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FancyBoots Liebchen Discussion

Dec 11, 2005

    1. There will be a special edition of 25 in special outfit and wig available from the Haute Doll BJD Orbyrarium book in June :


      Regarding standard edition Liebchen here's what Diep herself wrote :

      "I have 11 more Liebchens on hand (but not yet completely finished) that
      I'll be selling soon. These 11 Liebchens will be the last ones
      available through me. These 11 and the 25 special white-resin Liebchens
      for Orbyrarium will be the very last Liebchens available, as I don't
      plan on making any more after that."

      So keep an eye on the Yahoo group, as it will most likely be announced there when the last 11 Liebchens are sold.
    2. Fancyboot here on DOA makes and sell them. KR Bussman sold them on her site, so she might be the one to ask.
      Also the new book that Hautedoll is putting out will have a run of 25 Liebchen for sale.
      Good Luck they are limited to 75
    3. Fancy boots is not longer linked to the Karen Bussman site. She is having one of her own built.

      Here is the link to the yahoo group.

    4. Her wig size is a 6/7. I haven't gotten any new ones for my Liebchen yet but the Narae fur wigs do fit Liebchen. I want to buy the 'Hermione' they have.

      Not sure what to do about the tight torso. Could you possibly email Diep or post to her on the Yahoo group?
    5. Piccadilly : Thanks so much! Dollfair has those wigs BTW. My husband took a look at her and he's going to loosen her up a little. I also put her in an outfit Pei made me. It is so cute , I'll post pictures later.
      bloomlikewinter : you won't believe how lovely she is. She's a little on the short side like Narsha. She's delicate like a little fairy.
    6. Does anyone know what shoes will fit Liebchen? I'm particularly curious about these and these.
    7. All the teen trends shoes fit her really well.
    8. I know these photos have been seen but she is my latest! And I do love her. She's littler than most MSDs and very slim.

    9. Northern Raven you are really going to love her, she is adorable. My advice as far as clothes, well, Dollfair has some Softly She Walks separates, things like the leggings fit well, and tight t shirts. Also, Pei makes adorable things Unoa size, that is what mine is wearing in the photo, and they are also a perfect fit. As far as wigs goes, she wears a 6, which is also Narae size, and Dollfair has beautiful wigs in that size (just get the ones for the 43cm ones). Also, Tinybear is making gorgeous looking mohair wigs that will fit her (get Unoa size). I am in the process of ordering some now. They look amazing. As far as eyes go, I'd say go for 10 or 12mm size. Again, Dollfair is getting in some gorgeous Masterpiece eyes I think this week. Go to the Group Order Thread for Narindolls and read all about it. She is shorter than most MSDs so keep that in mind when shopping.
    10. Hi hi! I'm also waiting for my Liebchen to arrive next month! *doing happy dance*
      But... I won't have much or any time to sew her any outfits then as I will be moving to a new appartment in august, so I'm, browsing ebay to see if there is anything cheap. So my wondering is... Will Tonner/Tyler/Franklin Mint fit her? I have my eyes on some of their stuff... Now if only the dollar would drop and I could get my hands on some cash, so I could get her a horse and scooter from Battat (Our Generation), but the shipping alone is murder! Over $50! Each! Eeeek! *faints*
    11. Liebchen's foot is 5.3 cm long and 2 cm wide.
    12. Here's my Sabina in a Friends to Be Made outfit that fits none of my other minis. The jeans fit her great although the back velcro thing is a little annoying. A great cheap thrill though I think you'll agree.

    13. Only the top unfortunately. Her hips are too big for the pants. Liebchen is much smaller than Narae all over.
    14. I've been trying to find information on Liebchens, but it seems that no matter WHERE I look, there just isn't much information. So, I figure this thread can be for any questions on the Fancyboots Liebchen. I don't have one, but I have taken an order for some skirts for a Liebchen. Seeing as measurements are an important pat of making sure that it will fit her, I've become a bit stumped. So, I'll start out asking my questions on these mysterious little wonders, and other can add on with their own curiousity.

      1. Where can you find them? I know Fancyboots makes them, but how do you go about getting one? Is there a working website? I just cannot find one ANYWHERE.

      2. What are the measurements of the Liebchen? The ones I need right away are the waist, the hips, and the length from the hips to the knees. All other measurements are more than welcome too.

      Thank you so much, and I hope this might be able to help someone else out there.

    15. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/liebchen/

      Just register at this group then look at the Database and Files sections for size information.

      As far as how to get one you would need to contact Diep as I think the first edition is sold out. Maybe someone else here can confirm that? I think the best way to get one now would be the Le Promesse LE from Haute Doll.
    16. I read somewhere that the eyes in La Promesse are Fiesta by Masterpiece.
    17. Just curious if there was an option for a more "mature" body for her.