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New Doll FANTASIA has released new limited edition dolls "Alice & Vivian"

Jul 4, 2016

    1. FANTASIA has released new limited edition dolls "Alice & Vivian"

      1. Vivian - Normal


      2. Vivian - Sleepy


      3. Alice - Normal


      4. Alice - Sleepy


      Those are limited editions, after the sale period it'll be closed.

      Sales Period : 4th July 11am. - 18th July 11pm. (GMT/UTC+9)

      We'd like to ask for your attention.

      Please feel free to ask if you have any questions about our product.

      Fantasia English website - http://fantasia-english.com
      Fantasia 中文网站 :http://fantasia-china.com
      Twitter :doll.fantasia (@doll_fantasia) | Twitter
      Instagram - Doll.fantasia (@doll.fantasia) • Instagram photos and videos
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    2. Is tan skin not available? It's shown on elder body b but there is no option to select it.
    3. Can I purchase the head only and does she come in tan skin?
    4. Unfortunately tan skin is not a regular option as the moment but we’ll be selling very small quantities in up coming special promotions. Stay tune for more information in the future.


    5. This is a basic mobility demonstration of Fantasia Elder Woman Classic Body.
      Fantasia’s body has many advantages and the most important point is in joint mobility. Our dolls are also able to maintain the pose until the user changes it.
      In addition, minimized incision joints assure beautiful body line.
      ※Elder Man Classic Body has the same mobility as described here.
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