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Favorite and least favorite type/style of a BJD?

Jul 27, 2018

    1. Let's have a general tastes thread: For me I absolutely adore childish-looking sculpts, the more innocent and babyish the better! The doll should also be European in aesthetic and greatly resemble the old Victorian style Bisque dolls. My fave body types tend to be the "Big Baby" types chubby and chunky.

      My least favorite type of doll would have to be the overly realistic mature looking sculpts, I also tend to dislike sculpts that seem very fashion doll/Barbie like most Minifees. Also don't care for sculpts that are too anime-like and also have more Asian features rather than classical European ones. (not because I'm racist but because I want my dolls to resemble Victorian Era Antique Bisque dolls as much as possible)

      How about everyone else? :)
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    2. I love the realistic sculpts XD my favourites are the young adults but they have to be msd or sd otherwise I get the barbie feeling. My other fav of dolls are the animal dolls. They're just too freaking cute. >w<

      The animeish dolls are my least favs. Maybe cause they're the most far from the realistic look that I prefer. Although in yosd size I like some sculpts. They must be the exceptions.
    3. I enjoy the /between anime and realistic styles/ Like Luts dolls mostly. :) My least favorite tend to me ones that kind of reflect barbies? I WISH I could remember the company. they aren't iplehouse (Though some of the suclpts I feel like could borderline it? ) I have an appreciation for how pretty they are, but sometimes they hit so close to barbie doll that it turns me off. :)
    4. I have a totally different taste from you, EurAsianGirl. I prefer more realistic look dolls:lol: and the animeish dolls (such as DD) are my least favorite maybe because I don't like dolls with too big eyes... However, I do think babyish dolls are very cute, such as iMda dolls. :)
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    5. My tastes have been moving closer and closer to the more realistic side of the spectrum, even though I started out liking the bigger-eyed more doll-like faces best. But I love any dolls with Asian features (especially the... aegyo-sal... under-eye bags?).
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    6. i'm a fan of the 'in-between' style i guess? i don't like big heads and i'm not a fan of overly stylised features, but i do like big eyes and i don't like the head to be too small either (i'm picky aren't i lol)
      one thing in particular that bothers me in sculpts is thin, tiny little ski-slope noses. oh my god i can't stand them give me a big fat potato nose on a doll any day of the week. i also don't like baby-faced dolls! if it's a big baby or other kind of immature doll it doesn't bother me but baby heads on mature bodies just looks so wrong to me....

      my least favourite type of doll would have to be to be the anime styled ones! i feel like with them, the face up can very easily make or break the sculpt. i don't get the weird trapezoid shaped pupils either.....
      i can still find the things i don't like in dolls cute, but it certainly writes them off my potential buying list so-to-speak.

      it's interesting to see how everyones preferred style of bjd can be so different :o
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    7. My favorites have always been at that roughly 50% stylized mark, like Elfdoll, old Iplehouse, and Migidoll. I don't mind more realistic dolls, though that's never really my goal. I'd have to say that I like super stylized the least, like the older BJDs with huge eyes and more anime-features (old Volks, Luts/CP Ari, etc). Funnily enough, I do like Dollfie Dreams.
    8. I adore girls with downturned, droopy eyes, and I like dolls that look a little sad (not on verge of tears sad, but contemplative). My least favorite style are sculpts with the pixie like "Disney same face syndrome", which I find a lot of Fairyland dolls have.
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    9. Favorites would definitely be fantasy style sculpts. Doll chateau dolls are my absolute favorite, I love the obscure aesthetic. Least favorite is probably child/baby sculpts, and I also get super bored with minifees
    10. I really dislike how a lot of doll bodies have the generic boxy slim shape. I like the curvy dolls that are pear/hourglass shaped. I would love love love to see more diversity in doll bodies soon, as I feel the doll bodies are just sort of blending together, not really sticking out at all.. but maybe that's just my Fat Girl Opinion :lol::XD:

      I am not really a fan of super childish dolls either for some reason? But I think it just takes the right sculpt. I have found a FEWWW childish dolls I really would enjoy owning.
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    11. It totally depends on the doll. I go more by individual doll rather than a specific style or look. If I like it, I like it. If I don't, I don't. Doesn't matter whether it's realistic or anime or cute-little-baby-like.
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    12. Favorite types of dolls are becoming more and more fantasy type with lots of option pieces/parts. I feel that as an artist, it really stimulates me creatively.

