Favorite Clothing Stores for Mini and Tiny Dollzone Girls?

Dec 7, 2016

    1. I'm thinking of buying clothing for my mini (Fenyo, new/double jointed body) and tiny(BB Ami) Dollzone girls for the first time but I'm nervous about fit.

      What are your favorite shops/brands for your DZ girls?
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    2. One of my favorite etsy shops for tinies is Nubanded. There clothes are well made and the shipping costs are not too bad. Their clothes are very cute!
    3. Luckily mini DZ girls can fit into most things meant for slim minis. I like to browse etsy since you can just type what ever style you are looking for.
    4. For tiny DZ girls(like ivy, anita, Eugenia, etc) I recommend some Monster High clothes, some Ever after High clothes, and some Azone Picco Neemo clothes. Not all will fit, but those are your best bets because they are such a strange size.
    5. @Terry Duennenberg : Thank you for the heads up, will check out their stuff!

      @Strawberrysscribbles : Thank you so much! Whenever I hear that an item fits "slim" BJDs I always think of Minifees and never considered that DZ girls were in the same category. Do you think this goes for shoes as well?

      @Tiniky : Didn't realize DZ had a line of such petite dolls. My girl is BB size (yosd?) I updated my original post. Good to know!
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    6. @moomelon DZ girls have slim and small feet kinda like minifee. Not like moe line, I think those are super small even for MSD, so most shoes will fit though some might be a little big.
    7. @Strawberrysscribbles thank you for clearing that up for me, I'm pretty excited since I've been looking away from anything "slim" or when it mentions fitting minifee girls. Not sure if my doll fund thanks you, but I sure do! XD