New Doll [FANTASIA] "Canary & Canary Cute" has been Released

Nov 24, 2016

    1. Canary of Fantasia's Fly me to the moon series has been Released!

      We'd like to ask for your attention!

      Also, we are currently having a 30% promotion for Fly to the moon series.
      Please come and check out more details in Fantasia’s website. <<- ENGLISH website

      Fantasia doll <<- CHINESE website

      We are looking for an individual or a dealer who can help Fantasia BJD company to enter the Chinese market.
      We're looking for experience in sales, marketing etc.
      Please contact us below if you are interested :
      E-mail - [email protected]

      我们现招聘可以帮助Fantasia BJD公司进军中国市场的个人或经纪人,需在销售、市场等方面经验丰富。
      如有兴趣,请通过以下方式联系: [email protected]

      << Canary. Cute>>

      << Canary >>

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