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Favorite kind of tinies?

Dec 22, 2016

    1. What are your favorite/ preferred type of tinies?
      This can be due to size, sculpt, aesthetics, etc.
      for example. if your favorite type is for example, a pukifee, what about that type makes it your favorite.
      It's totally fine to have multiple preferred types/ favorites.
      I just want to see what the rest of the community has to say about particular kinds of tiny dolls.
    2. I looove more realistic mature tinies. I have a bardo research peme coming in that I can't wait to customize, and I've been eying kkerrin dolls sue and Kim, and merry doll round mousse and dango are two of my favorites. I'm a total sucker for miniatures and I love extending that to bjds. It's amazing to push the limits of how small you can make a more realistic doll.
    3. @fairithilien wow! Those dolls are super detailed and definitely have a mature look despite their size. Finding mature sculpts in the MSD size can be a bit challenging , but I can't even imagine how hard it is to find mature tiny sculpts. Thanks for sharing! c:
    4. I'm a huge sucker for super cute, childish tinies. One of my favorites is Oceanmoon's Lin, who I used to own, and will re-buy in the future. Granted, 25-26cms is about as short as I'll go for a tiny. Any smaller, and the eyes and wig become too difficult to deal with.
    5. @Selenae Just looked that company up and they have such cute dolls! I hope you can find a Lin to buy again, she's precious!
    6. Isn't she, though? Oceanmoon actually has an Etsy, so for the time being I'm not worried about buying her again. c:
      #6 Selenae, Dec 23, 2016
      Last edited: Dec 23, 2016
    7. I find Tiny Delf Hansel, Little Monica Baby Luisie, Baby Miss Kitty from DollZone, and lots of the DearMine dolls adorable! I want to give them so much love <3
    8. I love tinies overall! I have 3 of DollZone's 16 cm dolls; Megi, Mo, and Baby Raphael. They just look like little oddlings to me, and their bodies make poses to go along with it. I think 16 cm may be the smallest that I can do. I have had smaller, and it was too fidgety for me.

      My other favorite tinies are at the larger end of the spectrum, and those are the Iplehouse KIDs. They have such pretty, realistic faces, and I actually like the idea of a large tiny. They have the most graceful hands. Plus, they are a really fun size.
    9. I like the more artist tinies like orangeteadolls or villitunes