favorite 60cm boy bodies?

Mar 4, 2019

    1. hi guys..! i just got a new floating head and im looking for a body for him but im not sure what to get. im definitely looking for a ~60cm boy, but nothing too skinny or muscular like with a sixpack lol... bonus points if it comes in tan.
      basically juts show me your favorite boy bodies! ive got my eyes on a sweet gale 61cm boy right now
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    2. I like Sweet-gale boy body as well! Also maybe check Sseiren 1/3 male bodies. I also find the Dollmore and xagadoll 1/3 boy bodies to be great. These are all slightly overlooked but I hope more bjd hobbyists discover these bodies! 5stardoll and Guu doll are good too. :D
      ALM bjd might be too petite.
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    3. I am in love with the Loong Soul 62 cm body right now, but he might be a tad on the skinny side.
    4. These are great recs! I really liked the xagadoll body. I especially love “underdog” bodies or brands that are generally overlooked.. I just love getting to say I have a special doll ;)

      I really like their 40cm boys, but it’s too small to my head
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    5. I absolutely love miracle doll. The 68cm is probably to big for you but they are great posers after you sued the joints.