Favorite tiny bjds

Jun 29, 2020

    1. I've discovered I'm a much bigger fan of tiny bjds and so I was wondering what were some of your favorite dolls? I'm partial to Ai dolls, Pukipukis, Comi Baby, but I want to look for more! Thank you for any and all replies!
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    2. I should also add that I love the look of lati yellows!
    3. I'm inclined towards mature or not completely child looking tinys, so I'm not sure you'll like mine. I like Souldoll's Lovely sweeter line but unfortunately they're limited and unavailable. Also Maskcat's tiny bdjs are absolutely adorable :aheartbea
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    4. I like discontinued dz tinies. They have so interesting faces. I’m looking forward to meet with my LanLan.
      You may have heard many times about realpukis. They are true charmers. I own tiny lati white. She is cute and sweet girl, but realpuki is much more nicely sculpted and have better made joints.
      Dream valley had in winter tiny angels event (maybe you can find them in some shops in stock now or soon). I was lucky to order in time. On photos they are very detailed sculpted for 11cm.
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    5. I love LUTS' Honey31 Delf and Tiny Delf lines.
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    6. Second this! Luts are very cute! I think they are even cuter than latis.
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    7. I third the Luts, but I also prefer 1/6 over smaller and my favorites currently are those by Myou. :XD:
    8. My favorite tinies are those proportioned more like adults, though I have a few smaller ones too. Dikadoll makes tinies just a bit bigger than Puki Pukis.
    9. I second this! I love the older discontinued Dollzone tinies, especially the old BB series. BB Jing is still one of my favorite little dolls. :aheartbea

      I am also a big fan of 5Star tinies. They had some very cute fantasy sculpts, like a tiny Hellboy sculpt with a demon arm and hand. They also have various color options for their resins. Unfortunately, the company discontinues sculpts the way Dollzone does, and a lot of them are no longer in production. (I'm still waiting for a tiny Werewolf though.;))

      But, if you want a great posing body I recommend DollFamily-H 1/6 tinies. I own several, and I love how easy and posable the bodies are. :thumbup
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    10. I really love Luts as well! I just got my Tiny Delf Jack the other day. She’s extremely adorable!! The body is so chubby and cute. I’ve really been interested in 18 cm and smaller dolls recently. So much so that I also have a MYOU Doll RouRou and Gem of Doll Alice coming in.
    11. Don't forget Blue Fairy's Pocket Fairies!! XD The only downside is that they're like Pringles... once you've got one of them, you are definitely going to get more of them!!

      There's the original "baby" body that makes them 14cm tall, the Sugar/Pepper bodies that are a little longer limbed and make them 19cm tall, and the Sister/Brother bodies that are a bit more mature and make them 22cm tall, but they all keep the same 3-4" head, so they all share wigs.
    12. Love Darak-i tiny bjds, they're called "cuties" I only have 2: Remy and Tori absolutely love their face sculpts.
    13. I own a Littlefee Cygne. For me, she is small cause I like 1/3 dolls the most. I really love her and she has a super cute face!
      Idk if I can imagine owning an even smaller doll but I think one day when I fall in love with one I'll try it out!
    14. Lol, for 1/12 owner a 1/3 doll is huge!!!

      They are charming.
    15. I have a Pukipuki, a Secretdoll Mong, and as of yesterday a Mascat Feline.

      They are all wonderful for different reasons, Pukipuki is fun and cute, Mong has such a real child face, and Feline is more mature and melancholy.
    16. I always input the 19cm RosenGarden mature minis (fleur, hana, nari, etc) into these sorts of conversations :) they're exceptionally jointed and engineered, much better than some of my bigger dolls
    17. I love my baby Supiadoll Sena now renamed as Serena. I think the original ones had a more baby shaped body but mine has a little girl body. She is 15cm tall and works well as a little sister to my Iplehouse BIDs. I see my Iplehouse girls as aged about 6-8 and Serena as about 3-4. Being 15 cm tall some 1/12 scale accessories work well with her.
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    18. I collect 1:6 action figures, and grew up collecting Barbie (and still do) so I prefer mature looking tiny BJD. Which is kind of a pain to find, because most people seem to think 1:6 means 30cm chubby baby, and label most things as 1:6 when it's actually not that scale at all. I currently am eyeing MYou mature tiny males, but I would love to see a comparison between them and regular old Ken dolls, to see if sewing for one would be a pain in the gut, or if they would fit well in Ken clothes. I loved the SoulDoll Little Kimmy mature tiny, but I wasn't able to afford him at the time he was available a million years ago, so I sorely regret not getting him. Mature tinies are not too popular (it seems), so I am worried MYou will discontinue their mature tiny line when they see it doesn't sell well, and I'll once again be regretting not getting one, although this time it will be due to my lack of sewing skill and patience. DX

      I loved the Lati Yellow Laches and grown up Laches when those were available as well, but I couldn't justify their cost at the time (I was still in college when those were around). I know I don't do well with baby dolls, but their little faces are so adorable to me. It was hard to resist them and I still regret not getting at least a basic one, now that they'll probably never make them again (I don't believe boys are as popular as girl when it comes to tiny BJD, Lati doesn't sound too sure about rereleasing Laches, and I never saw too many of him around when he was available, so he probably didn't sell well enough for them to consider re-releasing him).
    19. Grown up Laches is very rare. There were only 30 made in the 20 cm sized SP version. (I'm lucky enough to have one) There were a few releases of the 16 cm Laches, some of them vampires, but that was really long ago.