Favourite Tiny Carrier?

Nov 22, 2006

    1. I've been looking for a little carrier or a case of some sort to put my 5" DnD Romi in when I go out, but I'm coming up short! I thought a small camera case would be ideal, but they're too small or too big! I don't particularly want to get a glasses case for her, so does anyone have any ideas?
    2. Good thinking. I've actually been putting my little Cumi doll in my pocket, but I think that's not such a good long term solution. I've got a little pullstring bag for a water bottle that I've used when I put her in my purse.
      You could get one of the marketplace seamstresses to kit you out.
    3. Let's see - I have quite a few eyeglass cases - I prefer the slightly largers ones as the slim ones won't fit even the thinnest doll due to head size - it's the safest way since the hard shell protects against the worst bump. When carrying all of them, I forgot I had this tiny hello kitty make-up case thing. I should be able to get more tinies in it.

    4. Ahh, that's such a great idea! :D I bet they'd all look so cute wrapped up in that ^^

      I do think I'll have to get a glasses case after all... I have been thinking about those zip-up pencil cases (I usually see anime ones), but they always seem a bit long to me. I just want something quite cute for her!
    5. I have a slightly padded shoulder camera bag that has a long strap, with a big compartment (about 4x7 ) that has a flap. The flap has a zippered pouch for my camera. I put my girls in the big compartment and go!
    6. I was at Claire's on thursday, and found these neat boxes:

      i'm using this one to keep my two orientdoll SOs in hehehe n_n it's seven inches long, about 2 1/2 inches tall, and 3 inches deep. i think it's supposed to be a sort of purse thing... but it's a nice little case! though i'm going to ditch the thick black plastic chain and replace it with something a little nicer.
    7. Hiyas

      let me knw if u want a glasses case I can get you one.. have loads and loads at work... as I work couple of days a week at a optitions... so will only cost u shipping/postage which will be very small as we both in UK...

      Is ur little one same size approx as a Orient Vamp Ji.. cos I can take mine to work to find the best fit lol...

      Let me know by pm..

      Hugs Maz x
    8. Clochette, I was thinking a camera bag, but I didn't want a big one *aswell* as my normal bag *and* doll bag lol ^^; I got a small-ishcase for my new camera yesterday, I'm wondering if she'll fit in the front pocket... (She's away with Tinybear at the moment.) But then I'd be worried about knocking her all the time!

      Mendokusai - Thanks, they're really nice! I'll have to pop into our Claire's and see if they do them here ^^

      Atrika - Thanks a lot, but that's a bit bigger than I wanted. I'm just after something that can slip into my bag when I go out. Hmmm...

      Maz - Oooh, thanks a lot! :D She's a little bit bigger than OD tinies, she's about 5.5" I think. Do they do cute cases these days? lol (Maybe I'll do an Ebay search for Hello Kitty or something lol)
    9. We have some new stock coming in... some really pretty ones... and have loads of others... length is fine... will take my litleone to work and get some piccies... any excuse to take her in lol...

      Maz x
    10. lol! That'll be so cute, looking forward to the pics, if only just to see your little one in glasses cases ^^
    11. I've got several hard-shell cases, but poor little Yam won't fit. I'm wondering about iPod cases--anyone tried that? There's some cute ones at Target.
    12. I would think ipod cases would be much too small, ipods are only like a 1/4" thick. :sweat

      I would reccomend hard-shell cosmetic cases... they are pretty easy to find at department store or places like target/k-mart/etc. Of course, I'm thinking of for 10-12"~ tinies... but it may work if you want to bring stuff with her. I always sew them little pillow beds with folds on either end so they're super protected... I'm sure that would be adequate if you wanted to get one of those smaller collapsible pencil/make-up case instead and carry her in your bag with your other stuff. :D

      Would something like this be more suitable? If she's 5" she should fit... may have to bend her knees though~ you could also consider looking at palm pilot cases, some of them are on the larger side.
    13. Ahhhh...I don't carry a purse usually, so that bag tends to be the only thing I bring when I travel out. I plunk my wallet in there, the dolls, stick my camera in the pocket, then go. I like it because I have my hands free to set up poses, and I don't set it down and forget it anywhere (like I tend to do with hand-held bags). I rarely bring my bigger girls with me travelling, so don't tend to bring a real doll bag, my little ones travel in the camera bag in my backpack on the plane. Since they're padded for the cameras, the bag also helps protect the dolls. We have a smaller camera bag, but I tend to take 2-3 tinys at a time, so I opted for slightly bigger (though it's not very big at all...it's about the size of a teen paperback book).
    14. Are there any tiny doll carriers out there? I know I saw a tiny come with a case in the "incoming" section recently!

      I'm taking my So Ui with me to my Mothers for Thanksgiving, but she's sitting in the front seat with the sweet potato casserole! LOL
    15. Oh, that's so cute! I wonder if 2" would be deep enough... Well, if not I can always keep it for my little point-and-shoot! :D

      I have no idea what a palm pilot case is, but I shall look into them!
    16. Not Doll Lab sells the little cases that Nari-Pons come in seperately now. They are nice sturdy box with some padding. I recently bought like 5 of them for my tinies.:lol: Find them here: http://notdolllab.com/shop/step1.php?number=389
    17. The boxes that the hand held gaming console systems travel in might be a doable solution. The Game Boy boxes are about the same size as the Naripon cases.

      In the makeup section of some of the department stores carry all sizes of carry boxes for make up, some are small enough to carry a tiny or 2.
    18. Aww, that Naripon case is cute! I may have to get one of those, although I'm not too keen on getting hit with EMS for it...

      Make-up cases, I didn't think of that! And I was thinking about GB cases yesterday, but they only had DS Lite ones and they're definitely not deep enough. I'll have to do some research into the normal DS cases!
    19. Lunchboxes (I got one with an Amy Brown fairy painting on it), and also there are cool little metal boxes like little lunches boxes or purses that you can find with Hello Kitty on them.

      Also top-opening box purses, and the little colored clear acrylic top-opening boxes you can find on Ebay, and sometimes in Kmart near the the cosmetic cases.

      Top picture here is an example of Acrylic cosmetic case that has no inserts, dividers, or trays. They come in various colors, sizes, and pattern. (this picture is at a wholesaler - you cannot buy there)


      For padding I use white cotton hankies or white terry washclothes.