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Favorite Faceup Artists?

May 9, 2016

    1. Hi everyone! I posted this on Facebook and got awesome replies so I figured why not ask here? I hope this isn't violating any rules *crosses fingers* Anyway, who are your favorite faceup artists? Post photos if you can!
    2. Following this! Would love to know as well!! :)
    3. I normally do my own, but the three of my dolls who have faceups by someone other than me were done by Buff. I'm not so much into the pretty girly looks of many artists, but I love the realistic male dolls, and Buff did exactly what I wanted to mine. If you check my doll profiles, Lakin, Ben and Pharaoh Ay are by her. I got Lakin secondhand with the faceup already done, but commissioned Ben and Pharaoh Ay myself.
    4. In my case, it's definitely the following (to name a few):

      Laptenkova Olga
      Angel Toast

      There are so many more! One thing for sure, the BJD hobby is full of incredibly talented artists. I hope I can get a custom faceup from one of them one day~ :whee:

      Going to follow this thread as well!
    5. I am following this as well. I'm so curious about this whole process of sending off a blank head to a face-up artist. I would love to hear recommendations and also more about the process. What shipping the head off to the artist is like, wait time, do they keep you updated, etc. I would be so nervous to send something so expensive off into the unknown. Of course, I imagine many of these artists are very well known so you wouldn't need to be too nervous, but I would still love to know more about it.
    6. I love "Marison Make up" on fb and ig (idk if she's on doa) she did both of my april story girls and they turned out so pretty! Plus it's not so hard to get a slot cos she's open for commission always and she don't charge that much! :) She works pretty fast also!

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    7. I like @fairithilien! She has the best faceups in my only slightly biased opinion. She has two of my boys right now.
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    8. I have been following Helene Holz's tumblr for a while now and I must say that her skills of creating realistic-like faceups and body blushing are stunning. And I love the way she paints the veins. If I didn't live so far away I would definitely give it a try.
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    9. Love you guys' favorites so far! Hopefully this thread gets more replies :D
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    10. Raquel Clemente, Angeltoast, Rakeru Sensei, Xhanthi, and Atillatilly are some of my favorites!
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    11. I really hope to be as good as some of the people mentioned in this thread! I really like how bright and fresh the faceup by "Marison Make up" is!
    12. Xhanthi!!!!!! You can even check out her youtube channel she does a lot of faceup videos on there! You can look her up on there as "Xhanthi"
    13. I adore Darjeeling Aesthetics face ups.
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    14. My favorite is AngelToast. If I ever need a doll painted, I'll wait for her slots to open up. Her work is simply gorgeous, and she nails it every time.
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    15. Seconding AngelToast! I know I'll be sending my girl to her in the future. c:
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    16. I usually do my own faceups but there's one artist I closely follow: Kayke Aesthetics. I absolutely love her bold style. Unfortunately she has stopped accepting commissions due to health related issues but her face-ups will always inspire me.
      There's also a bunch of other artists I follow who, I believe, are not on DoA. Like 提提 买买 and The Voice
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    17. I send my dolls to Finley also known as Finlet. She does amazing work and she is a super awesome person! She has four of my crew right now.
    18. Heliantas and Sally Chandler of lilygami designs are my two favourite faceup artists and most of my dolls have faceups by one of the two :)
    19. Anreja for sure. her faceups are such an inspiration to me
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    20. Darjeeling-shop/Aesthetics, absolutely stunning!