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Favorite Company's to contact? Or best company interaction.

Jul 26, 2017

    1. Recently I went through some pictures of a head on LLT dolls and noticed that they had him on a body with features I'm on the hunt for. This particular head, red dove, didn't have a full set so I emailed them and inquired about the body and they informed me he was a hybrid. I didn't expect to get a reply, let alone with the parts.

      Dear doll fan:
      we are sorry the body of Red dove is not LLTDOLL Made, it's mix of two different doll body - POPODOLL and SOOM (leg)。
      It's looks very nice but it can olny stand there, any move might make it fall.

      Now I've just added a couple more items to my "Need" list :evilplot:, including the red dove head. It's nice to know though that those particular legs have sone balance issues, at least with them. Something to consider when making decisions.
    2. I have always had great results in replies from.....
      Bishonen House
      Blue Blood Doll
      And Lumedoll

      Good luck with your projects.
    3. I recently had some lovely communication with J. Baek of Dollits. He always answered helpfully and promptly (especially when the time difference is considered). I've also gotten prompt replies from Stacy's Pink Ocean and JunkySpot (though JS is kind of particular in the questions they'll answer). Alice's Collections is wonderful to deal with as well, fast replies and they're very accommodating. :3nodding:
    4. Resinsoul is my favorite to contact. Sun is always prompt with his replies and he's always willing to let people know of what's going on currently. I even ordered a Resinsoul Bei on Zi body and she's perfect in every way and I'm planning to order my next doll from them.

      The other though not a company is a dealer - I used to order from Junkyspot almost exclusively. Like I ordered a lot, back during my Obitsu days and I bought my Bobobie Isabella from them and she even had the eyes I was hoping she'd have (blue). Delivery always takes less then a week. Like as soon as you start the "I'll buy this for them" phase their there.
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    5. Seconding resinsoul! They will do custom colors, mods, hybrids... basically everything. And they're super nice! I also like Maskcatdoll, they're nice and will do a little customization.
    6. Thirding Resinsoul! Sun answered all my barrage of questions on hybriding promptly and with great information, even the questions which in retrospect were a little inane (or at least newbie questions, haha).

      I've also had great experiences with Denver Doll Emporium; the staff there has always been pleasant, prompt, and accommodating, including setting up more unusual layaway payment structures!
    7. BlueBlood Doll and Little Rebel! Both are like talking to friends. :)
    8. Alice in Labyrinth! ^__^
      They were so super sweet and helpful when I ordered my Aya.
    9. Wow! this is wonderful to hear! I've been on the fence about contacting some retailers because out of 4 e-mails this was the only one I received feedback on.

      It's nice to know what companies are easy to talk to, and I've learned about a couple i didn't know about.
    10. Resinsoul is great (for the reasons people have mentioned above). Sun is both prompt and willing to allow you to custom order basically anything you want and everything you can think of. They will also let you just order parts, which is rare as well.

      Impldoll is also pretty awesome--they let me order legs separately (again, allowing someone to separately order unlisted parts is rare). They also will let you order a doll in custom resin colors and are very receptive to their customer's request for specific dolls in the future (they made a female muscle body!!!).

      PygmalionDoll is on. top. of. their. shit. I had them send a doll to an old address and they contacted me within 12 hours of it arriving at the wrong local post office. (I'd set up mail forwarding, so it went OK.)

      I've actually recently been impressed with Dollstown as well. Their dolls have their quirks (some can't stand), and I previously received a Dollstown 18 with terrible seam lines, but they emailed me recently to replace the 17yrs boy calves for my honey skin body...without prompting and for free.
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    11. I've only interacted with two companies directly:
      Resinsoul & Withdoll

      Withdoll was okay, they responded quickly and were helpful, but the only way to contact them was through their Q&A message board on the site, I'd much prefer email!

      And Resinsoul was awesome, everyone I know who's dealt with RS has nothing but good things to say!
      Sun was super friendly, responded quickly, and was helpful when I was ordering a custom/modded head and extra goodies.
      I'd definitely buy from Resinsoul again, I know if I have any problems with my order it'll get taken care of quickly! (:
    12. I've always had good communication experiences with Alice's Collections. Resinsoul are incredibly accommodating to special requests. Dollstown and Maskcat were also very quick to deal with some small issues I had.
    13. I know that they're actually a retailer, but the people over at Stacey's Pink Ocean are a joy to communicate with!! Always so patient! Very understanding! Quick to reply! I could go on and on about them, they're just that great!

      And talking to Villitunes on Instagram is such a joy! She's always such a sweetheart and she loves chatting with people about her WIP sculpts. (And she's funny too!!)
    14. Resinsoul and Impldoll as mentioned above. They are fast to respond to emails and extremely accommodating with the many custom requests I've sent their way.
    15. Alice's Collections and Stacey's Pink Ocean, as mentioned before.
      But Angell Studio is number one!
      I made an inquiry about a doll some time ago and got a very nice reply. I asked about a head - if it would be available for purchase separately. Unfortunately it would not be. But some week or two later I get a new email from them about said (whole) doll being on sale, in case I was still after it.
      Not many companies keep you in mind like that. :)
    16. Seconding AS! Lemon is such a sweetie! She really worked with my on my custom coloured Bing Yi, because it was really hard to get the colour I wanted. She also actually chatted with me for a little while. I showed her how snowy Canada gets.

      Cherry with Ringdoll is another of my favourite people, especially because she was willing to make a little exception for my red king order (getting him in tan) and is so patient. Seriously, I'm in customer service and I know how hard it can be when customers are trying to find solutions. She also helped me get my first doll (Jack the ripper) on layaway, cause I was a broke student with a part time job.

      Sun from resinsoul also deserves the number of mentions he's gotten in this thread. He's amazing with resin colour requests, and hybrids and answering questions nice and quickly. Resinsoul is awesome. Can't wait to order my next doll from them (and jointed hands for my current beauty from them!)

      Alice's Collections is also awesome! I had a few issues with my last clothing order (things no longer being made, or not in custom sizes) and Alice was so professional about all of it and really helped me to get my order sorted. The clothing they sent was really good quality for the price too.
    17. Two standouts due to actual in-person contact:
      Dollmore - lots of internet communication and I've met them in person. They're wonderful. Ordered many many dolls from them and it's been great every time. I love them.
      Ringdoll - not as much internet as Dollmore but what I've had was good. Met them in person multiple times and they're fantastic. Not as many orders with RD as Dollmore but they've still been great.

      Others that I've had excellent customer service with:
      Little Monica
      Angell Studio

      I'm sure there are others, but I feel like I really had good experiences with these companies.
    18. Crobi is always a joy to interract with! They've definitely won my heart and loyalty!
    19. I've only contacted one company directly, and that was Ringdoll. When my brand new doll somehow lost a finger, I emailed them directly. Even though I'd bought him from a dealer, they were quite happy to help me themselves. I got a new hand in...a couple of weeks?

      For dealers, Mint on Card is my favorite, and they've always gone above and beyond to help.
    20. Not an actual company, but Alice from Alice's Collection (a dealer) is my favorite to speak with. She's polite, prompt, and always willing to answer any questions or work with you on a special order. I've gone days with some companies when trying to get a response, and Alice ALWAYS responds with 24 hours on a weekday. Prompt communication is critical for me, and I love how much she puts my mind at ease. I almost always look at Alice's first when I want to buy something new.