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Favorite Thing About Your BJD?

Jul 9, 2016

    1. What's your favorite feature about your dolls or your favorite doll? What made you choose the sculpt that you did? For my boys I was always focused on the face and eyes and both of my boys reflect that uvu
    2. I am mostly looking for the perfect balance between good mobility and beautiful, realistic looks. All of my dolls reflect that, though I have achieved mobility improvement by modding and adding joints, too. And I have created mostly hybrids to get the look I want.
    3. He looks real :D And can cosplay my fav anime character. Plus was sculpted after Healer (Ji Chang Wook). So win/win ! (My Renji - Iplehouse Bichun)
    4. I love dolls that have realistic bodies and have proportional features (like my Iplehouse girls). I also love dolls in the 70+ cm range, even when they take a lot of space (like my Dollshe Rey Lewis and my Iplehouse Arvid).

      When it comes to vampire dolls, I prefer dolls with open mouths and close-to-realistic sculpted fangs (like my Iplehouse Lisa, Impldoll John, and Soom Gluino. :kitty1
    5. I seem to really love elfin looking boys (with a couple of notable exceptions) and Volks ladies with mature bodies for the most parts. I really love dreamy eyed sculpts and lately I've come to be really fond of dolls with bigger noses and white skin. The white skin part amuses me because for the first several years of my being in the hobby I was adamant about not having WS dolls due to the way they yellow. Now I find myself not caring because natural aging doesn't detract from them one bit!
    6. It was probably his innocent face and the pretty faceup that won me over into ordering him, but now that I've had him for a little bit, I have to admit my favorite feature of his is his hands. :love I'm a sucker for beautifully sculpted hands, and his just seem so delicate and lovely.
    7. For me, my favorite feature on my favorite doll is the thin, delicate body shape she has. (I mean, I fell in love with her face first, but my favorite feature after having her for so long is definitely her body shape.) Oh! And her hands! They're beautiful and delicate too.
    8. For the only doll in my house right now, her perky nose is my favorite feature. It's just too gosh-darn cute!
    9. When I started this hobby, I was attracted to pretty anime-styled dolls such as the Volks dolls. As much as I still enjoy that style, I think now I'm more drawn to dolls that are less stereotypically beautiful and more unusual and unexpected. My grail doll was Unidoll Ark. I really like his "angry old man" face. XD His interchangeable ears (human ears or bat-winged ears) are also a plus. He can stand out in a dollie crowd. ^_^
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    10. I fell in love with Lishe from Luts and she is the one doll I will never sell. It is just the sculpt of her face and the expression in her eyes. :love
    11. My favorite features are my favorite doll's face and skin tone. I love that he can look both innocent and fierce depending on the angle. It works incredibly well for his character. Prior to getting him, I'd only bought dolls in white skin so he was my first in yellow. I was worried that I wouldn't like it as much but I absolutely love the color to death. Again, it works very well for the character.
    12. It's really hard to say as the owner of 16 dolls...Overall, the fact that they fit their characters is the most important and favorite thing, but I also really like that most of them pose pretty well, and I'm in the process of reshelling or body swapping those who don't. I guess my very favorite thing is how customizable they are. But if I have to go for one specific thing....probably Luc's nose or Hazle's lips.
    13. The fact that they're centaurs that can pose really well.
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    14. Easy, it was Lue's cute little face with his large slightly slanted eyes, his tiny little pointed nose, and his small mouth that is surprisingly expressive. :love

      I absolutely love Volks old F-14 Hisui/Kohaku head sculpt, so I was utterly devastated when they finally discontinued even the FCS version. :(

      One of the worst Christmas/New Years I've had, was when I found out that I was doing my last Christmas FCS F-14, and that it was the last time I'd get to see and chat with Bailey too, as she was leaving Volks at the end of the year. :(

      I wondered what head sculpt I was going to do for my birthday FCS in April, since I could no longer choose my beloved F-14, little did I know then, that three or so months into the new year, there was worse news yet to come.... :(
    15. There are different reasons for different dolls. With my Fairyland gang, it's the amazing articulation of their jointing system. It seems to get more elaborate with each line released. I also have always loved Cerberus Project's sculpts. My first dolls were the CP/Luts Delfs. Dark Elf Soo is probably my favorite. Those gorgeous eyes get me every time. Plus, I just love all things fantasy and the CP elves are perfect.

