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FANCYBOOTS Liebchen Release Information

Nov 9, 2005

    1. The long awaited announcement!

      Liebchen will be available to order right after Thanksgiving with expected delivery by the beginning of January or sooner if possible. The edition size is limited to 75 total. If you are registered on the First To Know List via Liebchen Yahoo Group, you will receive an advance email announcing exact day and time.

      Pricing as follows:

      LIEBCHEN COMPLETE - strung doll, face up, glass eyes, default fur wig, hat, jacket, 3-tiered skirt and leather boots $495 plus insured shipping. You will receive randomly one of the two color combination outfits. Green colorway: Asparagus and leaf green colors in the skirt with the mauve fur wig or Pink colorway: Pink and blush colors in the skirt with the pink fur wig. Skin color is alabaster. Doll will be carefully secured inside of a handled carry box inside of an outer shipper box for mailing. For your protection and ours, we ship all dolls using a trackable method, and contents will be listed and correctly valued on international customs forms.

      Photos of the two colorways that are being used in the outfits will be available soon.

      LIEBCHEN BASIC - strung nude doll, face up, glass eyes, default fur wig (random color of pink or mauve) $395 plus insured shipping. Skin color is alabaster. Doll will be carefully secured inside of a handled carry box inside of an outer shipper box for mailing. For your protection and ours, we ship all dolls using a trackable method, and contents will be listed and correctly valued on international customs forms.

      I will be handling more and more of the questions for Diep as she needs to buckle down for crunch time. If I don't have an answer immediately for you, I will get it as soon as possible.

      It is a great honor for me to be as involved as I am with Diep on her first ball jointed doll adventure. If you have ever seen any of Diep's fashion designs and creations, you know she puts her heart and soul into each tiny little detail. Liebchen will be a gem to own and I for one can not wait.

    2. :D :D So happy! I can't wait. *wiggles around* Liebchen is so beautiful! *fangirly squee*:D :D
    3. -coughs- sorry

      OT: what do these look like? sorry...i'm new and slightly curious...

      i know pictures aren't allowed outside of the picture forums...but even a link?

      i've googled them a bagillion times, and nothing comes up.
    4. Yay.. I "ll have the credit card warmed up and ready to go! :D
    5. again OT: ooooh wow! she IS gorgeous! i really like her under developed body! :)

      amaaaazing...and built from scratch?! talent.
    6. Do you know where there are any more pics of this doll's body? The ones I saw, the legs were a bit bowlegged which sort of made me nervous. Is that what you mean by underdeveloped? Or do you mean it's a child-like sculpt?

      Love the head muches though :wink:
    7. Diep has done an amzing job!
      Liebchen is gorgeous, and I love the wig colours for the two "styles." ^^

      I can't wait to see her when she's complete.
    8. I have a few questions & thought I might as well ask publicly since others might want to know:

      ~ What makes this edition limited? Is it that the head sculpt won't be used again, or the entire doll/body, or is it this faceup in this colouring, etc?

      ~ In body pics 1, 5 & 6 the right leg looks a bit wonky. I know this was a prototype -- will this leg be ok in the finished edition? (It looks perfect in the original sculpt pics.)

      ~ Is EMS available instead of 'insured shipping' for international orders?

    9. Hi, I'm going to catch your questions quickly before I go out this morning! :daisy

      1. The edition is not "limited" other than that I only want to make 75 of them so that I can continue on to other dolls. It's not a limited edition, this is a regular edition of 75.

      -The color is just a regular color, that was mixed specifically for this doll, but it is not a limited skin color. It will be used again because I like the resin color very much.

      2. The legs are exactly like they are shown in the sculpted pics, as the sculpted doll is the exact doll that was sent to be molded and cast. They may appear different to you in the resin photos because that is simply how I posed the doll. I wanted to give her a "character" to her pose, so I turned her legs outwards a bit to achieve a cuter, spunkier look, but they can be posed however you like---straighter if you like.

      3. EMS will most likely be used for international. I plan on using whatever method can be insured and gives a tracking number that can be tracked online. The actual value and contents will be noted correctly on the customs forms.

    10. Hi !
      I would love to see pics of the doll standing straight (with the legs not bowing backwards as in the promo pictures) and with the feet pointing forwards as well. Can you post them to the forum? I realize that would look kinda boring etc. but it would make me feel better about the doll's standing ability and also ability to pose with straight legs. I guess the pics you took don't do her justice : - )

      :daisy thanks :daisy
    11. If you go to Karin's website in the link posted above, you will see the clay sculpt. There is one with her facing dead forwards with everything pointing forward.


    12. I went on the site and looked at the prototype shots, but still can't really see if the thigh and calf are stacked straight up on each leg. If you see:


      The angle doesn't show the legs straight from sideways. Sorry to be a pest, but I would not be happy if I got the doll and the legs bowed backwards.. just personal taste, sorry. I want to be sure first!
      If you see here, the legs seem bowed backwards to me and the kneecaps are sitting in front of the legs with foot placement ahead of the body. If you take your finger and go from the top of the thighs and draw an imaginary line straight down, you will see what I mean.
      :daisy thanks if you can show us more pictures :daisy
    13. The thing that drives me nuts is that she can cross her arms. I can't get my DoD doll to do that.
      Her face is very cute.

