Favorite face shape?

Aug 20, 2019

    1. Whats y'alls favorite face shape? I personally LOVE round but slim faces with small features :D
    2. I am guessing I have a natural attraction to heart shaped heads as most of my dolls seem to fall into that category. I prefer larger eyes and less realistic features.
    3. I tend to like angular faces, but from looking at my crew, maybe I'm more into oval or heart.
    4. You know, I was just dwelling on this very topic. Everywhere I go, I see heart-shaped faces with wider eyes (both in the more realistic and stylistic sculpts) a lot lately, and it's made me miss my preferred facial type: narrower eyes, higher and distinctive cheekbones, and long, narrow and angular faces. :(

      You could say something like this:

      or this:
      But not the Pasha Pasha/Popovy style, mind you; something about their faces looks eerily gaunt and creepy to me. I like the face to still have healthy looking features.

      Mind you, this is for females. When it comes to guys....I like this nice blend of masculine and androgynous, while not being overly boyish. You could say that many of Granado's boys fall perfectly into what I'm referring to, along with Dollshe's 28M line.:3nodding:
    5. Largely depands on particular sculpt and/or chracter I want to shell, so I can very well go for a face shape I wouldn't prefer otherwise. What attracts my attantion are varios uncommon features.

      I really like wide faces with strong features, high cheekbones, strong jawline...it doesn't hurt if they are on fantasy side -- like Twigling Kahlo, Dollshe Orijean, Saint, Soom Dia etc. They don't need to have wide jaws, very stylized exagerated heads with pointy narow chins (Dream Walley, Doll Chteach) also go.

      On other hand I also like faces as for example older IOS sculpts or Dollshe Goohwa - slim and V/triangular shaped with pointy chin and narow jaws.
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    6. I'm rather specific in what I like. I love slim, angular, V-shaped bishonen type faces on adult male dolls, with narrow jaws, straight noses, and high, defined cheekbones. Sultry eyes. I prefer thinner lips, which is weirdly hard to find these days. I find that a lot of companies used to carry thinner lip sculpts, but they're all limited runs that have long since sold out. It seems full pouty lips are the 'in' thing right now.
    7. Angular faces, and square ones! A nice, defined, square jawline is one of my weaknesses, as well as noses with a very sharp bridge or a slight hook.
      It's to the point where a lot of male sculpts are actually my ideal for a female doll, and there are very few male sculpts out there that are masculine enough for my tastes.