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Fantasy Dolls ~ New Brick & Mortar Store in Ohio

Oct 31, 2008

    1. Hello, this is Suki La La. I wanted to announce the opening of my doll shop (November 14th). I'm located in Cleveland, Ohio in the historic neighborhood of Tremont. I will be stocking the lovely Elfdolls and accessories for Asian ball-joint-dolls. Please keep your eye open for more news!:fangirl: Until I have an official website, plese check out my new blog; http://fantasydolls.blogspot.com/
    2. Do you have a web site link? Thank you.
    3. Will there be a physical shop that is able to be visited?
    4. Yes, is there a physical shop, and if so where is it located? My girlfriend says that Tremont isn't exactly the safest area in Cleveland, so I'm a little concerned.
    5. :fangirl: Hi folks! Thanks for inquiring about the shop. I have no web site YET. That is on my to do list. Yes, it's a 'bricks & mortar' shop. I want people to see the dolls and all the variations with wigs and eye color. I find that on some sites, it's unclear what you will be receiving (wigs and usually eye color are 'random'). Re: Tremont, I live in the neighborhood and I love it. It is a historic neighborhood known for its monthly gallery-hops as well as its MANY great restaurants. I will keep you posted on details! Also, I welcome suggestions on what you'd like to see in an ABJD shop. :)
    6. Is there an adress?! I'm SO excited now! I'd like to see clothes and shoes more than accessories. OMG SO HAPPY! Termont's pretty close to me >w<


      ps. need any help with the shop? I'd gladly volunteer to help out :)