls and things come I ordered recently.... I have to try and intercept the mail somehow and hide the dolls and stuff. If he knew how much they cost he would probably cuss me out more about wasting money. :...( I don't want to give up my dolls!! Why can't some people grasp the hobby?!!?! It makes me so upset.

      I usually don't care what others think... but what if he throws a box with a doll in it?! Also being cussed out doesn't feel good. ;_; I'm glad there are people on DoA that understand the love of dolls. Otherwise I'd go insane.
    2. Woah, that's rough. Guess I'm lucky, my family thinks I'm pretty weird for liking dolls, but they aren't mean about it.
    3. got a better one for ya. my mom just ran up to me screaming waving my bank account sheet (one that comes in the mail) in my face yelling what's this doll stuff on here?! since i order from denverdoll and another doll complany, some clothes and things for my doll and my freinds doll since it's part of her and her hubbies wedding gift from me. (dolls are gonna be display peices at the reception) and one of those was a 3 person group order so the money is coming back to me atleast some.

      and my mom does collect dolls barbies. she has just order 2 grand in barbies this year. and she's yelling at me for $200 that's not even all mine. :P but to her bjd are not dolls. so i feel your pain don't worry.
    4. Huh. My husband kinda raises his eyebrow at me and teases me sometimes. Then I point out how much money he spends on video games ;)

      Have you ever told your grandfather that you don't appreciate being talked to like that?
    5. I feel your pain. My dad has told me that when the next doll arrives, I have to leave home because he says if I can afford these dolls I can clearly afford to pay my own way :( I *do* pay rent to live with my folks, and I doubt a private landlord would take rent on layaway the same way doll companies will accept payments!

      I was also worried for my dolls' safety while I was away in Hungary earlier this summer, but my brother took good care of them and even my parents packed them safely away in my big Souldoll box and put the pillows carefully around them.

      It did put me off my dolls for a while thinking that my parents would really throw me out if I got another doll, but I figured that since Souldoll Hye is the only SD doll I want and that if they haven't discovered my Bobobie tiny, they're never going to discover a Puki, that takes my doll tally up to five with potentially only three that my parents are ever going to know about. I think I can convince them that Hye will be my last doll, if they ever find her!
    6. Oh dear. I can only hope my grandpa doesn't look at my bank statement now. :doh I also ordered a doll for a friend where I was to get her clothes and she gets the doll... and that was quite expensive. O_o; I also had ordered a doll for myself too from Denverdoll.... Oh dear.... ;_; When them huge boxes come I'll have to high tail it to the door and sign the paper and run away.
    7. Your grandfather sounds like he needs to be slapped.

      If a parent of mine (or grandparent) did that, I'd call the police. :) Try it. Hundred bucks says he never does it again.

      And you obviously have a friend (you said you ordered a doll for a friend), so why don't you just send all of the stuff to your friends house? Problem solved. Everything will get safely to her home, she'll accept it and give it to you when she sees you.

    8. lol hiding is good. :) i have 4 hidden one is an msd and 3 are tinies. :) my mom has tought me the gift i hiding dolls atleast. we've hid her barbies from dad for years. 400 new editions he don't know about. yeah i said 400. and my parents threaten the same. your not alone.
    9. :3 Good idea sending it to her house.... even better... sending it to my boyfriend's house. I see him almost every day. O_O; Only problem... most of the items have already been shipped. Next time it's going to my boyfriend's or my friend's. ._. That's something I didn't even think of before because I didn't know my grandpa would have that big of a fit.
    10. If you order something withing your own country you could ask the seller to not mark what is inside, packaging it inconspicuously, some sellers will do this. (I used to get the request on some of my ebay sales for certain types of clothing)
    11. Wow! 400! Ok, so that makes me feel a lot better. At least I don't have to cram 400 BJDs into my wardrobe!
    12. I'm wondering how old you guys are? I mean parents do have a say in what their children can and can't do when they live at home and especially if they are under 18. Of course parents can be totally unreasonable but sadly their children just have to live with that.

      However if you're over 18 and you have an agreement with your parents about how much you should pay to contribute to the family household - as long as you keep that agreement I really don't think they should decide what you use your money for.

      But if you're over 18 perhaps these problems will be a motivation to start thinking about getting a place of your own.

      For me it's not a problem. I'm 55 and live alone and I'd be furious if anyone shouted at me about what I used my own money for. Actually when I was 19 and didn't live at home my parents tried to make me leave my boyfriend at the time in a very rude way. They really screamed at me. I left the house at once and didn't talk to them for 4 month. They never again tried to decide over me.

      I know that when you're very young a couple of years can feel like eternaty but really it isn't. I think you should try to make plans for getting your own place because then nobody can interfeer.

    13. thats a good idea to a friend you trust a lot, if the sellers used UPS and you have the tracking # I believe you can call UPS and request them to hold the package for you to pick it up.
    14. oops forgot the quote thing, my last post was directed to Chiiruchan
    15. I'm 24. I actually live at my grandparent's house to help out my grandmother who has memory loss and dementia. I'm planning on moving out when the time comes... but right now I have to be here to help out. ._. I really don't want to leave my grandpa alone because I want to help him too, but with his temper I don't know if I can stand it after my grama is gone. ._. Let's just say he is pretty grumpy.
    16. *raises hand* I'm 22! I live at home because I've just finished my three year bachelor's degree and I'm saving up my money (not for dolls!) to be able to go and do my Masters in a couple of years. I know that they are freaking out that if I spend all my money on this hobby that has been close to my heart for a while, but has come out of the blue for them, I won't be able to achieve my dream of getting a Ph.D, but at the same time, I do know what I'm doing.

      I am careful with my own money and I get buyer's guilt even if I buy myself a bottle of coke or a sandwich:sweat I almost had a heart attack when I saw how much I was paying for my first MSD. I even lied to my parents about how much Gwen cost, knocking off a huge margin...and still she was far too expensive by their standards.

      My brother, in comparison, just lets their criticisms roll off him like water, and he's not afraid of standing up to them and giving them just as much grief as they give him. He is younger than me, with a huge action figure and video game collection, and he isn't afraid to tell them to shut up when they have a go at him about new action figures turning up in the post. I've always been the responsible older one, who does as she's told, so reacting like that to my parents feels really rude to me. I guess I'm wrestling with that whole "adult-child versus adult-parent" thing. I'm still their child and still live at home, so they think they are still in parent-mode, but I need them less and less in that capacity... this is going off topic now...:lol:
    17. ( Why do I have the feeling that this thread is going to be locked soon?)

      I would just state that its your money and that is that. Better dolls then drugs I say.....

    18. some of us are old enough to move and are working on it. even while we are paying rent to the parents. ;) but when moving out means losing your job too (works for parents and the moment i move out my mother will fire me also) and i doubt i'll find another job that pays $12 that i can live off of and go to school on living alone. so gotta get all at once and a roomey. so it's not quiet as easy to just move out. though as easy and wonderful as it sounds.
    19. if only all parents thought that way. i've said that before. :) my parents say i'd rather you did drugs that's atleast normal.
    20. Yeah. Maybe I should give them the dolls better than drugs thing. ^_^; Why would this thread be locked? O_o; I hope I didn't post something against TOS.......... *_*