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Fantasia Doll Elder/Senior Sizes

Mar 15, 2016

    1. So a new doll company Fantasia Doll is currently releasing two dolls Jupiter and Jin in what they're calling Elder Man size, but have plans to release 6 more dolls in three other sizes. I figured we could use this thread to talk about the Elder Man dolls and any dolls released in the future for Senior size.

      Website link:

      Here is a copy of the listed size breakdown for the Elder Man body:
      [Fantasia Elder Man Jupiter Body Size Details]

      Height (incl. head) - 70cm

      Neck diameter - 12.5cm

      Width (at shoulders) - 18.5cm

      Chest diameter - 34.8cm

      Waist diameter - 26.4cm

      Hip diameter - 29.3cm

      Length of arm (incl. hand) - 27.5cm

      Thigh diameter - 18cm

      Length of leg (incl. foot) - 38.5cm

      Length of foot - 10cm

      ※ Measurements may slightly differ depending on method of measurement used.

      I really like the body, but I'm one of those weird people who likes sculpted veins and stuff. :P
      Jupiter and Jins faces are also very nice and I think my favorite so far is Jin, something about his nose is really nice.
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    2. Jin has a very pleasant, sweet-looking face. That body is impressive, too; I don't think I've seen a body that looked that realistic! (I'm also really new to the hobby, though, so there's a lot of things I haven't seen, l-lol)
    3. Very intriguing! I do wish they'd show more posing pictures on that body though. Like what does it look like when seated, can it cross its legs, what about kneeling, and so on.

      In any case it looks really cool, nice to see another company making muscular bodies.
    4. I'm not into the super muscular dolls at all, but I appreciate the realism and level of detail; I'm interested to see what else this company releases. Clearly a lot of talent there, and the faces look pleasant.
    5. It is great to see a new company with realistic adult looking dolls. The body sculpting looks great. Am interested to see if the price will be competitive with other similar dolls. I can see these guys fitting in with my Granado, Dollshe and Iplehouse crews. They especially look similar to Iplehouse which is not a bad thing at all.

      So, did anybody else take the plunge and order one of these guys?
      I ordered Jupiter in Tan. The order page was a bit cumbersome to use but I think it went through ok.
      Now for the wait to see how he comes out. :shudder
      #5 Therealwalter, Mar 16, 2016
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    6. The sculpt reminds me to Granado and April Story, but perhaps it's only my imagination. :sweat

      I hope they'll have a face up-ed version of these handsome guys. :eusa_pray
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    7. I'm really excited about this company, so far I like their sculpts a lot (that body looks amazing!) But I'll probably wait to see more of their future sculpts and posability before planning to buy anything.On top of that... looks like these dolls will be way out of my price range, but whatever, I can save up right? >_<
    8. They cost about the same as similar sized dolls which is a lot but well worth the money if they are as nice as the sculpts appear to be. It is probably hard for a new company to offer face ups until they have sold a few dolls unless the sculptor is also a face up artist like Granado's Crocus . There website outlay looks very ambitious like they intend to offer a full range of doll sizes as well as wigs, eyes, etc in the future.
      #8 Therealwalter, Mar 17, 2016
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    9. [​IMG]

      They now have faceup color pictures of these guys up.
      My Jupitor is going to be Ruslan, the boyfriend to my Lyudmila Arnesdotter.
    10. @Therealwalter
      Wow ! It looks good ! :D
      Did you order him in natural tan as well ?
    11. Yes, I ordered him in natural tan so this picture is hopefully very close to what I will be getting. They added eyes for sale too so you can see what types of eyes will likely come with the full dolls. He looks even better with a face up so I am very excited to see him in person.
    12. I just stumbled upon this very new company and I gotta say, wow, that elder man body sculpt is gorgeous! It's too bad that we can't see how well it poses yet, but that level of detail looks from the photos to be even more intricate than Granado's latest EVOL body.

      The two elder man faces are quite pretty, but I prefer something more masculine.
    13. I will explore his posing ability as soon as he gets here. A couple more months to go probably.
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    14. I spent a long time this past weekend looking at the top of the male body's legs, where they join with the torso, and comparing that to the same area on other companies' male bodies. Any idea how Fantasia's model hides the ball joints in that region so incredibly well? In most other male bodies, the slits show, which didn't bother me at all until I noticed that they don't exist in Fantasia's pictures. I thought it might just be the way that the doll is positioned in those pictures, but other companies' bodies standing in that same position show the slits while Fantasia's doesn't.

      Is it a matter of different approaches to craftsmanship, or posing for the camera?
    15. My guess is that the thigh hole is slit medially towards the thigh instead of forward. I hope that doesn't interfere with sitting. I had asked for some other poses such as sitting and arms out but they replied that the photos they posted were all they were going to for now. No one has these guys yet so am going on faith that they will be worth it.
    16. @Therealwalter -- You are a pioneer, going where no one has gone before! XD Keep us posted with your documentation on this journey! :D
    17. These are actually some of the nicest male bodies that I've seen. There's some really nice detail - I don't think I'll invest in one, but I look forward to see if anyone else picks one up :)
    18. They look really beautiful and I would love to have Jupiter in particular. (Am I alone in thinking that he'd make a great Luke Skywalker?)
    19. I wonder if they will make younger male head and body. I'll be looking forward to it. The detail is just amazing!
    20. This body looks a great deal like a body put out by DollsheCraft a few years ago.