Favorite places for Photos

Oct 23, 2018

    1. Taking photos is a big draw in this community, but what kinds of photos do you enjoy taking the most?

      What places do you like taking your photos in? Indoors? Outdoors? In Dioramas? Or maybe just whatever place strikes your fancy at the time?

      Feel free to post some of your favorite photos here and tells us why you picked those spots.

      Also, if you guys have Instagrams, please post your usernames. I'm new to the community and would love to follow you!
    2. I have made fairly permanent dioramas for most of my photos but I also have backdrops that I use in conjunction with props.
      Here is my pub it took 3 months to get it looking like this and years of collecting small props. As you can probably tell it is one of my favorite places to take photos.
      [​IMG]pub odom and nox by SteamWitch, on Flickr

      Here is a photo using a backdrop.
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    3. This is absolutely amazing! You did a really great job putting it all together. It makes sense that it's your favorite place to take photos.
      Where did you find those tiny glasses?
    4. I haven't taken my doll out yet so I'm limited to my home. My favourite spot so far is my hallway, the lighting is very good and the wall makes for a nice plain backdrop.

      That said I would like to give outdoor shots a try someday.
    5. Hey, sometimes you've just gotta work with what you have. But it still gives you the ability to take lots of fun photos. So that's all that really matters in the long run.
      Who's your favorite doll to take photos of?
    6. My girl Samantha, a DZ Fenyo. I don't mention my DZ Ami because I am preparing her to sell so I'll be a one doll owner for the next while.
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    7. Thank you, :) the glasses come from all over, some from resale, antique and thrift shops. I was gifted the miniature German beer mugs and the mason jar with handles and the 'highball' glasses are for holding the powder for acrylic nails. There are some shot glasses in the right size too, dollar store has mini red solo cups.
    8. Ah, Fenyo's the one with the sleepy, mostly closed eyes, right?

      That's all actually really cool. I've been having trouble finding tiny props that are actually the right size. Most things seem to be too small for some reason. But it's good to know that those things can be found around after all!
      Good to know about the acrylic holding cups.
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    9. I like outdoor shots the best. For a while I was taking doll pics in my bathroom, and I thought it would be better to go outside. I was right!
    10. I like indoors where there is sufficient sunlight because its safer for the doll and the lighting won't be bad
    11. Definitely outside! I love nature shots and the lighting is great, unlike inside my house. I have terrible lighting in my house, especially my bedroom which is where I take most of the indoor photos. So I like to go outside whenever I can.

    12. Indoors, I have dioramas set up for my crew, mostly their bedrooms, though I don't have enough space for them each to have a room, so a few gather in Kier's man cave.

      Outdoors, I really like nature preserves and abandoned places. One of my favorite pictures is of Lakin (my Luts Summer 10/Loongsoul hybrid) standing on the cracked graffiti highway in Centralia, PA.
    13. We have a little table with a potted plant right next to a window, I've taken to using that for all of the quick pictures I take to show off new outfits[​IMG]
    14. When we travel I always take a doll or two along and photograph them along the way but 90% of the time I work at home in front of poster prints of my photos or mat board.

      [​IMG]Autumn Beauty by Tom Beach, on Flickr
    15. I look for good lighting and an environment with interesting textures or details that would be made more interesting when juxtaposed by the doll.

      Empty business parks and schools are among my favorites, since they tend to keep up with landscaping and have some nice brickwork. Parks can be nice, but I don't like other people being around / noticing me. :aninja: To someday have my own backyard/garden setup for private outdoor photoshoots is SO the dream!

      Seems each of my dolls has a different "favorite place," and even season of the year when I'll get the mood to photograph them individually. Sometimes I mentally plan the shot, but never get there with the doll or camera. Several of my dolls aren't as I want them to be seen yet, so I don't photograph them nicely at all. Yet..! ;)
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    16. Outdoors, definitely. I also enjoy looking for new or weird outdoor places (touristy places but also pedestrian walkways, train platforms and the liminal places which have cool angles and unusual lighting) that make for interesting backdrops.
      I also like wilder outdoor places, untended places that have lots of texture. I have a small amount of doll furniture for when I want to do something indoors.
    17. I totally understand that. The lighting in my house is completely yellow in photos. So it doesn't look good at all.
      Those photos look lovely!
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    18. That's a white balance issue. It is correctable in camera
      or in your editor if you're working in RAW.
    19. [​IMG]

      Yuko-En on the Elkhorn
      is a Japanese style Friendship Garden the next town over from my home. It's populated with non-invasive flora. I'm still learning to sew so each of my dolls can have their own yukata for the annual spring photo meetup here. I managed to find this one for my Doll Love YiYi, Francie, a couple years ago from an Etsy maker. I prefer outdoors since I've yet to find a permanent area for a doll photo-studio in my home.
    20. I'm awful, my photo space is almost exclusively my bedroom. :sweat It's mostly because all I have is my phone camera, and pretty much anywhere else turns out grainy or discolored

      I try to be creative about it, though. A lot of draped cloth, different colored blankets, etc. It's a little boring but I mostly take photos to show off my faceups/wigs/eyes anyways, so I don't want the backgrounds to be distracting.