Favorite Independent Doll Artists?

Jan 21, 2018

    1. Hello everyone! :aheartbea
      I'm not sure if theres already a thread on this subject (I didn't find one), but does anyone have a favorite independent doll artist? :chibi
      Don't get me wrong, I love the big companies and all their beautiful dolls, but I was wondering about supporting independent artists! :) They tend to have such beautifully unique sculpts :aheartbea

      Thank you!! <3
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    2. Youpladolls ( @Youpla ) and CrowBlackJay ( @CrowBlackJay )! Both make beautifully detailed dolls!
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    3. My favourite head sculptor is Switchum at Namonaki, who has done some excellent work for me over the past few years!
    4. Merry Doll Round!! It's really hard for me to like female dolls, but hers are just outstanding <3
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    5. ENAIBI DEFINETLY!:D:aheartbea Im a total fangirl of this creator. Actually is hard to obtain one of them but in the future I hope she will do another preorder.
      I leave you here her facebook page: Enaibi
      Instagram: ℕ (@atelier_enaibi) • Instagram photos and videos
      and her flickr: Enaibi
      I hope you enjoy her dolls as much as i do :)
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    6. I second YouplaDolls (I especially love and own her boys but her girls are very beautiful too).
      I also like IrrealDoll (I hope she will someday do a second MSD boy ^_^) and LittleRebel with her unique heads.
      YukiDolls has also a great style but unfortunately until now I don't own one of her creations. =_=
      There are so many more interesting artists.
    7. Donn Kinney of Bishonen House dolls, he does everything himself from concept to sculpting, casting, and finished products or kits. I have three of his guys with two on order and going to pick another one in a couple of months.

      My latest from him.

      [​IMG]Logan Arrived by Marie, on Flickr
      He has like five different expressions.
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    8. Kaye Wiggs girls. Her sculpts are always so adorable and the dolls are beautifully made.
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    9. I love Harucasting's Adori and Nanni - the cutest YOSDs out there (IMO), and Little Rebel has some beautiful heads (just purchased Aleksander) and there is a new artist Meeksdoll (on Instagram) - I can't wait to get her Murphy head!
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    11. Little Rebel! She does amazing lips. And noses. And cheekbones... pretty much amazing everything.
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    12. If you search Etsy you will find a few. I have one on order from a Russian artist. She's so nice to deal with!
      SomniaDolls is her shop.
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    13. FOVEO is my favorite independent artist company. All the dolls are sculpted by Samieru. See her works here: [상품명]
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    14. My favourite independent artists are @AubreyMeeksArt (meeksdoll on Instagram), Little Rebel (littlerebeldoll on Instagram) and @Rumpelstiltskin (rumpeldoll in insta)! I am lucky enough to own a head from 2 of them and can't wait to get my hands on Meeksdoll Murphy when he is released :love
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    15. Dr.mes of dollpamm!! the dolls are cute and the artist does almost all the doll work themselves!
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    16. Asella (Noble Dolls) and Atelier Momoni. Asella's dolls are crazy gorgeous (I can't wait for my Raspberry to get here :dance ), and I love how expressive Atelier Momoni's dolls are.
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    17. I am finding this thread to be very interesting. I'm checking out each artist mentioned. It would be NICE if you had a photo of one of the dolls mentioned to put it with them as well..
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    18. Mishi’s Doll! The dolls are so cute and the artist is really nice to work with!
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    19. @foolbot / plasticmoon will forever be my favorite individual artist... Mr. Charming, my Mr Kitty, always makes me so happy... He's honestly such an amazing, special little guy!

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    20. These three all make SD heads, and I love the style of all of them.

      Les Enfants Terribles. Les Enfants Terribles
      Nabarro's Boys though they seem to have stopped making new heads lately.
      Demiurgedolls Demiurge Dolls
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