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Favorite hands?

Jul 26, 2019

    1. Which company has the best hands, in your opinion? Jointed or no?
      My favorite hands are the Minifee hands, even though I don't really like their bodies much. How about y'all?
    2. I really like minifee hands. I also quite like the fashion line dollshe hands.
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    3. I love my DC hands! They aren’t fully jointed so that’s a slight bummer but they are long and nimble, they some times even have longer finger nails
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    4. Ahhh, DC has some elegant hands. They look so delicate!
      I kinda wish I could find DC hands but in a static position.
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    5. I haven't really had a chance to get jointed a hands yet, but of all the dolls I have owned, my FID girl has the most delicate and beautiful hands. :D

      I would say followed by Luts Model delf hands. Lovely.
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    6. i really like my bluefairy's hands! they're really cute and the tiny fairy defaults will hold onto your finger really nicely, it's very charming! and they also have hand holding parts, which is super sweet!

      although i am totally dreaming about those switch "breathless" hands :drool
    7. Doll Family H actually has some of the daintiest, most expressive hands in my opinion!

      I also like the DC jointed hands. :D Sometimes less is more when it comes to jointed hands...
    8. I do like minifee hands.
    9. I love minifee hands. #6 are my favorite
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