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Fantasy Dolls (FDoll) Minis

Jul 22, 2011

    1. Forgive me if this is the wrong place to put it, but I just stumbled out of bed, checked the site, and happily (running around screaming) found out they had a legion of new dolls, including (finally) 2 new MSD sized dollie sto add to their collection!

      Lagina: http://www.fdoll.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=66

      and Dane: http://www.fdoll.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=63

      I can proudly say I will be ordering a Lagina sometime by the end of the week to play little sister for my Nina. Any thoughts on them. I think the bodies are absolutely perfect. Especially Dane's. He's got that "thin but not dying of starvation" look to him.

      ......mod note.....
      Fantasy Doll mini discussion (Fdoll)
    2. oh nice l like dane he will have to go on my list of male dolls.
    3. This is the discussion thread for Fantasy Doll Mini dolls.

      Wigs:7~8 inch.


      Clothes:Most mature MSD size.

      Shoes:MSD size.
    4. I actually ordered a tan skinned Dane with a girl body and apparently I am the first person to order an fdoll MSD. She will be an Egyptian character I have planned.
    5. Wow I really like Dane, I have been wanting to get an msd boy for a while no but I have been unable to settle on what I want, I like how he has a more defined body, most msd boys look like girls or anorexic and those that do have a more mature body are uber expensive.
    6. I agree the bodies on these new MSD's look quite nice for the price and have more adult physiques than most. I wanted a more mature, nicely designed sculpt and was pleased to find it at this price point. I hope the posing is ok. I think Dane has a lot of personality, and love his pronounced nose and profile.

      So far, the communication with Michael, the company representative, had been just great. I guess I am the first one to order one of this new size doll from them.
    7. Luckyl, let us all know when you get your Dane girl. I'd love to know how she poses too c:

      Dane is quite charming with that 'dis-dane-ful' sneer. At this price, he'd be an awesome mod project, methinks <3
    8. Will do vanzinger! I agree about the charming 'dis-dane-ful' sneer LOL! Yes, I could'nt pass him/her up for the price. Dane reminds me a little of some of the egyptian HZ boys... I can't wait to see the actual shade of the light tan resin. It looks almost cafe au lait in the company photos.

      I guess I will use this thread as my waiting room since I am the lone person waiting, for now.
    9. Fantasy dolls are beautifully well-made and in my opinion one of the most under-rated doll companies out there. I have a Nina (OT) that I just love.
    10. I know, I relay like the dolls that that have.
    11. Agreed, I think their resin is really nice, and the new bodies look very good.
    12. Wow, thank you cirquemom for your comment! It is great to know that they are high quality and under-rated. I took a chance on this new MSD line without seeing any owner photos. After having to spend quite a bit more for Korean BJD's, I was trying to keep my expectations on the lower side based on the price point.
    13. Bumping for some pictures. Has anyone else ordered either of these cuties yet?
    14. Yesterday I saw on Fdoll web site they have MSD boy and girl. I really like boy face mould. Like really really. :-D But they are so cheap! Does anyone here have him or other dol from them? How happy are you with quality and poseing etc. Any help is highly welcomed! Thanx
    15. Hey, I finally got around to posting some photos of my Dane on a girl body that I just finished getting together! I sure am pleased with her posing, the resin quality, and the wonderful customer service I got from Michael Yang, the owner. The Dane sculpt has tons of attitude too! I think the Dane sculpt is so versatile.

      Here she is standing on one leg:


      And a link to more photos:
    16. Awesome, Luckyl! She's lovely~ I didn't think Dane would make such a great woman, but dang. How well does she pose? :)
    17. Thanks vanzinger! Well, overall I would give her a a strong B+ or A- for posing.

      Here are my observations so far:

      1. Holds arm and hand positions very well, double jointed arms work well, although aesthetically, elbow joint and arm shape could be improved. Hands rotate very smoothlly, but mainly move up and down, very slight side to side adjustments can be made.
      2. Holds a sit, stand, and other poses very well, sometimes legs can be a little kicky, but overall stringing and poseability was great right out of the box. Is able to sit with legs to the side as shown in my photoshoot that I linked above and also is able to sit with legs out to each side (forget name of this position.) very solidly and does not require adjustments once a pose is placed.
      3. Is able to stand on one leg for a short period of time.

      I would be happy to take more photos of the doll nude in different positions if anyone would like to see it. Just let me know what positions you are most interested in seeing.:)
    18. Ok so I just ordered a Dane light tan boy. I cant wait till he gets here!
    19. Eeek! How exciting! Are you getting the free face-up? It will be great to see a Dane male! I love the light tan resin. It has a nice golden color.
    20. I am getting the free face-up.