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Fantasy kids?

Jan 4, 2010

    1. Hi, I'm just putting out a thread to ask who knows any Yo-SD dolls with animal parts, a la Soom's MDs? I've got a friend who wants to get one, but doesn't want to make her wallet cry through Soom, and Peapod's the only other place we know, and we're looking for other venues -- she'd like to doll an animal other than a faun, and definitely not a unicorn. Not really sure where to put this, wither, forgive me. ^^"
      So --Who sells Yo-SD size dolls with the 'fantasy' parts, or just the parts?
    2. Oops double post, sorry. :sweat
    3. Maybe wait and see what else Peapod comes out with? And B&G has a couple of them. :)
    4. bump for Monday
    5. I know Domadoll has some centaurs which I believe are 26cm (they may be a little bit larger or smaller but they're definitely tinies). Bambicrony had bumblebee elves for sale a little while ago but the order period has closed for them now... I'm not sure if many will be available on the secondhand market though, it seems like there weren't so many people ordering them. Fairyland has done a couple of Littlefee faceplates (Pukisha is a cat face and there's a fox faceplate as an event gift right now) but I don't think they've done fantasy body parts beyond magnetic wings. If winged dolls appeal there are the aforementioned Bambicrony elves and Littlefee, as well as Soom's non-limited Teenie Gems (they also have animal ears and batwing/angelwing ears), and Volks Yo-Tenshi... possibly a few more that I don't know as well. Souldoll has Soul Sweet Lappy which is again human-bodied but has various magnetic tails and ears. Leeke has sold a variety of magnetic parts in various sizes, mostly ears, horns, and wings.

      Aside from Soom and Domadoll they're mostly just add-on parts for human-bodied dolls, but perhaps some of these might spark your friend's interest. :) I think more fantasy dolls and more fantasy parts will come out with time, but for now it's mostly Soom.

      ETA: There are also tons of splits for the Soom dolls when they're up for sale, and a lot of people are buying just the parts they're interested in and using them for hybrids with other dolls and other fantasy parts, so that's always an option. For dolls that have already been released you still see some sales for just the part in the marketplace as well.
    6. EDIT: Oops! Saw you're looking for Yo-SD sized. I posted some smaller sized dolls. My apologies!
    7. PeppermintPocky - that's fine, i don't know if she'd consider dolling smaller or not, so no harm done!
    8. Oh! Well just in case, I'll mention LatiDoll.

      In the past their Lati Yellows (and Lati Yellow SP) have been released as Dragons, Angels, Demons/Vampires, Bunnies, Kitties, Elves, Sheep, Unicorns. Those would need to be purcased on the secondary market, though.

      They also plan to release Ninjas next (don't know if those include fantasy parts). If she likes their style, you could keep an eye on them for future fantasy releases.


      Good luck! :thumbup