Fantasy bodies for minis

Dec 26, 2015

    1. I didn't really want to put this in the thread for just centaurs as I'm curious about all kinds of fantasy bodies and beast legs.
      Is it possible that anyone has managed to compile a list of what's available? Specifically, what can be bought as a separate body? In my searching it seems like the vast majority of fantasy bodies come attached to fullset dolls. (There is the Impldoll deer body which is sold separately at least)
      Is there any other bodies sold on their own that anybody knows of?

      Otherwise, feel free to post your fantasy/beast minis (preferably non-centaur as there's already a thread for that) as I'd love to see them.
    2. Resinsoul has one with hooves and Souldoll has release the limited Junia. Maybe they something for you.
    3. Junia looks great, but is her body sold separately? I wasn't able to find it.
      I have considered Resinsoul Yao, but her body is a bit too reedy and thin for the character I had in mind.
    4. I dont think so. I want zhe elf head. I can give it zo me ^^ no just kidding. Yeah zhe resinsouls are really thin
    5. Ideally I'd love if something like the Soom faun bodies were sold separately - I love that slight chunkiness and the fur on them.

      Would still like to see more pics of fantasy/beast MSDs regardless!
    6. I'm not aware of any other companies that offer fantasy bodies separately, but I haven't had my coffee yet so my mind isn't functioning properly. :sweat If I think of any, I'll be sure to post.

      I will note that Angelheim used to have a fawn boy. The company went out of business a few years ago, but if you're ever looking for a boy fawn you may be able to find "Luka the Pan" on the MP. Their News page from 2009 stated the parts were available separately for a time, and if I remember correctly, Luka was not LE.

      Here's his old stock image (credit to Angelheim):


      They also sold a wolf/beast boy but the sculpt's name is escaping me at the moment.
    7. Thanks for the info! It's sad to hear about companies going out of business but I guess it's inevitable in a hobby like this with so much competition.