Favorite Eyes!

Feb 4, 2018

    1. What's your favorite eye company and why? :)
    2. FaraiyasShop on Etsy ^^
      Nice follow effect and a REALLY good price :D
      And ChocolateHandmade on Etsy...just beautiful ^^
    3. I ordered some eyes at masterpiece.com,...really loved it
      But Mako and Oscar eyes are great too...
    4. Oh yes I want to buy from masterpiece also, the Afghan eyes are gorgeous!

      I have some chocolatehandmade eyes as well and they are very good quality, with alot of sparkle if you're into that. I'll have to check out the other one you mentioned!
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    5. Wow!! Thank you so much for sharing ChocolateHandmade, I didn't know about them and now that I've been seeing their items.. omg I need everything! Their eyes look fantastic, and the accessories are so detailed and realistic. Really, thanks for sharing ^_^

      My contribution to this post will be: Captured in Glass (CiG). I'm very happy with their work. I think I'm not the best person to recommend them because I only have CiG eyes and no more, so I can't really compare. But anyway I have to say their communication is excellent and they made custom size for me, I needed a smaller iris in a big sclera and they did it without problem. They also have the normal/low dome option, which is useful for half open eyes or small eyes. The price is very good, although their eyes are not the most detailed I've seen, so it's very reasonable.
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    6. Doll Bakery is my favorite, though they are hard to come by. I also got my first Oscar Doll and my first Dolce Bella eyes this past summer, and they are amazing :D

      For more realistic eyes, I like Eyeco and Kanis Augen.
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    7. I love my eyes from SOULinaBOX on Etsy. They're super realistic and have this great texture and depth to them. Totally worth the price.

      Second would be Mako ...or maybe first equal :love
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    8. I like getting eyes from Etsy because they are more unique and some artist will even take custom request. Candys Kitten Emporium has really nice eyes with a variety in size, color, shape, style, design. Etc. Affordable too in my opinion.
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    9. Hands down goes to Oscar Doll! I love their eyes so much plus I found this amazing Etsy store that makes similar eyes like Oscars. I can't wait to see how they will look in person :) But I'm always interested in Mako eyes? Does anyone own a pair of them? Do you love them?
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    10. Dollflower is by far my favorite, but the 2 year or so preorders are a bit much. I've waited as long as a bit over a year before but I think that was likely as long as I'd be willing to wait for them. Now I mostly hunt them down on the secondary market. The eyes are absolutely gorgeous : I didn't see what the big deal was with them until I saw a pair in person.

      Otherwise I mostly use Enchanted Doll eyes for more realistic eyes and Oscar for the fantasy eyes.
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    11. A lot of people love Mako eyes. I've only had one pair, but I didn't care for it. Too dark compared to what it was supposed to look like, and didn't catch light very well. If I'm going to spend $20-30, I'd rather buy a nice pair of silicone or glass eyes, and if I want tons of sparkle, I'd personally prefer to wait until I can buy better quality urethanes for $50+.

      That's just me, though :)
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    12. There should be waiting rooms for eye companies!
    13. Doe getting eyes from a high quality seller matter or differ that much? Just a question since ive never acutally bought BJD eyes before since all my dolls come with free eyes
    14. I actually really love two of the sets of eyes that have come with dolls and have kept them. They were perfect and the other ones I bought for them just didn't look as good!
    15. This thread opened up so many new eye possibilities! Personally I just kinda look up my girls' sizes on Alice Collections or something and order them :lol::blush
    16. As long as they are glass, look good and are cheap, it really doesn't matter to me.
    17. Candy Kittens Emporium on Etsy. You can pretty much get anything you want from there, and they're great quality.
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    18. I love, love, LOVE CandyKittensEmporium on etsy. Her eyes are stunning!
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    19. My absolute favorite pair of eyes is from Hand Glass Craft! They're absolutely gorgeous, catch light nicely, and look very different in different light levels. They're a little pricey for glass, but they're absolutely worth it imo
    20. HK maker Konno hinagiku! I bought many pairs from them! :)