New Doll FANTASIA has released new doll "Isaac"

Jun 13, 2016

    1. Fantasia has released new elder type doll [Isaac].
      Isaac is available in two versions, normal and sleepy.

      1. Isaac - Normal



      2. Isaac - Sleepy



      This new doll is now on special promotion with 30% discount.

      *The promotion period is from 13th to 20th June and afterwards normal retail price applies.
      *The promotion is limited to 20 first dolls and will be finished once sold out.

      This special promotion is to increase the brand awareness of Fantasia among everyone interested in ball jointed dolls.
      We'd like to ask for your attention!
      Please feel free to come and see more informations.
      Thank you!

      Fantasia doll -
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    2. Have Jupiter and Jin sold out already? They're not showing up on the site.

      And would it be possible to see some blank pictures of Isaac's sculpt? Thank you.
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    3. Jupiter and Jin are being rephotographed now. We'll update as soon as possible.

      Isaac's body sculpt is basically same as "Fantasia Elder Man Classic Body" and you can see it through Fantasia website.
      We also have more of Isaac's photos.
      You can check it out the rest of Issac's sculpts on our website @
      Thank you!
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