      I've never been one for very stylized BJDs that moved away from the original BJD aesthetic. I like the anime/asian looking features. It's not that I don't appreciate the more realistic dolls or Euro-aesthetic... it's just not what drew me to these dolls in the first place.
    13. I like dolls that are almost real, but have some traits that make them more cute/pretty to be obtainable for a real person, which is just a side effect of the reason I want my dolls. For me I collect pretty things like dolls and tea sets because I want a little escape from my reality. Like I can appreciate dolls that are made with big noses and other imperfections, because I know they can make people feel represented, including myself, but I feel kinda like if I want to see that, I can just look in the mirror, so I’m not going to buy them myself. I don’t like anime dolls either though, because they’re just too different from a real person, so it breaks the “fantasy” for lack of a better term. Yet, I totally love fantasy dolls, like fuan dolls, mermaids, girls with 4 arms, and such. I also can’t quite get into dolls with impossibly skinny nose bridges, so I don’t like a lot of the fairyland sculpts for myself, but I totally fell in love with the Mio sculpt. I love her big eyes and button nose. As for dolls with really childish heads and adult bodies, I’m pretty iffy on them. I have kind of a baby face myself, so it doesn’t always bother me on girl dolls, I’ve seen a few people do it alright. Then I’ve seen others where I get super uncomfortable. But when I see like a tiny baby boy face on a big buff body I feel kind of like, “how?why?”, because it’s so far from anything I’ve ever seen. I’d love more body diversity. It feels like doll makers don’t seem to understand how extremely cute a plus sized person can be? Also I would love to see a doll with big boobs that don’t look like balloons. I know they want them to look like their in a bra, but like I’m a double D, and when I put on a bra they don’t become almost perfect spheres. At this point I don’t think I’d buy a doll with anything more than a average sized chest.
    14. I'm kind of in between myself. I like the MSD size and I've fallen in love two Volks FCS faces, but I picture them as being 14 years old. Some of the paint jobs I've seen make them look like little kids. Is it possible to age them up?
    15. Favourites are the in-between realistic and Anime. I love big eyes! Least favourite is definitely the dolls with elf ears. Why do so many companies take a perfect sculpt and put elf ears on it? Are elves really that popular?! *_*
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    16. Favorite: realistic dolls with a dark (morbid, vampire, witch, etc.) theme

      Least favorite: child/baby

      @EurAsianGirl we are opposites :dance
      #16 zillx, Jul 27, 2018
      Last edited: Jul 27, 2018
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    17. I'm also really not a fan of realistic sculpts. I just find them boring. I haven't really considered the big baby style dolls until recently, but I like the idea of thicker/chubbier dolls and with the right mods I feel like I might be able to make them look more mature. I know... sort of counter-intuitive, right? :lol: I feel like I really want to just hold one to get a sense of the scale.

      My absolute favorite are the very artsy stylized dolls. So like Dust of Dolls, Doll Chateau, Orange Tea Dolls. Sleek, shape-based bodies that aim to be not at all realistic. They all sort of look like fashion illustrations or cartoony character designs brought into 3d, and I think that's super cool to be able to actually hold.
    18. I love dolls with big/wide hips, and a stylized aesthetic similar to others in the 50-50 anime/realistic category. I don't see myself buying a full-on anime doll, but i can see the appeal. Same with the hyper-realistic dolls.
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    19. I'd say I like a nice mix of realistic and stylized. I also really like sort of androgynous bodies, or bodies with a feminine shape but smaller bust. The types of dolls that I don't really like are the really anime style ones, especially the faces. I also don't really like the dolls that look overly baby-ish, or have really horizontally squished faces.
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    20. I prefer more realistic sculpts, although I have plenty that have a more traditional bjd aesthetic. I like some imperfections in the realism too, just those odd features or little things that make them look real. I like bodies that are slightly chunkier (not muscly - just not hyper thin.) Mostly, I like adult sculpts, but I do have a couple of child dolls that I like. I tend to go for the least pouty kids.

      My least favourite are those with the big eyes & really pouty lips. It just doesn’t appeal to me, as I think it puts me in mind of the more traditional porcelain type dolls. As a pet hate... the very stylised dolls with tiny, very far apart eyes!

      Although I only own one fantasy doll (T&D Upsilon), I do love fantasy dolls. I’d buy more if I had the funds!
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