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Favorite Mini model?

Aug 11, 2009

    1. I think I've decided I'm going to get a Mini for my first one, as they all seem to be much more in my price range and I've found a few that are perfectly adorable! I was just curious, of two things. I think I want to get one of the new Leekeworld M boys when they ever are available and I have the cash for em... but. What is your favorite type of Mini sculpts, boy or girl, and why?

      ...Also, are there any sculpts comparable to the Leekeworld M boy? I love how the joints work and how cute the faces are, but heard the girls can be temperamental.
    2. My favorite Mini model must be Soulkid Ahee because she is my first Mini Doll :)
    3. I live two - Luts Cherry (my first bjd), and Souldoll Apple (reminds me of evil Alessa from Silent Hill)
    4. Oooh, neat. The pics of Ahee on the official site remind me of an old china doll I still have, Cherry's adorable and Apple's got that classic china doll sculpty face too, sorta... I bet she'd be fun to style, so realistic looking features other than eye-size. :D
    5. My favorite sculpt is Lati Blue Yern. I have three! I love how unique she is and how expressive she can be.
    6. I really like the Iplehouse J.I.D. Tatiana, and Resinsoul Mei (my first doll)

      And for boys the Lati blueline Rucas :D
    7. Fairyland shushu:aheartbea
    8. I adore ALL mine, for different reasons, but if I had to pick a favorite doll I'd go for my first, my Dollzone Mo-2. Truthfully the first one I fell for was the MNF Shiwoo, though.

      For bodies, though, definitely Minifee A-line.
    9. The one doll that made me freak out was an SD, an Iplehouse Kamau EID. I love him, but he's just too big. So, never looking him up (I saw him at a meetup) I never ventured into the iplehouse website. However, very recently, I stumbled into Iplehouse (because I went to another meetup with the same doll there, and drooled, so I finally looked) and they had a small version of the body type. A mini. He's not dark skinned, but has a certain look to him, that is much like Kamau - and the body is very similar!

      So my favorite mold, body and head (really, I don't know of a head I actually like better other than SD heads by iplehouse because they're more mature) is Iplehouse JID Ryan.

      For girls, I can't get over the minifee A-line body, and they have so many pretty heads! But I lean toward the Jury 08 head (special event) and Lishe, Luka, Shushu, Woosoo and I have a dark elf Soo whom I love :)

      I've also got to say, for faces, I love the Iplehouse JID females, all of them, best. Not crazy about the bigger dolls, but the JID girls are all just beautiful!
    10. My favorite mini size are: unoa Lusis (dream doll!) and Soulkid Yewon. I also like the minifee type, but Yewon (and older mature body soulkid) feels more... close to me
    11. I still think the Sprite/Espree/Ariel mold from BB is incredibly pretty an I l;ove the range of skin tones, and RS Mei because she is similar, and RS Lu because she's so insane and gorgeous... but my favourite sculpt of all would have to be Planetdoll Riz. She's not pretty, really, but she's incredibly haunting, and I really need her. Can't get enough of pictures of her. She's probably my all-time favourite msd sized doll, with the other PD girls not far behind. I just... <3333333

      Iplehouse Tatiana and Tania are gorgeous, too, and DZ Binli is again, not pretty, but somehow really awesome and poignant. The Dollstown minis are fantastic, too. And the Unoas grew on me, with their cartoonish beauty - I didn't like them at all at first, and then I started seeing what the fuss was all about.
    12. I've never heard of some of these dolls! This is why I love asking these kinds of posts. I get to hear which brands people tend to prefer, and see some gorgeous new little dolls! ^__^ Honestly, before I signed up on this site, the only ones I really knew were off Junkyspot.com and then Volks of course. I looked some of the dolls you guys mentioned up and they are simply charming and adorable, I can see why you like them! ^__^
    13. Hmm, I don't really know. I think KDF Ani and Hodoo (both girls) are my LUTS-favourites, but Soulkid Liddell is really beautiful too. Yes, I'm more interested in girl dolls than boy dolls.. n__n' Oh and DoC Leya is so cute, not to mention KDF Aru. I could go on forever.. XD
    14. Oddly, I'm soon going to have 3 mini girls, and only ONE of them is actually intended to be a girl sculpt, my MNF Shushu! I'm much more picky about mini girl molds than boy ones, apparently - I like the Shushu and MNF Lishe and Rheia, and the Soulkid Amy, and that's about it for girls. Maybe Supia Yisol as well.
    15. My favourite mini model is Unoa Sist. I just love everything about her and she makes whatever she wears look good!
    16. That would be Unoa Lusis, especially the "O" face... Unos are just too betiful. Maybe one day I will be able to afford one...? =w=
    17. Out of all my MSDs, I would say my Souldoll Apple is my favorite. She poses well and she has the most exquisite face. My DH often thinks she is real. She looks great in anything, too. I know some people have found their posing to be interesting, but it isn't something that a little playtime and/or some glue sueding can't handle.

      I also like the Planetdoll Riz. I've heard she poses really well and I like her with the more natural face-up on their website. I don't have one yet, though, so I can't be sure if she is really that great at posing.

      I don't have any boys because I haven't found any that look old enough for my girls. I have a Leeke SD head so I know the resin is gorgeous, but since he doesn't have a body yet, I can't say how it is. If you are thinking of getting a Leeke, you might want to wait until around Christmastime. I've been told they usually have a 50% sale around that time.
    18. What's Unoa? I've never heard of that brand. Where's the site?
    19. I see you like the younger look. I have five minis and tend to prefer the tween types--pre-teen to young teen.
      I have Soulkid Apple. She has the most mature body of mine, but is also slimmer so fits into more clothes.
      Dollmore Kid Vora is flat-chested, thicker-waisted.
      Dollmore Kid Aidan appears to be her boyfriend.
      Narin Dandelion is very childlike in body proportions.
      Machina Alpha is.... a robot.