Update Fantasy Doll's bodies in custom colors

Apr 18, 2017

    1. I thought that I might share some news if anyone is looking into ordering doll bodies in custom colors.

      You can now order selected Fantasy Doll's bodies in whatever color you wish or select a color that they have on the website.

      Fantasy Doll FDoll.com

      This is a great idea for floating heads at an affordable price.

      I am not affiliated with FDoll, so if there are any questions it's best to send them email at: [email protected]
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    2. Please note there are minimum quantity requirements to do custom color bodies:
    3. Woah woah back up.. they'll resize bodies!? like.. cast them any height we want!??? So long as you get 10 people/orders??
    4. If so...I wonder if they do it 1/6 :love
    5. Darn, it looks like they added the minimum requirement after I had post up the first post.

      I am a little annoyed and disappointed.