New Doll FANTASIA has released new bodies "Elder Woman"

Jul 4, 2016

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    2. Will you be updating the website with the detailed measurements for these bodies? All that is listed is the height. Thanks! :)
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    3. Some pics showing how your joints work would also be very interesting. The bodies look nice, but I would like to see some posing.
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    4. Also the new dolls show a bust A,B,C but no comparison photos to determine which to purchase, and you show tan body but no option for tan skin on the new girl dolls?
    5. The bust sizes can be viewed on the Body pages :)

      Here & Here
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    6. We’ll update detailed body measurement later today.
      Thank you!

      Unfortunately tan skin is not a regular option as the moment but we’ll be selling very small quantities in up coming special promotions. Stay tune for more information in the future.
      Thank you!

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    7. I'm amazed. So beautiful. There's no mention of the fee for makeup. Is it included? Is there no way to buy a blank doll? What about the clothing shown?
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    8. Very pretty! It says you can buy heel feet for Vivian for $65.00 but I don't see any flat feet. Is the heel feel for heel legs perhaps?
    9. All our dolls are shipped without makeup, wigs or clothes. We unfortunately cannot offer them as options.

      First of all some good news: We have lowered heel feet option price from $65 to $45 USD. Secondly, the option price includes a pair of high heels (white, not transparent). If the heel feet option is not selected the body will ship with flat feet without shoes.

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    10. Thank you! That clears things up and the lower price helps!

      I just went to your website and want to be sure the price is coming up correct. So $675 is only for a body, correct? A head is an additional $150? With heel feet the total would be around $870?
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    11. $675 is for the full doll (head and body with flat feet). For the doll and heel feet, the total comes to $720. If you want to buy an additional head -- say, if you want both a dreaming head and an open-eyed one -- that's where the $150 comes in.

      The bodies aren't available separately right now -- the body-only listings are marked "sold out."

    12. This is a basic mobility demonstration of Fantasia Elder Woman Classic Body.
      Fantasia’s body has many advantages and the most important point is in joint mobility. Our dolls are also able to maintain the pose until the user changes it.
      In addition, minimized incision joints assure beautiful body line.
      ※Elder Man Classic Body has the same mobility as described here.
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