Favorite places to find furniture ?

Aug 22, 2019

    1. Where is your favorite/most surprising place you've found furniture or even everyday items for your dolls?
      So far mine has been Claire's (not just because I work there) and I've found 1 couch and even a tub for my Pukipuki's, another tub for my Doll Zone fox boy, and a chair (phone holder) for my Kid Delf from there
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    2. Flea market/thrift store for me! I've scored a beautiful chair and bench from both respectively that were salesman models for the real size. So their quality is amazing, and they fit 1/3 and 1/4 size very well.
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    3. Mine are mainly 1/4th's (most are Angel of Dream) and I brought two with me to the American Girl doll store years ago. I occasionally bring one with me to Walmart to look at "My Life As" stuff. Target is "Our Generation". I check Hobby Lobby and Michael's occasionally. Sometimes Christmas decorations or random things pop up. I really love Kitchen sets, appliances, especially foods, drinks, plates, cups and silverware! We haven't found a tea set we're thrilled with yet.

      I'm always checking secondhand markets, ebay, garage sales. Gardening section haven't been successful yet.

      I'm still looking for living room stuff. I haven't liked the sets, but if I made the legs longer maybe.
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    4. I go to DIY shops and kitchenwares sometimes. In the displays section, where I could find probable pieces I can turn into a mini chair or sofa or table or so. One of which is the fruit basket that I used as a sofa chair and just added some faux fur linen inside it to make it soft and fluffy! :chibi
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    5. I just posted in Brigadoon the other day about some chairs I found at Jo Ann's.
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    6. In person, I adore looking at Target's Our Generation props and furniture. Online, I go to MyFroggyStuff for inspiration.
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    7. Flea markets, yard sales and antique stores often have jewelry boxes that work for dressers or side tables, chairs or tables made for bears or dolls, and occasionally miniature kitchens and such for little kids that work.
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    8. I haven’t a single piece of furniture for my dolls yet, sadly. I have a ton in favorites on Etsy. That’s where I window shop the most. I plan to look at hobby lobby one day here soon, though. And I’d love to go to a flea market, thrift store, or one d the antique shops in my area. That’s my plan.
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    9. in my area there are not many flea markets or thrift stores... and most things on the markes are either clothes or overly expensive trash... or plagiates...
      I don't go there... I mostly shop for furniture at tje usual places likr: etsy, amazon, ebay.
      I wish I had nice places in my area, where I could actualmy go shopping in person!
    10. Well for me its at the thrift store. I've found a lot of chairs that we're used for Christmas decorations for like $2. Walmart also has a lot of great toys doll sized! :lol:
    11. Mainly I find the best items at junk stores and flea markets. All sorts of doll sized fun stuff there! I once found a miniature address book made from metal.
    12. I've seen some really good furniture at flea markets and antique malls! They're a bit more expensive at antique malls but it's definitely worth the price. I also see a lot of really nice furniture on etsy, but it can get pretty expensive.
    13. Besides thrift stores, I browse the furniture/home decor sections of discount stores like TJ Maxx and Ross. I found a cute beach chair and umbrella for my Iple FID at HomeGoods, and they also had lots of jewelry boxes that would work as cabinets or dressers for 1/3 or 1/4 scale.
    14. I found some furniture at doll's shop, sometime I can find at
      Children's shop and Second Hand's shop.
    15. Ikea ! There are a lot of tables miniature or chairs, or even pillows and plants.
    16. i actually found a chair in a stage store recently. it's reclined wooden beach style chair and had a decorative fishing net draped over it. i just pulled off the net and my teenie gem can sit cross legged in it. haven't had the opportunity to try any other size doll in it as i am in the process of moving now. but i was excited to find it and that any of them fit at all! under $10
    17. Goodwill, Etsy, ebay, Amazon, flea markets, antique stores, Hobby Lobby and Michaels ...just look every where you go, and make sure you know how tall tables and chairs need to be for your doll. I found the most gorgeous antique Chinese miniature tea set at a recycling place. Tell all your friends what you are looking for! A friend bought me a little bed meant for a small dog, it is a gorgeous green brocade couch that folds out into an SD sized bed, and she paid $1.50 for it! Another friend paid 99 cents for an antique baby buggy for me, I saw an identical one being sold on etsy for $189 !!!
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    18. I've found metal garden chairs that worked for my 57-58cm girls at Ross. A metal plantstand that looks like a garden bench that works for the 70cm guys. My favorite though is a wooden canopy bed that my Dad made for my Barbie back in the middle 1960's. Perfect for yosd.
    19. I love etsy. Woodentalesworkshop, belachixworld and there's a few more. I have furniture from WTW that came in kits that I put together and painted. I love all the pieces.

      As for local finds, the only real places I found anything useful was a local craft store in the decor section. Some beach chairs and a few metal metal ones for my msd sized kiddos. But I definitely prefer the kits that I ordered to them.
    20. I have found some great doll furniture through the members of my local doll club who were selling things. I also search in thrift shops for "mantle place" items that are doll size.