Favorite BJD Jointed Hands?

Aug 26, 2020

    1. I'm curious! As someone who actually doesn't own jointed hands and was thinking about buying some, I wanted to ask this question out of curiosity to see what people think! I actually had thought my doll came with jointed hands, but I guess I was wrong haha! BUT, that's not my issue. My issue is that his hands are so large to the point where I feel silly taking full-body photos of him. They're almost as big as his head and it makes putting on shirts an awful experience as well :?. Because of this, I need to buy him some new hands anyway and was hoping to find a good place to start with looking for some of the jointed ones :)

      And explain why they're your favorite! Is it because of the sculpt's detail? The articulation? Etc!
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    2. I have jointed hands from impldoll and from dika doll and I cannot recommend the dika doll hands enough. They are prettier, they hold poses better and they don’t feel as oversized. The impldoll hands are fine, but they do tend to have a mind of their own, especially the thumb.
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    3. I don't have experience with full jointed hands, but I have an Dollzone nb56-001 body, and she has "half-jointed" fingers, and they aren't unruly at all and they aren't kicky. I love half-jointed hands. They're beautiful and functional, even if her fingers aren't fully jointed. Her finger sculpts are so cute I think it would hide the sculpt more if they were. Doll Chateau has hands just like hers and they're slimmer and more dainty looking over all, but they have male hands too. I do get really nervous dressing her, because you can't ball up her hands too good, and she still can't really hold anything that well, but I'm sure I could reshape her fingers a bit using the classic boiling technique to make her hold things.
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    4. I'm so glad to know the dikadoll hands are good considering my current boy is from dika as well! Makes it easy! :D I might consider doing that, thank you so much!

      I actually had no clue that half jointed hands existed, so thank you for bringing this to my attention! I might have to give those two a look! :thumbup
    5. watching this post! I am thinking about buying jointed hands too but I am not sure which company would match colors with my angell studio doll T.T
    6. Soom! They cost so much, but I love them!! Other than Soom I've only owned hands from Dika Doll, Dollzone, Granado (their old ones, not the new ones), and Doll Chateau, so I don't have the most informed opinion, but in both looks and functionality Soom are the best I've owned. They stay in the poses I want, and they flip around into unnatural positions a lot less than the others. The thumb looks more natural too.

      My favorite doll had Soom hands and when I upgraded his body, they no longer fit so I gave them to my other favorite/first doll to replace his old DK hands (my very first pair ever) and they were so much better. It was like I gave my first doll a new life lol
      I love them so much I am having a hard replacing them on the larger body - I'm afraid to spend money on hands I might not like as much, and I can't buy Idealian hands because they're never on sale.
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