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Favourite tiny?

Jul 7, 2016

    1. Hey everyone I plan on eventually getting a dikadoll Berry but I want to know what other people's favourites (maybe you could include how much they were in case I find one I like too) pictures would be fun to see too
    2. I really love mature tinies, my favorites being Alchemic Labo's Unoa Quluts Light Azurite and Fluorite, as well as Xaga Doll's Red Obsidian line! I'm very excited as it appears Dollshe is coming out with their own mature tinies! For younger looking tinies I really love Iplehouse's B.I.D. line and the Volks Yo-SDs and their various tiny Tenshi dolls! ^_^ Dikadoll Berry looks so cute, I'm sure you will love her!
    3. Hi, I love my Darak-i Tiny Remy and Tori. They are not so "tiny" they are 16 cm tall, but that's what I personally like about them, I have had pukifees, but they're too small for me :P
      Remy and Tori faces are sooo cute, and they are perfect proportion to be my 75 and 65 cm doll's babies. They cost $160 and $170 USD plus shiping. They are not so great posers standing since their heads are big.
      I don't have pics that make justice to my tinies, they still don't have face-ups, wigs, eyes :P
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    5. Aimerai Ander and Doll Chateau Jodie! Also many of the Doll Chateau and Dollzone event dolls, I'm not sure if they count as tinies though.

      I don't have any of these yet but I'm ever hopeful :XD:
    6. My favorite tiny is Grape from doll-love I going to buy 2 more of her :chibiI think she is so cute
    7. My favorite tiny is my Volks Yo Tenshi Hinata. I just love her smiling face!

      [​IMG]Yo Tenshi Hinata by Rosanne, on Flickr
    8. Most of my dolls are tinies. I don't think I could pick a favorite. There are so many completely adorable little ones.
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    9. My favorite tiny is my Angel Region Genie Lilica, Fee. She's not made any more, unfortunately.

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    10. I have been through so many tiny dolls, and I keep coming back to Fairyland's Real Pukis.
    11. I think it is imposable to choose just one. I love different ones of different sizes. For very tiny it is Real Pukis, one step up is PukiPuki's (they pose about the best of any of them), another step up is PukiFees, then Be With You 26cm and 5Star 30cm. All of the different lines have a doll that is outstanding.
    12. I like 16cm size dolls,like pukifee ,lati...they are easy to bring outside.I also have many blythe,but they are hard to stand.
    13. You just need to look at my picture to realize that for me, it's Puki! :) They take up the bulk of my large tiny BJD collection.