      With my Dollmore gang, I love the realistic sculpts. My Kyle Reese and Zaoll Luv just have gorgeous faces (and bodies).
      I think the Trinities and Lusions must be my favorites, though. My Lumie has such amazing eyes, and I love Elysia's open mouth with teeth! And I LOVE that they're so huge. They're awkward to cart around and dress, but the fact that they can wear (inexpensive!) baby and toddler clothes (and shoes!) is a huge bonus. Now, if I want a pair of boots or a new dress for them, I can just head to the local Walmart and buy them for less than half the price of a doll outfit. Also, I love my elf Dahlia's big ears, although I'm half terrified they'll break sometime!
    16. Her serene expression (DollLove YanYan). It's calming, not to mention adorable
    17. I love the that they are all unique and customizable. ...Human~like :)
    18. i seem to have a typical type i go for ... it happened without me realising it; but 90% of my dolls follow the same shape formula, big boobs and a big butt/hips and a semi-grumpy face, but i like it, because to me, its appealing, and fun for photos! ohohohohohoho.
    19. as a whole? how easily you can make them your own ^^
      nicky? his nose and slight smile
      tristen? his grumpy little mouth
      jamie? his nose/profile
      cassie? his deep set eyes and worried mouth
    20. Planetdoll Riz (Pip): oddly enough, her lack of a bust joint and how that makes her tummy/tiny boobs look; I usually prefer more posable torsos; it makes her look very young, which I like

      Ancient Tales Rachel (Juliet): her eyelids--so much detail and so delicate!

      Dollshe Fashion Grant Philipe: his tiny hands (with knuckle wrinkles) and sandal feet

      LLT Roderich/Granado Female Nuevo ("Prometheus:" Surya):
      what I like about the original (unmodified) parts: Roderich's eyelids / Female Nuevo's thicker waist/more realistic torso
      what I like about my modifications: the lack of dye around her eyes, her newly-aquiline nose

      Simply Divine Harlequin/Legend Doll 70cm ("Eurydice:" Arial):
      what I like about the original (unmodified) parts: Harlequin's androgynous look/big lips / Legend Doll's waist (it is curvy, unlike most male bodies)
      what I like about my modifications: her tiny boobs -- they turned out very well

      Souldoll Yu/Supiadoll Double Jointed Body ("Kore:" Min):
      what I like about the original (unmodified) parts: how tiny the head is, and the teeth! / I like pretty much everything about the Supiadoll body, but my favorite part is probably how the tummy fits into the bust piece and hip piece (the hips piece sits so low) or the curve of the legs
      what I like about my modifications: the crystals over her knee

      Amanda Beauty/Limhwa 60.5cm ("Orpheus:" Anu):
      what I like about the original (unmodified) parts: Amanda's teeth and cheekbones / the knees (not necessarily the joint, but how they are sculpted)
      what I like about my modifications: the teeth (gap tooth) are still my favorite

      IOS Jade/Dollshe 28M ("Dolos"):
      what I like about the original (unmodified) parts: the sharpness of Jade's features (no chub) / how substantial the Dollshe torso is
      what I like about my modifications: the tan skin color (although this is really the only "mod"--in the sense that it is permanent, unlike the faceup, including the scratches and birthmark)

      Granado Mads/Dollstown 18 ("Hades"):
      what I like about the original (unmodified) parts: Mads' tiny eyes / Dollstown 18's spine
      what I like about my modifications: the fixed neck and knee pieces --these parts really bothered me!

      DollClans Vezeto/Dollstown 71cm ("Hermes:" Hol'isse):
      what I like about the original (unmodified) parts: who doesn't like Vezeto's nose? / the gangly legs
      what I like about my modifications: (only the head modded, and I'm not happy with it yet) I do like the ears, but the rest must be changed!

      Dollshe David Kuncci/? ("Charon:" Nivian):
      what I like about the original (unmodified) parts: the wrinkles on his lips/the fact that the back of his mouth (on the inside) is already hollowed out
      what I like about my modifications: surprise!