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Fantasy Doll - General Discussion

May 20, 2007

    1. Is Fantasy Doll a new BJD company just opening its web doors? Would anyone who has information on this company and its products please chime in and let us know more about it? $166.00 seems like a price that is too good to be true. The face sculpt seems nice but they don't show us a photo of an unclothed body on the website. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

      Thanks! Jeanette:kitty2
    2. Do you mean Angel Fantasy (LaiDoll)? If not, can you maybe give us a website to look at?
    3. Fantasy Doll is a new BJD company,we finished Tobias newly,and we will make more beautiful doll ,1/3 doll,1/4 doll,1/6 doll,tiny doll.....

      We hope more persons have beautiful dolls.

      The photo of unclothed body will be uploaded soon. ^_^
    4. I am so interested in this company, first off those boots = win as do Tobias's clothes. The face sculpt is nice and the body sculpt is simple but pretty in a masculine way.
    5. I love the outfit, pretty cool i wish to see the 1/4 and 1/6 soon ^__^
    6. They have body pics up now. None that really show the face sculpt though..
    7. Yes, More face pics please ^__^
    8. Hmm, the price is really nice. I'm tempted by the potential in that face/mold, I'd like to see what he'd look it if I gave him a face up.

      And his body, It's probably the first three joint body that doesn't irk me because it looks smooth. :D

      Even at his regular price, he's still very tempting indeed.
    9. I really like this new boy, he has softer features which i prefer.
      I want to know if he has a magnetic head cap or an S-hook..........head caps can be a pain to get on and off for make-ups and eye changes.
    10. The face picture will upload tomorrow,Because it is at midnight now .
      Take a photo tomorrow!^_^
    11. This may be a silly question, but I'm totally new to all this. What material is Tobias made of?
    12. Still nobody have one of those hansome boys? i would like to see custom pics before order one...
    13. I'm planning on ordering one too, but I'd like to know weather the skin tones are a match with other dolls companies to make hybridation, or not?
      And I'd like to know if they have been thinking about making a 1/3 girl as well.

      BTW : the boy's body is absolutely gorgeous, and I use to be sooooooooo severe concerning good or bad anatomy...
    14. Personally I think I will order him in white skin, no matter the skin tone match or not with other companies skin tones. (it is normal skin on the pics, right ?)

      I love his delicate face, not too masculine but neither feminine at all.

      So, X-aël, let's wait for some pics before we order ? Xb
    15. Not a rep of the brand, but since the full doll's shipping weight is listed as being about 1.25 kilos (under 3 pounds) and the amount of resin used in a 1/3 scale doll can run $200 without anything else included, I suspect he may be some type of plastic (like Jun Planning's Ai dolls)? I'd wait for the official word first, though. :?
    16. Not saying you are wrong, but my Bobobie body is definitely resin, and it cost me under $125. I have a sneaking suspicion that resin is cheaper in China, where both Bobobie and Fantasy Doll are based. The doll looks resin to me in the photos, but we will see. :)

    17. but someone else did order the doll?
      I want to buy it, but i din´t order yet because i´m bit scared (sorry^^U)... but, if they are in the forum, we can trust on this new company, right???
    18. The shipping is a little ouchie. One doll is $60 (not so unusual) but one pair of eyes is $24 as is three pairs of eyes. I want some of the eyes so I'm thinking a group order is in order. Nice doll though.

    19. Yeah, shipping is a little high, but I figured $89 for two dolls isn't too bad. :)
    20. Wow... I've been looking for a white skin boy body for my floating head, and at that price I could handle a minor resin mismatch! ^_^ That's what blushing is for, lol. That body price is less than half of the price of most bodies!