Fate of original Elfdoll tinies?

Sep 28, 2006

    1. NOTE!!! If this is all true then today, September 30 2006, is the last day to order Elfdoll 14cm tinies, ever.

      UPDATE!!! On Oct. 2 Elfdoll answered though they might discontinue them in the future, they are not doing so right now. Yay!

      I saw this message on Zone of Zen that the regular 14cm Elfdoll tinies were being discontinued so Rainman can concentrate on Hana.

      I have no idea where the poster got the the info from but I posted the question there.


      Has anyone heard anything like this???

    2. I was surprised to see that news today as well - in our own DoA News SubForum.


      I DO love the wonderful and innovative 8 inch Tinies but the Elfdoll Tinies are so adorable, I will be sad to hear that they are being discontinued.
    3. I'm surprised! The little ones are so popular. I was hoping to get on someday. :(
    4. Oh D: that's so sad, perhaps I should get one whilst I still can then!
    5. On ZoZ, they said that the poster is an ElfDoll dealer and they expect she got the news directly from ElfDoll.
    6. Oh no, I was saving up for one (Adel or Lyn)... I would have really hoped that Rainman would keep on making these original tinies, because they are just so precious. They are still my favorite elfdoll tinies!

      I guess I'll have to frantically gather some funds to get her (along with Limhwa ToYou who is only being manufactured until December :() I hope all of us who want one can manage to order one before they are actually discontinued.

      Edit: Carolyn, even though it's not likely, I'm hoping the Elfdoll admin will get back to you with a message along the lines of "oh, it's not true we're discontinuing these tinies. They'll be made forever, and ever, and ever" : D

    7. That's so sad! Weren't the original ElfDoll tinies like the original not-baby tiny dolls? (I used to want Slyph so bad, and then Winky - what the heck ever happened to Winky, by the way?)

      I'm really sad. I mean, I never really planned on getting one, but they're just so darling, and it's always nice to know a standard is there to order should you ever want it.

      (Also, does anyone have the stock photos of Catsy? I thought I had some saved, but I don't seem to; ditto Slyph in her original dress - if anyone has the stock photos of her, I'd be really thankful.)
    8. It was Kathy of Dolls and Friends. I figure she would know.

      I'm very sad about this as well...I adore my Elf tinys, I own eight of them. They are wonderful, and really if I had to choose between them and Hana, they'd win in my book. I love their adult attitudes and figures, and there's nothing similar around.

      They produced Winky as a limited two-pack with Wendy, then on her own:

      I guess this answers the "when are they coming out with a boy Tiny" question, eh? :(
    9. yeah that makes me sad too i was hoping they'd make a boy to be my little lyn's companion. instead i will have to get her a big brother instead of a same brother. cause the banji boys bodies fit but all the head molds i find to be hideous.
    10. I will treasure my tiny all the more!
    11. I get the impression Kathy's saying all of the 14cm's will be discontinued. Still waiting to see if Elfdoll verifies it.

    12. oh no! I was hoping to get a whole tribe sometime. I have a ton of doll furniture and items that I've had since childhood and they're just the right size for them. :{ Guess if push comes to shove I'll make my own, but I love rainman's littles~
    13. I'm so sad they're being discontinued. It wasn't very likely, but I had always hoped that Rainman would sculpt a boy to go along with these girls. I think the less mature girl body could possibly modified into a boy body, but none of the girls' heads are very manly.

      *points a big finger at Hana* It's YOUR fault these precious tinies are being discontinued!

      Kidding! jk jk, Hana is a real sweetie, just I'm not quite as attracted to her as I was with these. Wouldn't it be great if Rainman made interchangable heads for these tinies? We can dream ;)
    14. We received the info, too.

      Elfdoll has wanted to discontinue the little dolls for a while, now, so with the new release of Hana they're doing it.

      If anyone needs a tiny, let us know. We took them off the site a long time ago when they were never on our order sheet and prep time was taking more than a couple months. This is the last time for orders.

      The newest issue of Haute Doll has an article on Rainman/Elfdoll written by Kathleen Rowell. Thanks Kathleen!
    15. Rats
      and we never got that boy :(
    16. I sold my Winky, Wendy and Catsy when I was overwhelmed with Tinies but I am SO glad I kept my Monneami sisters. I love the fact that they are tiny but not babyish.
    17. That news is on their Elfdoll Sales Site. They are using a popup for it so if your computer blocks these, you may not be seeing it. Not only are the Tinys going away but you will not be able to place orders through Elfdoll for about half a month due to them moving their office and switching servers.
    18. wishes I could have got Wendy - I always ment to get them

      found out TODAY
      Pete , my better half is out of a job in 2 weeks-ish
      the factory he works at has gone bump , so I cant even buy the Winky and Wendy set on Ebay ...Sobs or the Cherished doll ....eyes the Wishel

      my Luthien and Pippin are 2 of my favorite and have been with me one longest of all of my tinys - 2 PFs and 2 Elf .

      Sad to see the Elf tinys go , I like the Hana faces - but Im not so keen on the body sculpt
    19. 1. For the person who wanted stock photos of Catsy and the person asking about Winky/Wendy - Elfdoll.com keeps Catsy and Winky/Wendy in the Special/Tiny section rather than in Tiny Dolls section:


      2. Re popup windows - correct - I use Firefox. I told it to allow popups at elfdoll.com and I can now see the extremely vague notice. This does not say anything about 14cm. On their website the category Tiny Doll contains both 14cm Elfdolls and Hana. Maybe they only think of the 14cm's as "Tiny Dolls" but this message is totally vague. Was there an earlier popup that was more specific?