    14. I'm really not quite sure what you mean about the finger tracing and stacking?....I made her to look relatively realistic....when you stand with your legs locked, the calves naturally go back farther than the thighs...if you have the lower legs exactly in a straight line with the thighs and your foot, you'd fall over, and so would the doll because she wouldn't balance in her weight.

      I sculpt to please myself aethestically first, then secondly I sculpt for balance so that the doll can pose. Here are 2 more photos....I tried to leave the legs as straight as possible without posing them so that you can see...I'm not quite sure what you are looking for, though, sorry. What I'd suggest is that maybe you should not order her and wait until you see other users' photos of her. Even in these photos, with her legs perfectly straight and perfectly together, she can't stand on her own like that---I don't know of any doll that could balance on their own with everything straight together. You have to part the legs somewhat so that they can balance, but I wanted to show you as they are in their regular state without pose.

      I like the Unoa legs, which are extremely curvy, but I like a bit less curving so I made Liebchen's straighter but still with curves. She has muscle tone.


    15. I love her lines. She's so gorgeous. You should really be proud of her, I think you did a lovely job.
    16. She's lovely... unsure if I can afford her right now though :( I especially love her body design... I hope that you will be making more dolls with the same body sculpt and different heads. Liebchen needs friends that she can share clothes with :grin:
    17. Hi Diep,
      Thanks so much for answering potential new Liebchen mom questions... sometimes I think BJD = OCD. We always have a lot of questions, LOL.

      I am sorry my point was a bit confusing about running your finger down. SO I made a little graphic:

      This is what I mean about the lower legs coming out... rather than being straight.
      I took your suggestion and brought out my Unoa, and I agree, you need to part the legs sideways to get them to stand. However, it was impossible to get my Unoa's lower legs to angle forwards (see pic above) like this. What happened is the tongue and groove type connection between the upper and lower leg locked together when she hit the straight standing angle. It was not possible to bend her lower legs forward one bit. To achieve more angle between the legs, the ankle joints would bend rather than the legs sort of bowing out. Hope that makes more sense seeing the graphic. I got really curious and then I took out my MSD, SD types etc. and their legs also locked in at the knee in a straight up and down standing position, and it was also impossible to bend their lower legs forward out of the up and down angle. Readers, help me out here-- are your dolls able to bend lower legs forward like this from the knee, or do lower legs lock? Maybe there is a brand that does it I'm not aware of.

      Again, it was the locking upper and lower grooves in the legs that would not allow it. To me, it seems like this locking function is what allows the doll to stand with more strength.

      From Liebchen's scupt, does the knee joint on top float a bit over the lower leg? Is there a locking groove there? Since the legs could be bent into a bowed angle like your promotional pictures, I am wondering about standing strength.

      I feel so lucky to be able to ask questions with the one and only authority! So many times we have questions about posing ability and standing ability and we only find out after we have bought a doll (and sometimes it's a bummer!). I do so appreciate you sharing more info on this lovely creation of yours :daisy :daisy
    18. I see what you are saying Cato. I think the bow in the legs are sweet and add to her youthful personality and build. If you watch a younger child lock their knees and stand very stiff legged, many times you can see that exact look. Not every time but I have definitely seen it especially on a child that is thinner.

      It is a bit unfair to compare any of the dolls to each other as they are made to be individuals and that is what sets them apart from each other. I believe each artist's interpretation of the human form, while still being able to make a hunk of resin beautiful and balanced is quite an amazing thing.

      I find this no different than one person not liking a chin, pair of hands or any other feature of any doll and decides it is not for them. Too each their own and that is what is wonderful about this hobby.

    19. Cato, You can see for yourself how she stands and poses on Karin's page. I've also taken a perfect side photo and one front photo for you today. I'd suggest that you make your decision based on that information that I've already given.

      The lines that you've drawn are lines for legs in more side pose. I took that photo from slightly above, with my camera angling down, and from 3/4 to the front of her. It was not a side shot, so those lines don't really pertain. I think I know what you are asking, though, and I don't believe that her leg bends back too much. Again, you'll have to make your own determination as to whether you like the doll that you see or not. If you find flaws that you don't like, then another doll may be more suited for whatever you are looking for. Her knee joint flows right into the lower leg, as you can see in the side photo that I took for you earlier today.

      You can see that she poses very well---she is able to bend over and still stand by herself. I've had bjd from 3 different companies, and I can say without a doubt that they did not stand as well on their own. I'm not sure what the locking mechanism is that you mean, as I've had old-body SD13, MSD, CH, and a Secretdoll and don't remember a groove on their knee joint. Again, I'm not sure what you mean by "standing strength". She can stand by herself in a large variety of poses, including bent over at an angle. I can put her standing and walk away for awhile and not be afraid that she will topple over. She can sit, she can cross her arms and legs, she can touch her hands to her face, etc.

      I sculpted her the way that I like her, and from the dolls that I've owned and the many that my local friends own, I can honestly and truly say that she is at least equal to them. In fact, my friend was just recently over here with a similarly sized doll from another company and we soon were frustrated because we had trouble posing them side-by-side for comparison because the other doll had trouble standing.

      But that's my own personal opinion, for what it's worth.