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Favorite YoSD-sized body?

Sep 2, 2017

    1. Hi all! I've been thinking about picking up a cute little YoSD-sized doll, but I know posing at that size can be kind of hit or miss. (I have a Pipos Cheshire that poses really nicely, but he also has kips in his neck, shoulders, and hips, and his joints are sealed and are pretty friction-y.) I'm hoping to find a YoSD or similar sized cute boy, but posing is really important to me, so...

      What's your favorite YoSD-sized (24-26cm-ish) body ans why? Which bosy do you think has the best posing? I'm curious to hear!

      (Also, I'm really liking a Dollzone tiny, one on the B25-003 body. If anyone has this body, I'd love to hear how it poses!)

      Thank you!
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    2. Fairyland Littlefee are excellent little posers. Fairyland has amazing jointing systems on all of their dolls.
    3. Posing is less important to me than an attractively sculpted sillhouette, but the Oceanmoon brother and sister bodies offered both beautiful structure and innovative posing in a single adorable little package.

      They aren't being sold currently, but I have seen these bodies on the secondhand market sometimes. I find it hard to resist being greedy and buying them all up. There weren't many produced or sold in the first place, but they are really superior bodies for this size range..

      There are lots of photos of the bodies and their posing /range of motion on their Flickr (dolly nudity in the link)

      My #1 favorite thing about them is that they are a little more mature looking. They give dolls the look of an athletic 7-10 year old, rather than the babyfatty usual body you see made for a YoSD.

      I tested all the advertised poses, which the bodies achieved and held beautifully when new. They're slightly less willing to hold the poses as their stringing has settled. In a couple of joints they could probably use some kips or sueding, but I haven't resorted to that yet. Right now they like to snap or slide their way back to their default "as sculpted" pose, but even that is an attractive solid standing pose.
    4. @Lokinta Those look awesome! I also like the slightly-more-mature tinies, which is why I bought one of the cutie Sugarble Sugarsleek dolls during their clearance sale last year... but the posing is quite awful. :sweat The company is supposedly working on some new doll lines, though, so if they can make something with the same aesthetic as the old Sugarsleek but with the excellent engineering of their naga tails, it would definitely be worth looking in to.
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    5. Absolutely nothing beats Fairyland posing, it's true, and the LTF are some of the best posing dolls I have handled in years with this hobby. I can't say enough for them.
    6. Yes! I was on the verge of getting one of their clearanced dolls too, but opted to wait and see their future sculpts. Their bodies as-is were definitely not agile posers. Very much looking forward to seeing what they come back with, though. Hopefully some creative engineering, because they were nice bodies shapewise.
    7. I love the Iplehouse BID body.:) The proportions are more realistic to me than some other dolls. She has a longer body and shorter legs...just like a real child. I love the subtle, beautiful sculpting of the shoulder blades, the knee caps, feet, etc. I think, the hands are more realistic proportioned as well and so pretty.:)
    8. I like the Dollsbe body a lot, it poses pretty well and looks very cute.

      I'm not a fan of Teenie Gem faces but the bodies are quite nice :)
    9. I just have a Dreaming Doll Impdoll and a Doll Leaves 26cm and of the two, the Dreaming Doll is way better. I know Doll Leaves is supposed to be working on a totally new 26cm line so maybe the new bodies will be better but the old one isn't good lol. I have a Mystic Kids Julien on order as well so I'm looking forward to seeing how that one poses.
    10. Yeah, you can't beat Fairyland for posing. I have my Dollmore Narsha head on a Dollzone BB25-004 girl body. I really like it. It poses nicely. Looks cute. Stands like a champ. Has a nice weight and feel to it and the normal pink skin tone matches the Dollmore normal skin tone really nicely. Problem is I had to wait like 9 months for it when I ordered it. If you can get it second hand I would go that way.
    11. Fairyland all the way!
    12. I had owned Oceanmoon and now have bodies from Bambicrony and Pipos. In flexiblity the winner would be Fairyland, but I love my own Pipos PO11 Girl body(with large butts, especially...;)) I think the body is easy to posing with beautiful sculpt.
    13. Another vote for Fairyland! Littlefees are great, and I even like Pukifees when they are strung well.
    14. I know they're 30cm but I love the 5star doll 30cm bodies. I have four, well will when my jay gets here lol.
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    15. Volks YoSD! Love the look, feel and weight of them! They are very sturdy and cute! Littlefee's would be my #2 favorites!
    16. Aesthically Volks YoSD are my favorite, they also pose well. For posability you cannot beat a Fairyland doll.
    17. I love the Volks YoSD bodies, they can do some really cute poses. The DollsBe kids are fantastic! All the joints lock into position. I love my Paprika so much! I have a lot of the Teenie Gems and they are nice little posers too.
    18. Yeahhhhh! Me either! Love littlefee so much!
    19. I like sq lab26. that one fit with girls.
    20. I love dfh body. It has good action range. I was told that Volk's yosd body is also good, but I didn't get one.