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Fashions reflected in dolls

Feb 18, 2016

    1. So I was thinking about what clothes I'd like to buy for my future doll and I decided I mostly want sweet gyaru and mori girl clothes, which reflects my personal taste. Do you have a particular style that you dress your doll in? I'd love to hear about other styles(:
    2. I do. Most of my boys are dressed in the styles pop artists wear. I'm not exactly sure what it's called...

      Though Hailey isn't full blown Mori, she is somewhat inspired by it. Piper will be more hipster.
    3. I actually had a really hard time with two of my dolls for the longest time because they were based on characters who had conservative, Victorian-esque style of dress, but I wanted to dress them in more modern clothing because a) cute, and b) easier to find and make, but I couldn't do it. All my dolls are based on characters who already have a unique sense of dress, and trying to force them to wear things I like but they wouldn't always feels wrong. :'D

      I want a doll that is JUST a fashion doll who I can spoil rotten because they're materialistic and constantly changing based on trends. It would be expensive, but fun! *_*
    4. That sounds so cute! I'm struggling with boys clothes at the minute. I had originally planned on all girls but the only sculpts I'm falling in love with are boys (just my luck!). I think the SD boy will wear clothes like you described but for the YOSD boy I can't figure out what style he should be! It's hard to find clothes for boys in that size ;^;

      I'm probably going to have this problem a lot haha! I'm planning on a range of dolls with different styles to avoid it - but your idea sounds a lot easier (but definitely expensive!).
    5. So this is interesting because it makes me stop and wonder why.....but I dress mine in more relaxed and sort of flower child styles....maybe it's because I go for big bold styles myself and so the flowery flowing styles hold a fascination for me.
    6. I have a large crew of dolls, that run the gamut of age, size, sex, taste. So I've got all sorts of different styles for them depending on the doll. I've gritted my teeth for some of the outfits cause I personally would NEVER wear them nor like them - but it's perfect for that character LOL (that screaming fuschia vinyl & black lycra rave outfit Cherry loves - OMG) Makes life interesting for me as a costumer LOL
    7. I dress them ... like I dress myself. :lol:
      I like dark colors, but I tried some bright colors on one of my Minifee doll.

      That was just a experiment but... I liked it! ^^

      I found one of my dolls outfit so perfect, that I bought it for myself. ;)Sometimes they have some better clothes than me. :roll: Haha and I like how they give me some guidance for fashion. ^____^
    8. I like to dress my dolls in clothes that I'm too afraid to wear myself.
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    9. Ha!! Same!
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    10. Each one of my guys has their own style. Kazuma has to wear a lot of suits in his line of work so when he dresses the way he wants it's a very laid back look. I usually try to dress him in neutral or earth tones. Alistar likes to be fancy so I make sure he always has a nice button up shirt and some dress pants.

      I'm having a bit of trouble with Quinn in terms of styles though. Currently I have him dressed in nice clothes but I don't think the really fit him personality wise. Sometimes I dress him in clothes that actually belong to his co-pilot that I haven't ordered. They would share clothes anyway.

      I feel like I haven't nailed down a doll's personality until I have them in the clothes that they look best in.
    11. Mia tends to wear a lot of layers and a lot of knitwear. She dresses more relaxed then I do.
    12. Me too! My girls are dressed in cute styles from similar Etsy shops. So far I've bought things from poinsettia04, nubanded, guppykisses and peachydaydreams.

      My boys are dressed in jeans and tees, which I've made myself. I cut up old tee shirts to make their shirts, and their jeans came from an old faded denim shirt of mine. The jeans fabric is nice and soft and I made sure to cut them so the faded areas are in the right place on the dolls, so they look natural.

      I like my dolls to look like normal kids and young teens. When I decided to buy my first bjd I thought I would go more for fantasy characters and clothing, but changed my mind once the dolls entered my life.

      I guess my dolls reflect my own taste pretty well. I dress casual in jeans and tees and hoodies, so I actually dress more like my boy dolls dress. LOL I'm too old to wear a pale pink tee with a My Littel Pony decal on it.
      Also, I'm going through chemotherapy right now, and have lost all my hair, so I wear crocheted beanies. I started buying cute beanies for my dolls to wear too. It was kind of an unconscious thing at first, but now I realize why I did it. :)
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    13. Fashion is absolute must for me. I think that's why I wanted to be in this hobby in the first place. I LOVE boho chic, which is kinda hard to find clothes for (for boys, not girls). I also do like mori kei style. But I like all of them in moderation, jn a minimalist style. No offense, but I would never have my doll in overtly fairy kei style or renaisaance clothes...they're too much for me. I like looking at them tho :p
    14. I like cute and quirky stuff for my girls, I don't know that they are pinned to any particular style, just what seems right, I always know what I'd like to see them in when I see it. Conversely, I have a hard time pinning down a style for my boy. He just isn't suited for anything that I find in SD clothes, most of the time. I don't want him to be dressed in modern boy clothes and he's not punk, or goth, or sci-fi, or Victorian, he's just...I'm not sure. What he has now is not really what I want him to wear but I didn't want him to be naked and I liked the clothes enough to tide me over, but now nothing else has stuck. I need to become better at sewing to get what I want, or perhaps try to commission someone eventually. I love seeing the fun styles other people pick out for their dolls, even if they are things I don't pick out myself. :)
    15. I have a preference for a very contemporary style. Dark colors and lots of layers. I'm a bit of a fashion dork though so I'd probably dress different dolls in different styles. For instance, I'd love a boy with a sort of hipster/punk kind of vibe and a girl that's the complete opposite with a more "preppy" style just to see that contrast.
    16. I am a fashion disaster myself, I blame it on being a child of the grunge era. Most of my dolls are boys, so tees, jeans and button up shirts are easy. It's probably the reason I like the boys so much. However, I have a lot of fun dressing my yosd size Doll Love girl. I don't do anything really frilly, but just like a real life little girl may dress. She has more clothes than all my boys combined easily! I am starting to have an interest in sewing, so maybe I will expand a bit more with dolly fashions and it may even lead to me having a taller/mature girl, who knows!
    17. My MSD boy probably has the most unique (and yet most versatile) style of my dolls--I based his character on my students in Japan, so he dresses in a lot of random patterned things inspired by what I see my kids wear every day. My other boys have their own styles too, but their inspirations aren't as easy to pin down, so it's kind of more "I don't feel like this fits him" than anything else.
      I really want a boy I can style in mostly black punk-rock stuff, but so far none of them have agreed. :atremblin
    18. Most of mine are dressed like Victorian or Edwardian children. This is difficult with bought clothes as there's generally something wrong with the fabrics, styles or fit (especially for the boys - modern trousers are far too low-waisted and look terrible with waistcoats) so I end up commissioning or making stuff when I can.