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Faun, by Nanyalin

Mar 20, 2011

    1. Wow! He's totally cute!

      I wish I could have one someday :fangirl:
    2. Uuuuuuwah I love him! Im sad hes so limited though, I cant afford him right now :(
    3. He's beyond adorable! I hope to be able to snag one. ^_^ Much excitement over him using the face-plate system that 5 star doll used to use too, I love face-plates!
    4. He's gorgeous! :D
    5. Congratulations! he is charming, such an expressive and curious face. I am looking forward to seeing more of you new lovely. :)
    6. What a wonderful face! And those ears are :aheartbea
    7. Oh Nanyalin! How wonderful for you and for us too! ;D He is so gorgeous and I'm so sad I won't be able to snatch him up! Very beautiful and exciting, best wishes to you!
    8. How cute. I would definitely like to see him on a girl body. He looks like one of those molds that just works well as either gender. The tan resin color is really lovely too.
    9. I am VERY much interested, his face is glorious.
    10. I am also very much interested, especially in a tan on a girl body. I am awaiting pricing information.
    11. I am also interested. I would love to see more!!!!!
    12. Thanks a bunch everyone!! I am delighted that you like him so much ^_^! There are currently a few of them done, because some friends helped me to pay for the project trusting me and doing preorder : D But I will definelty sell the rest with time enough for everyone to give it a try!
    13. What a beautiful face! Will he only come with a boy body? Wish I could afford a new doll T_T..this one is gorgeous!

      ps: When is the preorder and in what price range?
    14. Definitely interested in seeing what the pricing will be like, though I'm expecting a general ballpark based on the fact it'll be very limited and customized.

      I'm in love with that face, so sweet. If it ends up being affordable to me, this might be the first limited I completely cave in for..;;.
    15. Wow. As someone not interested in male dolls... I think I may have to try for one! He is SO beautiful, you did just a wonderful job on his sweet face. he sort of makes me think of Link from Legend of Zelda. x3
    16. Oh gosh put me down for one of them on a tan girl body!! Gorgeous and exactly what I've been looking for :) Wonderful- you are so talented x
    17. Hi again guys! yay, I am delighted with the response, thanks a bunch! Sadly, the dolls come only with male body; I can try to look for the most compatible, for those of you that want to split them and put them on girl body, but so far, they are only biys. For example, this a NS Faun on a Supia old body:


      I am surprised of how mature she looks, compared with how childlike he is as a boy! XD
    18. Oooh she does look so mature! Lovely picture :) If you could find out about compatible female bodies then that would be really interesting. I would like a tan version preferably as I'd like her to be a doll version of a WOW character (hides in shame lol). x