Favorite companies to order clothes from and why?

Jan 14, 2017

    1. I searched to see if this was already being discussed but found nothing. I am new to ordering from a lot of the companies and would love imput from more experienced members. So I would like to know what companies you all prefer to order your clothes from and why, also your favorite etsy shops too!?

      if this is already a thread and I missed it I am sorry.
    2. My long list!

      Nine9 Style - High quality casual clothing, usually ships fairly fast

      Tree Design - more high quality casual clothes, cool accessories, good prices, nice variety in sizes, ships fast

      rRabit - Variety in clothing styles and sizes, lots of colors and patterns to choose from, fast shipping, low prices, good service

      Tata's Paradise - TONS of options in various sizes and styles, good prices

      Alice's Collections- Dealer for many companies, which means tons of choices and sizes, good communication. Might be slow to ship if not all items are in stock, but worth it

      BlueBloodDoll - Not as many options, but everything is in stock, ships very quickly and service/communication is excellent


      Dollheimr - Absolutely amazing customer service, can make custom items for various sizes, fast shipping on in stock items, one of my favorite Etsy shops!

      TTYA - High quality casual clothes in various sizes, good service

      Karapisdiza - Mostly clothing for Minifee girls and similar sizes, very high quality, fast shipping, usually includes free gifts and all around very pleasant

      Nubanded - Lots of inexpensive cute clothes for YoSD and smaller, nice quality. Shipping is slow (takes about a month to ship), but worth the wait.

      RustedCouture - cute casual clothing for SD & MSD, offers grab bags, good prices, fast shipping, friendly service
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    3. For every company or seller check the measurement first.

      Nine 9 Style - normal clothing, good quality in all size, big store

      Iplehouse - very good quality, fast shipping, modern, historical, fantasy

      DollHeart - very good quality, Lolita, steampunk, fantasy

      Souldoll - good quality, small store, love the shoes

      Musedoll - high quality, haute couture, romantic, lace, lolita

      Sadol - high quality, uniforms, suits, sweaters, fantasy, sets


      Karapisdiza - good quality, normal Minifee clothing, great service

      InarisansCrafts - very good quality, kimono, very great and lovely contact

      Raouken - most beautiful handmade corsets, fast shipping
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    4. I have yet to order clothes for my dolls as the boys are not home yet. I have had a look at some companies and I really cannot wait to ask friends and others within the hobby to create me pieces. Even have a go at making some myself. Have you settled on just one company? Or are you looking around at the brilliant suggestions in this thread?
    5. I really like Luts as both their quality and customer service are outstanding. I ordered a limited outfit and a snap on it broke. I contacted with photos of the damage asking if they could please send me a new matching snap. They sent me a whole new pair of pants! I have had some of their outfits for nearly ten years and they are still in good condition. Other places the pleather starts to crack and flake after about five yeas, which really stinks when you paid for custom made items and they fall apart just sitting on your doll.
      I have not shopped around much as none of my dolls wear modern clothing, so it drastically limits where I find stuff I like.
      Here are a few Etsy places I love:
      Keely's Cute Kimono - cute dresses and kimonos. In her sales section you will also find some works from KaleidoscopeBJDWear before she opened her own Etsy as they have done collaboration work
      KaleidoscopeBJDWear - Maker of Kaleidoscope coats out of thrift shop sweaters. Did a wonderful custom job on my hard to fit DC girl (did a wonderful two piece style to show off her cute belly!)
      DayDreamerDolly - Nothing in her shop now, but check out her sold items! Lots of different styles (including Harry Potter robes for small dolls). She also sells super cute resin owl dolls that she sculpted herself. :)
      Frezje - Makes cute dresses using a combination of kitting and lace. I have only gotten her stuff secondhand but I love it!
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    6. This is an awesome list! I was looking at the shops on the reference page and liked alice's collection, but some of the other links were broken or the pages were sorta confusing... this is perfect thanks!
    7. As a newbie in the US, I was terrified to order from international sellers because I didn't understand PayPal policies and I didn't know how to find out if they were safe. Nine years later, I do most of my buying from international sellers. Don't limit yourself only to what you can find locally. If a company interests you, research it. If that doesn't give you enough info, ask questions. If they're a well established shop with good reviews and Google doesn't bring up a string of bad news, they're probably safe! Just remember how long you have to file a claim through PayPal if things do go wrong. If it helps, I buy things almost weekly for the hobby, and I've only had trouble with maybe 5 sellers in nine years in the hobby. :)
    8. I am realy new to the hobby and have two dolls with no clothes......I have problems to find clothes for my boys (Idealian 72 body and Fifth Motif Timeles Body)....but I think I will buy my first clothes and shoes from iplehouse.
      The clothes will definitly fit from what I hered from other owners, so well lets see from were else I will get clothes in the future*_*

