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FancyBoots Liebchen Gets a Body

Oct 13, 2005

    1. WHOA! It's posability is great!!
    2. ^-^' That body could be a winner indeed ~ it's so nice to see how she has progressed!
    3. So lovely!! I adore her! :D
    4. How does one go about getting on the list to get one of these pretties? She takes my breath away.
    5. I was trying to figure that out too... I thought she was doing preorders, but then there was a post from yesterday saying preorders are closed? :cry:

      Maybe Karin can give us a little more info? :)
    6. I can not answer how pre-orders were handled as Diep did them all. What I can say is that the few she did offer went very fast. All information for release date will be available on the FancyBoots web page on my site.... www.KRBussman.com

      I know that Liebchen wil come with wig, eyes, outfit, shoes, cushions and certificate of authenticity (COA). As soon as I hear about a release date I will post here also.

      Thanks for your interest!
    7. She's just perfect. Check out that cute tushie! ;)
    8. aaaahh!!!! so cute! I love her pouty lips!!! :o
    9. She can actually hold her hands to her face o_o

      Liebchien is truly an amazing creation :D

    10. This is just wonderful. It's great to see one of these projects (2 total, I guess) really come to life. :)
    11. :D she is so perfect
    12. she's so beautiful.....its so wonderful to see her in resin
    13. She is looking even more exquisite !!!!!
      :D :daisy :D
    14. Wow, what an amazing look she takes on with resin. She was very pretty before, but complete, she is just astounding. Very nice. :grin:
    15. Wow, I haven't taken a look at her for a while.

      She's wonderful! Such a dainty lass.
      I love the pics of her in the purple eyes and fur wig.
    16. I love the shot from the back! she has the cutest tushy.