Event [FANTASIA] New Membership Points Event & SNS Following Event

Mar 31, 2016

    1. Hi All of DOA family!

      We have special Event for a month. Please feel free to come and earn the points!

      [New Membership point Event]

      Register on Fantasia website and earn 50 points.
      Please note that to be eligible for this event, it is required to check "YES" to accept an e-mail newsletter.
      Event period : 30th March 2016 to 30th April 2016

      [SNS Following Event]

      Following any of Fantasia's SNS feeds and earn up to 15 points maximum.

      Click on any of our SNS feed links below (Twitter, Instagram and Weibo) and post a comment identifying your used ID on Fantasia’s website to earn the points.

      ※ Terms&Conditions
      - Only one Fantasia website user ID per SNS, totalling maximum of 3 times (Twitter, Instagram and Weibo) earn points
      - You get 5 points for each feed followed, maximum being 15 points

      Earned points can be used as credit against purchases made in our online shopping mall.
      Please feel free to ask if you have any questions about this event in Q&A. We will respond to you as soon as possible. Come to follow Fantasia and start earning points!

      Fantasia English website - http://fantasia-english.com

      Fantasia Chinese website - Fantasia doll

      Twitter - doll.fantasia (@doll_fantasia) | Twitter

      Instagram - Doll.fantasia (@doll.fantasia) • Instagram photos and videos

      Weibo - Sina Visitor System