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Fantasy Doll BJD's on Sale!

Nov 1, 2008

    1. All Fantasy Doll BJD's are on Sale! At the moment we do not know if this is going to be a temporary sale or if Fantasy Doll wants to make this a permanent mark down. We'll update you when we have more info. To see the new prices please visit our site. Thanks! :)

    2. When will you have more bodies? They're all out of stock.
    3. Tobias Normal Skin, Pure White Skin, and Pink Skin are out of stock. All other bodies are currently in stock. We should have more Tobias bodies available in 25-30 days.
    4. Just wanted to let you all know that FDoll has confirmed that this sale will run through January. :) Also, there has been some confusion as to the mark down of the Large FDoll bodies. The original price of the large bodies was $188.00, not $100.00! The bodies have been marked down from $188.00 to $164.00.
    5. Mint on Card website hasn't worked for at least a couple of days. Anyone know what's going on?