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Favourites? Do they change?

Feb 24, 2019

    1. Since I started in the hobby (a whole 3 months ago - I got my first doll on December 18 2018), I've managed to acquire quite the little doll family. I have a total of 5 dolls now (6 if I decide to have a smackdown fight with my son over the incoming DF-A DuoDuo) and I do love them all....but my last purchase was the little Harucasting Adori/Island Doll advertised here on DoA.

      I absolutely adore her (she is currently transgender, but I'm fine with that) and feel like I could stare at her for hours. She doesn't even have her proper wig and eyes yet, and I just think she is the dearest little thing. Ayla - my first doll - was always my favourite...but Areum (my HC Adori) has surpassed it.

      She literally makes my heart feel happy whenever I see her.

      Do you have a favourite? Does it change?

      And a pic of Areum. It doesn't do her justice, but I had to share. She is also the first doll I'm terrified to do anything faceup wise in case I ruin her.

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    2. FL Carol was my favorite from pictures, I was so in love with her. But I got Rens first, fell in love with BJD's (and minifees). But then I got Ine who became my favorite. And then I got Cygne who is now my favorite. Carol I painted her wand and ear wings so I love her for that, but I could look at Cygne forever. I love her pure white innocent goddess look. I feel bad for Carol almost.. She's the only one I bought new, and I had no plans on buying others ..but stuff happened lol!

      And now I wiped minifee Eva. Modding elf ears on her. then going to attempt my first faceup on her. so who knows, she could end up being my favorite just cause she'll be my only 'personalized' girl
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    3. My favourites are the ones I had custom sculpted: Teo & Harry. They’re unique and because they’re custom I can say they’re both exactly what I wanted! I like all my dolls, and they all get some attention, but those two are downstairs instead of in my room and are the only ones that get taken out, really. Of the two... Harry is probably my favourite. He was a sculpt I wanted from when I first learned about BJDs, and I had to save up for the sculpting/casting fee but so pleased with the result. The downside to this is that he’s pretty scratched from various outings in a rucksack (bjd meets and Ldoll). I’ll do some fixes at some point!
    4. I don’t know if I had a favorite in my own collection before but I definitely do now. I liked the Limwha Luna well enough before, but after I got one of my own and painted her I fell completely in love. She’s called Delilah and she’s easily my favorite out of all 30+ of my dolls. :D
    5. My favorite is constantly changing. I have sold many dolls, and at one point there were my favorites. Every doll I have got has been my favorite at one point. Right now my favorites are 4 dolls. They will be my Panchita (smart doll Ebony), Shampoo (Dollfie Dream Towa), Quetzalcoatl (vindoll Udell), And Minerva (Hujoo Azela). But If I have to pick one will be my Panchita because she is the oldest of my SD size dolls. She turn 3 this month :)

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    6. I think it’s normal for favorites to shift around, especially with a brand new doll! But I’ll always have more of an attachment to the first doll I’ve been able to bond with over everyone else, even if I have different favorites or am giving more dolls attention rn if I had to sell everyone tomorrow and only got to keep one doll it would be her.
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    7. My favorites change a lot! I get bored with routines and the familiar, and need to mix it up often (not just dolls but life in general). I no longer even own the dolls who were my faves even five years ago, with one exception.
    8. For me, my favorite actually hasn't really changed surprisingly. I got my first two dolls but still felt like they weren't quite right. Doll #3 is the Volks Nono in my avatar and she has been my favorite ever since, even though now I'm up to 7 dolls and have been in the hobby over 10 years!
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    9. I usually find that my favorite at any given moment is the doll I'm currently focusing on the most. Even though I have been collecting for 5-6 years, I still feel like a newbie and all my dolls still need work. I have a feeling that I will have a favorite in the future, when they're all done... But who knows! It's like choosing a favorite book. There are so many wonderful options, and all so different.
    10. This year is my 13th in the hobby, and like many I’ve sold some along the way as I refined my crew over the years. But now that my collection is pretty much complete (at a whopping 36) I can honestly say that I don’t have a favorite. They are all displayed throughout my home in various vignettes like art, so they’re constantly in view and feel like part of the family. Any one I’m currently focussed on feels like my “favorite” in that moment, but it will change to another doll just as quickly, so clearly they are all my favorites!;)
    11. My favourite is Moswen (AoD Chi). He was my first doll. He turns 11 years old this year. I currently have 54 dolls. I have a favourite doll size, 50-ish cm, which, funny enough, Moswen is not (he's 46cm). I will have dolls that I pay a lot of attention to for several months as I make them clothes or work on their stories, but Moswen always retains the top spot.
    12. While I play more with my slim minis & Little Fees, my favorites are still my old 1:3 gang. Narea & Narin, Choa & Ceebee, Lishe & on & on. Although Ante is rapidly earning her place among them. Her little face always makes me smile.
    13. My all time favorite bjd is Kit, my tiny little cat anthro. This is my 9th year in the hobby, and Kit has been with me from the beginning. I’ve sold most of my collection, then started over twice, but Kit has stayed. He’s just so happy and cute!
    14. I'm not sure if a have a favorite.. yet. I am also quite new to this hobby and i have one full doll and 2 heads (1 practise head), the head is waiting for a body so when i get his body im not sure who'll be my favorite.
    15. My favourites rotate, though for practical reasons I love having tinies and YoSDs to carry around for practical reasons. But for a doll who looks like I envisioned, it'd have to be my SD fellow. He's so adorable in his misery, and his faceup is so nice! Favourites rotate, tastes change.
    16. I'm not sure if I can say without a doubt that I have one favorite, I am always working on something new for one of my bunch, and whoever the current project is for is kinda elevated to fave status for the duration. Closest to favorite would probably be my OT Jun Planning Ai Moss, because she is the one who goes everywhere with me. She's kinda become like a tiny security blanket.
    17. My "favorite" changes every time I try to decide what my favorite is. It's REALLY difficult to pin down a single favorite for me... I have a lot of dolls, and they all ~spark joy~

      Right now it's my Miracle Doll Zixin but I'm even second-guessing that as I type it...
    18. I think, it's normal that favorites changes with time. But my still not.
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    20. My favorite doll used to be the one who was the latest addition to my collection so it changed rather frequently.
      But when I received my Volks DearSD in February 2019 I immediately knew that she is the one doll I adore the most. She's just so cute, her face up is gorgeous and her sculpt is beautiful. And since then she's been my favorite doll and no doll after her could change my opinion.