Favorite Dollstown Sculpt

Mar 9, 2018

    1. What is your favotite Dollstown head sculpt? Mine is Lucile. I also like Bindi.
    2. I miss Hue, as he was my favorite. Right now it's the elves as I love the elf body so elegant. Been buying from Dollstown since 2008. So many changes in the bodies.
    3. Although I do not own one, I really love Elysia
    4. Mine is Estella. She took a long time to grow on me though.I tend to like the older head sculpts.
    5. My favorite Dollstown head is Lucille, I'm happy I got one (they seem to be discontinued?)
      I also like Remi, Soi, Hyun, Daisy, Dami, Soyu, and Deogi, :P
      Love when a sculpt looks a little sad, or a little happy, or a little serious/angry, or a little kind, depending on the angle you're looking at it. Lucille does that (and some of my other dolls) :)
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    6. Oh she is so beautiful and I love the blue :) I just managed to get a Deogi on the 5 year body before they retired it.
    7. There are so many gorgeous sculpts. So much depends on face ups. I currently enjoy Amy, but Remi and Elysia are both just lovely and seeing photos of others girls, I have to admire many others
    8. My favorites are in order.
      1.) Hue
      2.) Daisy Boy
      3.) Arin
      4.) Elysia
      5.) Deogi
    9. I like the Elysia and Hyun. What I love most about both of them is how their faces shine even with the most minimal amount of makeup. Also have a question. I've looked in the forum and done Google searches but can't seem to find my answer to what other companies resin would match Dollstown head colors. Not really keen on the bodies they have and would like to get the body elsewhere.
    10. [​IMG]

      He doesn't have a faceup yet because I'm waiting on the artist to come back from vacation, but I adore my Soyu :aheartbea
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    11. Really depends on what skin type you picked for head. The fresh skin would be easiest anything darker then Oriental skin is going to be next to impossible. Dollshe uses the same resin as Dollstown, but Dollshe bodies are way bigger yet have generally smaller heads. Your best bet is fresh skin and then look for pale skin dolls with a hint of pink. Keep in mind these are nine inch heads for the bigger dolls so you will need necks around nine to ten centimeters around. You didn't mention which head(s) you were looking to hybrid. So I will hope it wasn't one of the kids, because no one makes better kid bodies then Dollstown. I am hoping they create a new boy body because I have two boys not happy they are on girl bodies.
    12. I like a lot Elysia and J. I'm not sure wich one I prefer. I also love Soph B, it's a pity she was discontenued years ago.
      Of course I own the three of them :)
    13. First purchase would be Elysia. Wasn't going to go any darker than Oriental so thanks for advice on going with fresh. Would pale match other companies white skin?
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    14. Some are paper white, DT is more a mellow white.
    15. My favorite right now is Azura, hence my avatar. I love Soi (one on the way right now), Lucille, Elysia, and Halley. I was planning to order one of the heads that are about to be discontinued, but don't think that I love any of them as much as the already-discontinued Lucille and not-discontinued Elysia and Halley. It's always so tempting to grab something you know you won't be able to get easily later, even if it isn't something you are dying to have.
    16. I just discovered Dollstown and I am just absolutely blown away by how perfect they are. My favorite is Soi, definitely has become grail doll category.
    17. My absolute favorite is Dollstown Elf Soyu!
      here are my two gals: Wren is my redhead, Fawn is my blond
      both were painted by @Jay and both have Gumdrops urethane eyes.
      Wren wears and Amadiz wig, Fawn a blond Monique Gold.
      Their dresses sewn by myself.


      I still cannot believe that Soyu is being discontinued.... so sad...
    18. Daisy for me...love that sculpt, especially with the DT default faceup...

      And count me in as adding to the Soyu love...I'm not sure I'm going to be able to add her to my brood before she's gone, which is making me sad...
    19. And I've managed to bring Daisy home! Pardon my usual less-than-brilliant photography...

    20. Seola. I have her three times, a Seola7 on elf-body in Pale skin, a Seola7 fresh skin floating head, and a Seola13 on the 18-year body in Honey Raspberry skin.

      She's remained my favorite sculpt in the world of any company, for 10 years straight now . So sad that her mold will be broken forever this year :(:(:(