      I have to do more research on that I gues :sweat
    9. yeah I have a similar problem as I purchased my new girl (and first doll) second hand, she is a discontinued Notdoll and since the company is gone, I am having a difficult time finding a lot of info on her. hopefully the regular msd clothing fits her.
    10. So far I really like Angell-Studio clothes. They're right up my alley with the style I like for my girls! :love It seems to be one of the few places where I can usually find a style that suits my one msd girl, Serenade, as she doesn't wear casual outfits and favors fancier, frillier type clothes that don't border on being too childish. (She's a hard one to shop for.) The only issue I've run into with their clothing, in Serenade's case is that they're too loose in the bust. Other than that, I've been happy with the clothes I've bought from them so far, and they seem to be well-made, too.
      As for other places I shop at, I mainly just browse through etsy and find something that strikes my fancy. I don't have a preferred seller on there yet, though.
    11. I really love Dollmore's clothing. It's kind of Gothy, punky, biker like.
      Most of my dolls love this style.
    12. I'd estimate that approximately 80% of my dolls' stuff came from Etsy. My favorite shops are as follows:
      Sammy's Treat Shop: This is my all-time favorite Etsy store. The proprietor offers cute seasonal clothes, dolly props, and grab bags for a wide range of doll sizes and genders. The prices are reasonable, as are the wait times. If you order something custom-made it might take a little longer, but it's worth it. To top it all off, customer service is fabulous. If she thinks she's made you wait too long she'll include a few nice little freebies, usually in the form of a knitted cap or a pair of socks.
      Fatiao: This is where I go if I need shoes. Wigs and clothes are also available. I love the wig I got from here!
      IamSunnie: Most of the items available here are lolita dresses, but every now and then they also have other items. One of the things I got from here was a jinbei set.
      StarrshineDesigns: This is a good place to go for simple, casual, colorful separates. A wide array of tops can be found here, plus cute bags for the ladies and slouchy knitted beanies. Most of the items here are for slim MSDs, but there are some YoSD and SD items available as well. This shop even has breast cancer awareness shirts available, for those of you that might be into that. The wait time for this place may be a little lengthy.
      Nubanded: Cute, well-made stuff for tinies. Two of my little off-topics found things to wear here.
      TTYA: Everyone appears to love this place, so I'll just leave the name here and move on.
      MonstroDesigns: Again, most of the stuff available here is for MSD dolls, but the other sizes are not left in the dark. The items are punky, casual, and fairly simple, perfect for layering. Since it's close to Valentine's Day there are some heart-printed items available if you're into that.

      There are plenty of other Etsy shops that I love, but if I listed them all it would take forever to read! I also have a few non-Etsy places that I like to haunt.
      Dollmore: Good for clothes of all sizes and styles, plus little bits and bobs that make your doll's look complete. I couldn't live without a pocket watch for one of my boys...and guess what Dollmore has???
      Alice's Collections: I love the variety of sizes here, and also the prices. This site IS bad to release cute limited edition tops in sizes my dolls can't wear, but if you've got SD dolls then no problem, because the limited tops often come only in SD size! Other than that this place is great.
      Luts: Customer service is fabulous here, as is the craftsmanship of the little trinkets I got. Luts also has a unique item that I've yet to find anywhere else: doll sized Bibles. These make good props if your doll is of a religious nature.
      For My Doll: I've only ordered from FMD once, but I love their wigs! The range of colors is great, as is the range of sizes. The wigs are soft and smooth, and shipping was fast.

      And of course, I love Taobao!
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    13. I only own SD boys and I gotta say Freedom Teller is one of my favorites since I mostly commission clothing for them :) The price is in the high range, but the quality is definitely in the high range as well.
    14. Tous Les Garcons. I want everything!!
    15. I really love TTYA! The detail is incredible, and the clothes are really impeccably made. They're a little on the pricey side, but it's honestly worth it. And they have a lovely casual/cool style that's hard to find anywhere else! (And lots of different sizes.)
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    16. Nine9style! They have the most amazing outfits, both modern and old fashioned!
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    17. I really like getting clothes from rRabit. They're clothes is super cute and pretty cheap.
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    18. Freedom Teller has a divine selection for SD sized dolls, though they are also coming up with MSD sized clothes these days! Nine9Style is another one of my personal favourites! They carry a variety of clothes ranging from modern to vintage and their quality is impeccable, too :-)
    19. I also like the clothes from FeerieDollAtelier, the prints and design is unique.